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Brace yourselves, friends... Looks like spring is coming to Edmonton. As we say farewell to another winter, what are you most looking forward to as the weather warms up?
Winter City Edmonton
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Are you a hard-core camper who can't wait for summer? Looking for a "cool" adventure? We've got the solution! MEC has a great article for newcomers to winter or shoulder-season camping. From how to stay warm, to what to eat, they have you covered. Have you ever camped in a colder season? How was it?

Winter camping tips: 26 things beginners should know | MEC Blog
Winter City Edmonton
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Need some outdoor activity to keep your little spring breakers busy? Edmonton Ski Club is offering ski and snowbaord camps over the break! Camps are for ages 7 and up. Contact Edmonton Ski Club for more information about this awesome outdoor adventure opportunity!

Spring Break Snowboard & Ski Camps | Edmonton Ski Club
Winter City Edmonton
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Join our good pal Simon O'Byrne at the University of Alberta's Urban Week. He's the keynote speaker this afternoon, and as co-chair of our WinterCity Advisory Council, he always shares great gems related to winter design and city planning. Thanks for spreading the #WinterCity spirit, Simon!

Urban Week: (Keynote) Simon O'Byrne

Winter City Edmonton
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Pssst! Want to join us for Coffee Outside? Grab your bike and head on down on Friday mornings. In the meantime, take a few minutes to read this article on the Coffee Outside group and the importance of stopping - to appreciate a good cup of coffee, to get to know your neighbour, or marvel at the winter (or spring) moon!

Inside Coffee Outside | Winter City Edmonton
Winter City Edmonton
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Urban Poling (also known as Nordic Walking) is a great WinterCity activity. Not only does it engage your whole body, it's an awesome reason to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. We love the idea of exploring our city this way. Who wants to get together for a Nordic walk?!

Walking the Nordic Way: Why you should #JustAddPoles | Winter City Edmonton
Winter City Edmonton
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Many of the happiest places on the planet are also among the chilliest, according to this study. We like to think that winter helps create strong communities - a key determinant of happiness.

The U.S is getting more miserable, while Canada cracked the top 10 of the World Happiness Report
Winter City Edmonton
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While it doesn't quite look like spring in Edmonton yet, today is the day it officially arrives. We often joke that we need a spring strategy too, as spring in Edmonton generally means slush, mud and a warming/freezing cycle that frustrates even the most stalwart winter-lover in our city. But the vernal equinox is the sign that time - and the weather - marches onwards, and we'll have daffodils...
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Vernal Equinox 2017 - 5 ways to celebrate the first day of Spring
Ever wondered why you can shout a mile long when the temperature dips a bit? It's not just your's SCIENCE! We think this makes a strong case for winter karaoke, don't you?

Science of winter: Why your voice carries farther on a cold morning
Missing patio season? How about a winter patio on a sunny afternoon?! There are several cafes in the city that are taking patio season all year round (weather permitting, of course). Check out Little Brick, Wild Earth Bakery & Cafe and Café Bicyclette for fantastic examples of winter patios. With the warmer weather we've been having lately, its the perfect time to enjoy a hearty meal, a hot...
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Winter Patios
We're GLOWING at the thought of lighting up the Quarters area of downtown with hand-painted lanterns and lights. On March 18 at 7.30, join the parade at Jasper Avenue and 96 Street and enjoy this "illuminating" event!
In Edmonton, we're all winter warriors. But you can gain your official warrior status this Saturday, at the Winter Warrior Challenge, in support of the Rainbow Society of Alberta. A quick 5 km run, and 12 winter obstacles give you the chance to prove your mettle, and of course there are beverages, prizes and a banquet after to celebrate your winter victories. There's still time to sign up, and...
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Winter Warrior Challenge 2017
On March 18, get ready for one of the most hilarious winter events in Edmonton - the Slush Cup at the Edmonton Ski Club! Daring winter enthusiasts compete to cross an Olympic-sized pond of icy water on skis and snowboards... in full costume! Prizes are awarded for best costume, as well as for those who ACTUALLY stay dry. Think you have what it takes to make the leap across the pond? You can...
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Slush Cup | Winter City Edmonton
Think hiking is a summer-only activity? Think again! MEC has a great guide for how to prepare, and must-hike places for Edmontonians. There's a whole winter wonderland to hike not that far from your front door. Layer up, lace up your hiking boots, and hit that trail (or blaze your own)!

The Edmontonian guide to winter hikes | MEC Blog
Shake your winter booty! Welcome the change of seasons and celebrate the upcoming spring equinox at The Downtown Defrost in Churchill Square on March 18. This massive all-ages outdoor dance party features UK DJ Psychemagik, and runs until 10 p.m. Keep the party going at the afterparty at Chvrch of John and ring in spring!

The Downtown Defrost - Feat. Psychemagik! - 18/03/2017
Winter cyclist? Leonard Cohen fan? A bit of both? This article is a must-read for either. Get lost in Glenn Kubish's poetic article about the minor falls and the major lifts of winter cycling, and other Cohen influences on our starkly beautiful winter season.

Leonard Cohen, a bicycle, winter, Montréal... | Winter City Edmonton
There's a lot of discussion about winter design in our fair city...and now there's an art exhibition to go with it! Latitude 53 is hosting Shelter + Exposed, which showcases 20 architectural projects from across Alberta as well as Quebec. The gallery is hoping to create a framework for dialogue about design between these two provinces for whom winter is a defining experience. The exhibit...
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A tale of two winter cities
Aww! We love our WinterCity, but sometimes we forget all the awesome things there are to do here. Looking at it from a tourist's eye makes it all seem new again. Check out this jam-packed winter fun itinerary from the Wonderful Wanderings blog, and get some warm fuzzies seeing our city through Sofie from Belgium's eyes! Spoiler alert: we think she liked it here ;)

3 days full of things to do in Edmonton, Canada in winter (including food stuffs!)
ACK! We can't get over how cool these pictures are of the world's first permanent ice hotel! Would you stay here, or would you stay here?

The world's first permanent ice hotel – in pictures
On International Women's Day (hey, that's today!) let's take a women's lens to how we manage life in a WinterCity.

Gender-mainstreaming is a concept that looks at the differing needs of the genders, and makes accommodations in the way a city is run in order to ensure the city works equally well for women and men. In Karlskoga, Sweden, that meant prioritizing snow clearance differently than...
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Gender Equal Snow Clearing in Karlskoga - Include Gender