Lovin Dubai more from the sky! Thanks BURNS for the soundtrack!
Lovin' Dubai from the Sea!
Special Shout Out to photographer Hassan Hajjaj and all my people in Marrakech. Morocco is the TRUTH!
Met astronomer Mike Dalley last night- Genius!!! I took this shot through the lens of his telescope.
Just leaving Cairo/Giza... WOW!
Thanx for the Love, Egypt. I shall return.
Shout out to Shaun White and Air + Style this weekend. Looks epic!! JUST water proud to be a part of it all!!
Love this...
One of the greatest people I have met
This is a favorite pic. Champ was a force of nature.
They really think that was me out there washing windows on a high rise? Maybe it was... Haha!

Regular People Who Look EXACTLY Like Famous Celebrities

The selfie is officially the new autograph. I don't have to carry a pen with me anymore.
some behind the scenes action for you #flashback
Harlem Globetrotters always make me nostalgic... fun video for your happy new year!

This Is What Happens When You Try To Make A Basketball Shot From 583 Feet Up