Thank you to all our supporters who came to the march today! We stand in solidarity with those around the world who marched with us today! We march so no woman is ever forgotten! #HerVoiceMyVoice!
LOCATION UPDATE: We have moved to 6th & Independence next to The Air and Space Museum! #HerVoiceMyVoice Women's March on Washington
Women for Women International is proud to march with women everywhere tomorrow at the Women's March on Washington. We march to amplify the voices of marginalized women around the world so their voices do not go unheard. We march to ensure no woman is forgotten. Join us and march with the 447,000 woman from our programs! #FridayFeeling #SheInspiresMe #HerVoiceMyVoice
Happy #tbt! Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz was a 17th century nun, self-taught scholar and acclaimed writer of the Latin American colonial period and the Hispanic Baroque. She was also a staunch advocate for women's rights. Sor Juana is heralded for her Respuesta a Sor Filotea, which defends women's rights to educational access, and is credited as the first published feminist of the New World. With...
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South Sudan is facing the probability of an impending genocide and stability continues to be at stake. Refugee camps are not providing the safety and security promised, especially for women.

In a country where UN investigators say sexual violence remains ignored despite having reached “epic proportions” – one survey found 70% of women in such camps said they had been raped since conflict...
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Makeshift justice the only recourse for ill-protected women at South Sudan camp | Ben Quinn
“One day I was sitting at home; it was around eight o’clock in the morning and six armed militia men entered my house. At that time, I was 13 years old. They put a gun to my mother’s head. The militia men tied the hands of my brothers and father and took them away.” Hakima never saw her father and brother again. She and her mother had to learn how to survive in a society that does not value...
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#HerVoiceMyVoice – We March for Hakima | Women for Women International
Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!
Happy Friday! We’re so inspired by Afofia, who has been able to use the skills she learned through our one-year program in Rwanda to make positive changes in her life. “Before Women for Women International, I was a farmer, a single mother and widow. Since joining, I have saved money and created a coop with my fellow bead makers. I can buy soap and other things for my livelihood now. I also...
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Rwanda | Women for Women International
Will you march with us?

The Women's March on Washington is just over a week away and we want you to march with us!

Join us and let your voice be heard. Stand in solidarity with women around the world. When you march with Women for Women International, you march with the 477,000 woman who have found their strength again through our programs.

March With Us

Happy #TBT! today we honor Angelina Grimké, a Southern-born activist who, early on, developed an antipathy toward both slavery and the limitations on the rights of women. She was deeply involved in the abolition movement, and often took the lead in her community. In 1836 she wrote a pamphlet, An Appeal to the Christian Women of the South, in which she urged those addressed to use their moral...
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Today we mourn the loss of Clare Hollingworth, the reporter who broke the news about the invasion of Poland, marking the outbreak of WWII. Clare was a woman who defied social norms. She quit finishing school, broke off an engagement, and, instead, embarked on a life of journalism. Up until the end, was always looking for her next scoop. In her 60s, while on assignment covering the relatively...
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Clare Hollingworth, reporter who broke news about start of World War II, dies at 105
Wondering why we march?

"We march to amplify the voices of marginalized women around the world so they do not go unheard.

We march to actively encourage the incoming U.S. Administration
to continue to support commitments to women, peace, and security as a paramount objective of U.S. foreign policy.

We march to stand in solidarity with people from all walks of life
to ensure gender equality...
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Women's March on Washington | Women for Women International
We march for Christina.

"It is this essential work that directly impacts the resilient and strong women like Christina that is motivating supporters, friends, and staff to join the Women’s March on Washington. Her story shows us that violence, conflict, and genocide have and continue to threaten the safety and well-being of women everywhere. We believe, as individuals and as an organization,...
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#HerVoiceMyVoice – We March for Christina | Women for Women International
Happy Friday!

Huria in Afghanistan is happy because she enjoyed learning a new skill in our program. She has taken up jewelry making and stone polishing. She says, “Before I used to weave carpets. I have improved the economic situation of our family. Now we can have better food.” We’re so proud of Huria and her strength to create a better life for herself and her family.

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"The fact is that the advancement of women around the world is profoundly in the national interest of the United States. Hard evidence tells us what women’s empowerment means for countries that prioritize it. We now know that countries that fully integrate women into their economic and political life become wealthier and safer. On an international scale, we know that women’s empowerment is...
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Lessons from the Obama Administration: Why Gender Equality Should Continue to Be Part of U.S.
"Women, if the soul of the nation is to be saved, I believe that you must become its soul". We love this quote from Coretta Scott King! At Women for Women International we believe strong women build strong nations. We will march on Jan. 21st to promote that belief. Join us? Check out our Facebook page for event details! Women's March on Washington #HerVoiceMyVoice #SheInspiresMe
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March With Us

Start off the New Year w/ a reminder that it's okay to laugh at yourself sometimes! #MondayMotivation
When you look back on 2016, what will you remember? It’s been a year filled with extreme highs and lows for women’s rights around the world. There have been rollbacks and new challenges for women and girls in countless countries, from the United States to Turkey and Brazil. As we look back on the past year, we are reminded of the undeniable power of women’s movements—because when women and...
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Top 10 moments for women's rights around the world in 2016
The clock is counting down the seconds until our midnight deadline to reach the $200,000 matching gift goal!

We need you on our side in 2017. Please make your urgent tax-deductible gift now. Your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar to help us reach even more women in 2017.

Your donation will provide the support, tools and access to life-changing skills to help women survivors of war...
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