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Why being chased boosts performance - the sports psychologist's view
Prep for progress this week! Meal tips from the experts to make your life easier #worldrun #12weeks
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Join us LIVE Thursday 1100UTC as the UK's #nofussfood expert The Food Grinder is cooking for us! #worldrun #12weeks
Week 2 of the #12Weeks countdown! Runners out there, here's your Intermediate training plan from Puma trainer Kelly Whittaker. Get your full schedule ✅
Ready, set, GO! Vote for your favourite smoothie! #worldrun #12weeks
Food for thought Week 2 of our #12weeks challenge... fuel up properly and go far! #worldrun
Tiphany Adams is inspiring, encouraging and motivating
With #12weeks to go, we're here to get you set for 7 May! Every week we'll be sharing tips and positive vibes, starting with dedicated training plans created by Puma trainer Kelly Whittaker. Get up to speed
PUMA trening plan za tekače začetnike in tiste, ki tečete že dlje časa.Ko fizično ne gre več, teci s srcem. #12Week
Run with all your ❤ this week and stay on track! #12weeks #happyvalentines
When true ❤ took over the World Run last year
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Für alle, die schon am Sprung ins Wochenende sind: Happy Weekend!
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How's your training going - how far did you run this weekend ⇠❓
“And what makes this event truly unique is the Catcher Car. The finish line will come to you. I’m coming to get you!” #WorldRun

Meet the Ambassadors: David Coulthard