Kristin Birkelund's booty workout is perfect for everyone to use How's your training going? #worldrun #12weeks
page: The movement to protect the planet begins with individuals like YOU and me! Show your support for our home with a new profile pic ???? #EarthHour #ChangeClimateChange

Earth Hour is OFFICIALLY HERE - let’s celebrate our ❤️ for our ????!
Kristin Birkelund is here to give you some training motivation Have you got the moves? #worldrun #12weeks
Join us for Earth Hour 2017 on 25 March 8:30 p.m. [ Link ]

Earth Hour
Can't get to one of the set locations on race day? Download the #worldrun app and run wherever you are or join an organised app run
Wings for Life World Run Georgia is back! Registrations are now open [ Link ]
You're halfway there Your week 6 training plans by Puma trainer Kelly Whittaker have arrived! Head to for the full schedule #12weeks #worldrun
Get prepared - train with the World Run app and participate wherever you are with your own virtual Catcher Car Download it at:
Running with the Wings For Life World Run app means that you can run wherever you are! Go to to download it now
Wings For Life Ambassador Chelsie Hill is part of the movement Are you?
4 of the world's best ultra runners will race together at the Wings for Life #WorldRun in Milan, can anyone beat Calcaterra on home soil?

The Battle of Milan
Running apparel tips from a pro - Puma trainer Kelly Whittaker has some advice for you on getting the right gear for #worldrun
What's your main motivation for taking part in the Wings for Life #WorldRun?
⚾ Baseball’s finest Kris Bryant and Cory Hahn share a moment in support of the Wings for Life #WorldRun and spinal cord injury research.
The official anthem for Wings For Life World Run 2017 is here! Go to to find out more or to listen to the full #worldrun playlist
Jesse "Life Rolls On" Billauer helps people with Spinal Cord Injury get back into the sports they love, he's an inspiration to all of us.
Florian Neuschwander uses music to motivate himself before a race Have you listened to the #worldrun playlist yet? Go to [ Link ]
Florian Neuschwander ist LIVE und freut sich über Eure Fragen