Winston Peters
03/23/2017 at 21:59. Facebook
Addressed a packed house at the Waipu RSA this morning. Spoke on Law and Order, Economic Development, Transport and other regional issues.

Link to full speech: [ Link ]
Winston Peters
03/20/2017 at 21:35. Facebook
We’ve shown there are at least 208 “ghost” police stations in New Zealand where there are no staff on duty over the weekends.
Radio New Zealand host John Campbell tested our claim when he rang 11 police stations in Northland.
From the 11 he called, 3 were answered by staff, the rest were either transferred to other stations or greeted with an answerphone message.
We’d like to hear from you...
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Northland police stations - are they 'ghost stations'?
Winston Peters
03/20/2017 at 20:36. Facebook
Winston Peters
03/19/2017 at 23:14. Facebook
There’s no denying the first step to cutting crime in Northland, and other regions, is to boost police numbers.
Talked to locals, including kaumatua on Saturday morning in Kaikohe, about crime and problems with some youth.
The thin blue line has been getting thinner by the day thanks to the National government.
In August last year we revealed the truth about dwindling police numbers in...
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Every country should understand its history, so the first New Zealand Wars commemoration in the heart of Ngapuhi today at Kaikohe was an important event.
Congratulations to the organisers, Willie and Debbie Maihi and Manu Kingi for making it happen and thanks to Northland College and Kaikohe Christian School for the powhiri.
Knowing what happened in the past helps us make better decisions...
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Enjoyed catching up at the Auckland Cup meeting at Ellerslie. Shame it had to be postponed after weather bomb hit, but fine weather there yesterday.
Murray Ball - Iconic New Zealand humourist who gave us much pleasure with his witty insights.

Lament the passing of Murray, many a chuckle with Wal and Dog. Thanks Murray.
Enjoying meeting the locals at the Wanaka Show today.
Trying to open the TradeMe job advertisement requiring a fluent Chinese speaker in an Opotiki service station?
It was pulled down after our post about it earlier today, but here it is again.
You can check out the original post here: [ Link ]
An employer in Opotiki is blatantly side-lining New Zealand workers.
They are advertising for a store manager who is fluent in Chinese.
This is unacceptable, especially as there’s no shortage of workers in Opotiki and the rest of the Eastern Bay of Plenty.
We understand this employer is Chinese and lives in Auckland.
Employers are taking advantage of National's record immigration numbers....
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Store manager
We’re determined to get young people “work ready”.
There’s 91,000 out of work.
Many are school drop outs.
They have no direction.
They need jobs, but have no skills.
Our new bill to be debated in Parliament aims to turn them around.
We want these young people to be trained in the army – in literacy and numeracy and in the trades.
They’ll be employed as they learn.
At 18 they will leave with...
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Proposed members' bills
Great to be able to address Victoria University students, along with Tracey Martin at a public meeting tonight. It was a packed house with standing room only and the students asked some pretty impressive questions about NZ First policy.
Great day at Auckland University today with Young New Zealand First. Pleasure to deliver a speech as part of O-week activities.
A range of people, so-called experts and political parties are saying NZ Super is not affordable in the long term future.

But they don’t give one economic fact to back that up, just lame predictions.

At the same time they’ve all condoned and encouraged over 86,000 people to come here in the last 15 years and get full Super – whether they’ve paid tax or not – in just 10 years, whilst New...
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"It's in their very nature" - Winston on National and Superannuation
Today's Paparoa market. Great local products, great variety and great music.
Another great day up here at the Northland Field Days.
Great day out at the Northland Field Days today. We have a petition up here at the moment about the increasing power prices in the North. We want to force Parliament to look into the Electricity Authority prices in Northland. Call by the New Zealand First stand in the Rural Pavilion 1, site 622 and sign the petition.
Looking forward to attending the Northland Field Days - the "Friendly Field Days" for the next 2 days. Call in and see us at site 622 in Rural Pavilion 1.