We played 7 countries in 7 days. Thanks for a wild last week Europe ⛅ (: Brandon Lung)
2 more weeks until we're in the US for our tour w/ STATE CHAMPS, Against The Current & DON BROCO!

P: Brandon Lung
We're playing some co-headline dates with Set It Off around our Slam Dunk Festival dates in May!
We've been having such a fun time exploring Europe, only two more shows left :-(

: Brandon Lung
We'll be back in the UK later this year for Slam Dunk Festival!
Germany, you've completely blown us away! It's been such an amazing experience getting to explore your beautiful cities and play for you over the last few days. Danke

: Brandon Lung
Explored Frankfurt and then got lit in an Australian themed bar yesterday :~)

: Brandon Lung
One month until we're back in the US with STATE CHAMPS, Against The Current & DON BROCO!

Tickets - [ Withconfidenceband.com Link ]
just hangin out today (: Brandon Lung)
Spotify added Voldemort & Keeper to their Punk Rock Workout playlist

Punk Rock Workout, a playlist by Spotify

Last night's sold out show in Birmingham was crazy!

Norwich, tonight's our last show in the UK and with our friends in Broadside, let's get wild.

: Brandon Lung
Last night at our show in Rock City, Nottingham we've had two guitars stolen. Below are details of the guitars, with pictures of the absolute dickhead attached. If you have any information please contact us ASAP at withconfidenceband@live.com.au.

Black American Standard Fender Stratocaster, Tortoiseshell Pickguard w/ white pickups/knobs, Maple Fingerboard, Upgraded locking tuner machine...
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Check out the merch we have available on our headline UK/EU tour this month :~)
Manchester, you're my wonderwall..

Glasgow, there's 50 tickets left for tonight's show. See you soon!

: Brandon Lung
Tickets available here - [ Withconfidenceband.com Link ]
Having such a fun time in the UK being mature adults :-)

Leeds, you're up tonight!

: Brandon Lung
Feeling refreshed after our day off! Tour continues today in Leeds, see you there ⛅
Bristol, thanks for letting us talk so much shit :-) Leeds, you're up tomorrow. See you there!

: Brandon Lung
Last nights show in Southampton was sick. Bristol tonight, only 15 tickets left!

: Brandon Lung
Thank you for an incredible start to this tour London, won't forget that one (: Brandon Lung)