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It's off to Bordeaux with senior editor James Molesworth, who is tasting barrel samples to get a first glimpse of the 2016 vintage. Follow along with his scores, tasting notes and blogs!

2016 Bordeaux Barrel Tasting: James Molesworth's Blogs and Wine Reviews | Barrel Tasting
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"In our egalitarian era, it's unpalatable to suggest that you have to bring something—knowledge, experience, even humility—to a wine, young or old, in order to 'get it,'" Matt Kramer writes. But, you do, because not every great wine is merely, or even necessarily, delicious. Do you agree?

Wine Is What You Bring to It | Drinking Out Loud
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Pick up a copy of Wine Spectator’s April 30 issue, featuring the Allegrini family, a great Italian success story! Plus, two tasting reports on Italy cover Piedmont’s excellent 2012 vintage for Barolo and Umbria’s rising quality. And don’t miss our special report on incredible U.S. values, including nearly 100 wines that cost $15 or less. It's on newsstands now!

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In other wine world news: A Bordeaux wine for America's Cup, and Coppolas join forces with Junk Gypsies.

Unfiltered: Jhené Aiko, Future and A-Trak Find Inspiration in the Bottle (of Belvedere)
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Which kinds of wines do you use for cooking your favorite dishes?

What is the best wine for cooking? | Ask Dr. Vinny | Wine Spectator
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Battle of the great Italian grapes! Sangiovese and Nebbiolo compete for attention, but both make wonderful wines. How well do you know them?

Quiz: Sangiovese vs. Nebbiolo | Learn Wine
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French oak, American oak—what's the difference? And what do winemakers mean when they say a wine is aged in French AND American oak?

How do winemakers age wine in both French and American oak barrels? | Ask Dr. Vinny
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Here's a rich, mocha-scented red. Can you figure out what's in the glass by main variety, region of origin, age and appellation? Play What Am I Tasting!

What Am I Tasting? | Learn Wine
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Follow the recipe and learn great wine styles to pair with sizzling pork chops in Wine Spectator's "A Perfect Match" series with Hilary Sims. Pick up a copy of our April 30 issue featuring the recipe, on newsstands Tuesday!
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Everything's green on St. Patrick's Day, but wine bottles are green every day! Ever wonder why the glass is green for most wines? Find out in this video.
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In Italy, there are two blue chip varieties competing for attention: Sangiovese and Nebbiolo. Test your knowledge with our grape showdown quiz!

Quiz: Battle of the Grapes—Sangiovese vs. Nebbiolo
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Happy St. Patrick's Day! Looking to pair wine with corned beef tonight? Dr. Vinny has some recommendations. What are yours?

What's the best wine to serve with corned beef? | Ask Dr. Vinny
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Belvedere sponsors documentaries from musicians at the top of their game and the protégés they've chosen. Also in this week's wine roundup, a Bordeaux wine for the America's Cup sailing race, and Coppolas join forces with Junk Gypsies. Get the latest!

Jhené Aiko, Future and A-Trak Find Inspiration in the Bottle (of Belvedere)
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If you're planning a warm-weather retreat, these 10 restaurants are top-notch destinations for wine lovers in the Valley of the Sun!

10 Arizona Desert Getaways for Wine Lovers
The PlumpJack hospitality company designed Odette Winery to meet high environmental standards and believes it will pay off with consumers.

PlumpJack Achieves Gold LEED Certification for Napa's Odette Winery | News
Our senior editors shared their favorite or most useful terms for describing great wines. What's yours?

Poll: Which Wine Descriptor Do You Like Best? | Wine Spectator
Grappa gets a bad rap as cheap and coarse, but a new wave of refined styles emphasizes its kinship with wine. Associate editor Ben O'Donnell has an encounter with some of the good stuff.

Grappa: The Spirit of Choice for Wine Lovers | Mixed Case: Opinion and Advice | Blogs