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Update: If you have a Twitter account please send a tweet before midnight Eastern time on January 8th with the hashtag ‪ #OlsenWPMOYChallenge‬ it's a charity challenger for the NFL. $25,000.00 is on the line for Greg Olsen's charity. Ask anyone who may have a twitter account to do the same. The leader board is found here under the Charity Challenge section: [ Nfl.com Link ] My best, Bill

NFL Man Of The Year

For those that may have received a Kindle for the holidays or already have one; my book Leonard is on sale today for $2.99!
Enjoy it!
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Leonard: My Fifty-Year Friendship with a Remarkable Man

There is a brave and adorable little boy on Twitter who is battling cancer. Folks are trying to get him to 10K followers before he wakes up on Christmas morning. I know some of you are not on Twitter but if you know someone who is; ask if they would follow Alex. His Twitter name is ‪@alexs_journey ‬. My best, Bill

Alexander's Journey on Twitter

“Msg to the thin blue line @????@OPUWarks @warkspolice @WMerciaPolice @kcpolice @KCKPDChief @kshighwaypatrol @JOCOSHERIFF @OlathePolice ???????????????????????????????? https://t.co/H3X0Q3jtJ0”

Happy Holidays from The Shatners!

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My dear friend Carrie Fisher is in the hospital. If you can take a moment out of your busy day and send her a prayer, good thoughts, ...however you send hope, I would appreciate it. My best, Bill
I will be appearing on stage in Maui Hawaii on December 30 at 7pm at the IAO Theater.

The Historic IAO Theater | Voted BEST LIVE THEATER on Maui

My friend Sam has this great program that chalkeges and motivates people to be better. Registration opens in 1 hour. Check it out! My best, Bill
I'm participating in the #checkyerbawballs awareness campaign by @CahonasScotland [ Whosay.com Link ] for testicular cancer. I encourage you to check them out, check your "bawballs" and take a photo with two holiday ornaments in support of this awareness campaign! Much love, Bill

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Have you purchased your Be Kind shirt and help support Chase Masterson's charity that is creating wonderful programs to combat Cyber Bullying! I have mine! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Today the Roddenberry Vaults open and the DVD is released! Do you have yours? It's a must have!

Star Trek: The Original Series - The Roddenberry Vault [Blu-ray]

Adam Nimoy's loving tribute to his father is released today on DVD! Have you ordered yours? [ Bit.ly Link ]

For the Love of Spock - Special Director's Edition

Friends, Chase Masterson from Deep Space 9 has a charity that is tasked with helping to solve the issue of bullying. I love that she is doing this. She has teamed up with fans of Outlander called the Heughan's Heughligans to create this shirt in which sales proceeds will support her charity. I am anxiously awaiting my shirt. I will take a photo wearing it and share it with you. If you are...
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Stuck for a holiday gift idea? the Star Trek Beyond DVD is on a big discount at Amazon.

Star Trek Beyond (DVD)

My Buddy Captain Richard Castle the Hammer Reynolds has a new Tee for charity!
Wonderful news! GoodReads.com have announced that Leonard is nominated for GoodReads.com Choice Award for biographies.

Best History & Biography 2016 — Goodreads Choice Awards

We are in the final days of People's Choice nominations! Vote for Sam Heughan in the SciFi actor category and then Caitriona Balfe for actress. Voting ends Thursday. You can vote as many times as you want. #VoteOften

Vote Now For People's Choice Awards 2016

Populations of vertebrate animals—such as mammals, birds and fish—have declined by 58% between 1970 and 2012. This loss of wildlife is startling, and people are at risk, too. Learn more from World Wildlife Fund’s 2016 Living Planet Report and find out what you can do to help our planet: [ Whosay.com Link ]

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My dear friend Sam Heughan is up for nominations for a People's Choice in ScFi. I'm asking that you give him a vote. If you are already voting, you have up to 5 choices so I ask that you consider using one for Sam. Thank you!

Vote Now For People's Choice Awards 2016