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Winston Peters
12/01/2016 at 23:03. Facebook
The world is hungry for our land.
They’re coming from everywhere to buy it up – including the US, China, Europe, Australia.
We have become their farm, their forestry block, their lifestyle block.
Land prices are rising. Young Kiwi farmers are priced out of the market, competing with foreign money. That’s unfair.
There's no more land. Other countries don't let foreigners buy up their country.
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Decision Summaries - October 2016

Winston Peters
11/29/2016 at 01:42. Facebook
In its big sell-off of state assets in the 1990s, National got rid of Bowen House, which houses MPs next to Parliament.

Then, for the next 25 years the taxpayer paid more than $5 million a year to rent it.

Now, in a change of tune, National has decided it’s better for the government to own its own offices again.

So it plans to build. Taxpayers again will take a hit – perhaps $200m by the...
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This week we learned giant Australian insurer IAG has been sharpening the axe, planning to cut thousands of jobs, both here in New Zealand where the company employs 3,500 across all its brands, as well as Australia.

WINSTON PETERS: Selling off State Insurance has left a gaping hole

Many New Zealanders will have a view on the new All Blacks jersey and so do we.
No amount of psycho-babble propoganda will change our minds. We think it doesn't cut it.
So far, no one has come up with any common sense when trying to explain the change.
Clearly it’s a sponsor pulling the strings for a new design in which their name dominates - on the new jersey the silver fern and the All...
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Radical new jersey for All Blacks

Over 400 at Katikati today. Thanks for coming along.
As we said, you've been fobbed off over getting a bypass for your town. We are warning, the latest big quake should not be used as an excuse to do nothing in the rest of New Zealand.
The full speech is at:
[ Nzfirst.org.nz Link ]

A freight train stranded between two quake landslides near Kaikoura has been hit by looters.
Looters can only be charged with burglary under the law.
That wouldn't happen under New Zealand First.
If they thought it was hard labour breaking into the train, wait till New Zealand First puts them under hard labour.
Then there are the malingerers in Kaikoura. Enjoying free food courtesy of the...
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We hope the PM will remember the people of Hanmer Springs, Cheviot, Parnassus, Rotherham, Culverden, Ward and Seddon and homes in surrounding areas, and find the time to drop in.
When asked for an update on relief work in Parliament today, he only mentioned Kaikoura, which is experiencing severe problems and needs a huge amount of support.
The PM has flown in and out of Kaikoura at least...
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Surviving in Waiau: the forgotten town closest to the NZ quake epicentre

Stopped by Macular Degeneration New Zealand’s mobile eye test clinic at Parliament today.
Macular degeneration is the most common cause of blindness in NZ. There are 1.5 million Kiwis are at risk of developing the condition and by 2030 the number of sufferers is likely to increase by 70%.
If this problem is not nipped in the bud, the consequences are inevitable – quality of life is eroded,...
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Kaikohe's Air Training Corps No 25 Squadron were putting in the fundraising work at the Bay of Islands Pastoral and Industrial Show's car park today at the Waimate North grounds. A job well done.
As always, a great day out.
Great to catch up with everyone at the Gull Wellsford opening.
The Wellsford Volunteer Fire Brigade helped to put on a BBQ as part of their fundraising to buy new EFlare torches that will keep them safe and seen on the roadside at night.
SuperBlack Racing Wellsford, NZ's only V8 supercar team, was there too.
Good chat with Polly and Grant on The Hits this morning...

Winston Peters Talks to Polly & Grant

There are so many people today who can’t see past the personality, whether it’s Hillary or Trump - they’re ignoring the fact the most powerful people in democracy made a stand. They’re called voters. That’s what democracy is about.

Winston Peters on Story - Nov 10


Speaking of "concrete blocks" - from a minister who can't spell.

Maggie Barry comments

Big crowd, great Canterbury day at Addington Trotting Cup.
Looking forward to catching up with racegoers at Addington for NZ Trotting Cup Day 2016.
Chatted to Bevan Chapman on More FM in Gisborne before heading along to speak at the Rail Forum.
Here's a link to the speech:
[ Nzfirst.org.nz Link ]

Mindless Mothballing Of Rail | New Zealand First Parliament

There's an art to this - pulling a pint. Bev Ridges on York in Napier let me have a go.
Terrific to see so many in Napier today.

New Zealand has a two-tier economy – Auckland, Christchurch and the rest.
We want a one-tier economy where, from Invercargill to Hawke's
Bay to Kaitaia, the provinces again become central, core, and critical to our recovery.
The provinces are tired of playing cinderella to Auckland.

Labour and National, the ‘Coke and Pepsi’ of politics, are outdoing...
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If your bank goes bust expect to wave goodbye to your hard-earned dollars.

You won’t hear John Key saying this, but New Zealand is the only advanced country in the world without any form of protection for the depositor.

This has been confirmed with Kiwibank announcing that their existing government guarantee on savers’ money will end on February 28, 2017.

The government is abandoning...
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WINSTON PETERS: Ordinary Kiwi savers left high and dry by government

In Blenheim speaking at a Chamber of Commerce meeting and visiting Picton. Great day in Marlborough.