With your phone bill savings, it’s easy to treat yourself to a melt-in-your-mouth poutine.
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Shopping is a quick tap away with Android Pay at select Freedom Mobile stores - now available in Canada across all compatible phones.
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Andrew English
Your phone bill savings can make throwbacks a sweet treat. What was your favourite childhood toy?
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Meet the new LTE-ready and Wi-Fi Calling enabled ZTE ZFive2 - available now starting at $0 on MyTab: frdm.mobi/ZTEZFive2
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Trying to figure out how to save more money? Here's a quick and fun DIY life hack to help you save smarter.
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Cheers to the first long weekend of the season, whether you’re out lighting fireworks or at home with loved ones - show us how you’re spending the long weekend.
Cheers to the first long weekend of the season whether youre out
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She always calls us first, so let’s pick up the phone and show Mom some love and make this Mother’s Day, National Call Your Mom Day.
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Check out the impressive design and 23MP camera on the new LTE-ready Sony Xperia XA1.
Available now: frdm.mobi/sonyXA1
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Say yes to an appetizer before you dig in to the main event. Monthly savings can be this tasty.
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Get outside and snap photos of Spring in bloom this Earth Day. Comment below with your best photos.
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Ready to unbox your phone? The Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ are here and ready for Freedom Mobile LTE: frdm.mobi/glxys8
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Instant ramen for dinner again? Your taste buds deserve better. With the money you save on your phone bill, you can upgrade to a fresh bowl instead.
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Happy Easter! Freddy wanted to paint his eggs orange and blue, we think his basket is ready for its Instagram closeup. What do your Easter treats look like?
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With your phone bill savings, you can skip the cables and stream right to your TV. And oh, don’t forget the popcorn.
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With a sleek design and a QHD+ resolution screen, the new LTE-ready LG G6 comes packed with power. Available now: frdm.mobi/lg_g6
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We're unboxing the brand new LG G6!
Freedom Mobile
Freedom Mobile
Mike O'Neill
We're unboxing the brand new LG G6 and showing off some of its slick features live today at 3PM ET.
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We're so excited to announce our latest new phone, learn more here: frdm.mobi/NewPhones2017
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With your phone bill savings, you can turn a slice of regular cheese into a share-worthy platter.
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It’s almost time for Earth Hour, so let’s do our part by putting down our phones and switching off the lights.
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