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Yesterday our colleque Wolfgang spread our mission at a Global Operations Meeting in Salzburg. And of course he invited everybody to join the Wings for Life World Run on May 7th :-)
Wings for Life
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Your donation at work: Scientists found that the early administration of gabapentinoids improves motor recovery after spinal cord injury.
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Drug shows stronger motor recovery
Wings for Life
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Music can be a great motivation-booster
Listen to our Wings for Life World Run playlist and join us on May 7th when we are running for those who can´t ➤

The Official Anthem for Wings for Life World Run 2017 has arrived!
Our UK team met with Dr Saadoun and Prof. Papadopoulos to see the ground-breaking treatment they are pioneering at St George's. The scientists are reaching the half way point of their clinical trial :-)
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How do you master everyday life after your injury? What is different and which challenges do you face? In the search for answers, we accompanied Tina for one day ➤ [ Link ]
Only two months left for this years Wings for Life World Run. Even if you´re not running – you can join the global movement as a volunteer :-)
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Interesting insights! Steven Ceto and Professor Mark Tuszynski from the Center for Neural Repair in San Diego tell us more about their ongoing stem cell projects.
Promising result: A molecule called Netrin-1 seems to protect the spinal cord after an injury by increased cellular survival.
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Did you know that spinal cord injury patients have to endure spasms? Our colleague Wolfgang is quadriplegic and knows why
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How can one convert harmful cells into useful ones? A stem cell expert and a neurobiologist have dedicated their research to finding the answer. Read more here ➤ [ Link ]
Why propose on Valentine’s Day when you could have the whole world supporting you on May 7th at the Wings for Life World Run? ;-)
Celebrate and run for those who can´t
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Nach einem Sturz ist Sam querschnittsgelähmt und stark depressiv. Völlig unerwartet tritt ein verletzter Vogel in ihr Leben. Die liebevollen Aufnahmen ihres Mannes Cameron zeigen, wie die tapfere Elster der Familie Freude und Mut zurückgibt. Wir sind stolz, dass ein Teil der Bucheinnahmen von "Penguin Bloom" an uns geht :-)
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Tipico macht Fußballfans zu Spendern und versteigert handsignierte Trikots sämtlicher österreichischer Bundesligaclubs :-)
Der Erlös geht an uns und damit an die Rückenmarksforschung.
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Tipico Sportauktion -
Wow, 2,560 Euros from BAYK! And this is just the beginning, says CMO Peter Oppermann :-)
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Time flies! Only 3 months left for this years Wings for Life World Run on May 7th. Register now at and join us when we are all running for those who can´t
Science is progress! Almost half of the patients develop an infection shortly after their spinal cord injury. A newly released study helps for better understanding and shows several consequences.
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Gerade hat uns die Spende des Eisenstraße-Laufcups in Niederösterreich erreicht. Vielen Dank dafür :-) Wie die Organisatoren so viel Geld gesammelt haben und was sie als nächstes planen?
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° ° ° Friday Fact ° ° °
The weight of the human spinal cord is 35 grams. That´s less than three tablespoons of milk.
Yogatherapeutin Marianne Schön will ihren Querschnittspatienten Hoffnung geben. Mit ihrer Spendenaktion ([ Link ] sammelte sie deshalb mehr als 5.000 Euro für die Rückenmarksforschung. Wir freuen uns sehr, danke :-)
Lukas Müller erzählt von seinem folgenschweren Sturz, seinem Optimismus und seiner Rolle als Botschafter des Wings for Life World Run. Hier das sehenswerte Kurzinterview.

Müller: "Bin nicht auf den Kopf gefallen"