Happy #RandomActsOfKindnessDay! 100% of profits from Posh Totty Designs 'Share a Hug' necklace go towards supporting our work to help survivors of conflict remain resilient. Make someone's day and 'Share a Hug' which spreads the message of peace and kindness all year round. ❤

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Today's #tbt goes out to Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, #Nigerian women's rights activist and educator. She was the first female student to attend the Abeokuta Grammar School and later became a teacher. She founded many organizations, including the Nigerian Union of Teachers, the Nigerian Union of Students, and the Abeokuta Ladies Club which eventually became the Federation of Nigerian Women's...
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Did you read the "Dear Warren" Letter from Bill and Melinda Gates yesterday? If you didn't, it's a great read on the strides made in global health.

We have written our sincere congratulations to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and draw a few connections between their note and out program. Take a look at our blog post below for more details on our program!

Our Congratulations to The Gates Foundation | Women for Women International

The clash between farmers and herdsmen in Nigeria has been disastrous for women. Local communities said that those hit hardest by the violence were women, like Ladi Habila.

Ladi Habila ran from her home when she heard the ring of a gunshot. She returned the next day to find her house destroyed, and everything she had along with it. Now, Habila and her children sleep on newspapers and old...
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FEATURE-Nigeria's spiralling herdsmen-farmer violence fuels fears of humanitarian crisis

Dedicate your morning run or walk to a great cause on March 4-8 for the International Women's Day Virtual 5K or 1-Mile run!

You can register for only $15 and proceeds from the event go to fund Women for Women International. For more information, go to the website below!

#SheInspiresMe #womenforwomen #womensday5k #IWD2017

International Women's Day Virtual Race

Happy #MondayMotivation! This week, we draw our #inspiration from the great Diana Ross. Her advice about achieving future goals is exactly what we need in these last few months of winter. Hard work pays off, and so does planning for the future!
This week’s #FridayFeeling is a story of survival. Meet Amal, an 18-year-old Syrian refugee. She and her husband fled the horrors of war while Amal was three months pregnant. When her family arrived in Mamzawa, Norther Iraq she joined our program and hasn’t missed a single session yet. We are so proud of Amal’s dedication! She says “I want to change society… I want to continue my education so...
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This week for #ThrowBackThursday, we are inspired by Josephine Baker. This performer sashayed onto the Paris stage during the 1920’s and took Europe by storm. Onstage, Josephine purposefully rolled her eyes and stumbled to act clumsy. The audience loved her comedic timing. During World War II, Josephine smuggled secret messages for the French Resistance in her music sheets and was honored by...
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Wondering what a virtual run/walk is and how to participate? Learn more about the International Women's Day Virtual 5K & 1-Mile benefitting Women for Women International and plan to run or walk with women across the globe March 4-8!

#SheInspiresMe #womensday5k #IWD2017

International Women's Day Virtual Race

#DYK: The women the countries we serve make lasting impacts in their communities even after our program is over.

Take a look at some of the success stories of women around the world and in the field. These women are entrepreneurs making a difference in their communities every day.


#SheInspiresMe: Women making a difference in their communities

We are celebrating the resilience, courage and strength of women everywhere throughout the month of March. Women like Fatima, Caritas, and Lutfije have a las...

Good morning! We take our #MondayMotivation from Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright this week as she reminds us to find out voice and use it! #SheInspiresMe
Check out the video of our President Laurie Adams discussing what happens "When the Truce Ends" with the Hilton Prize Coalition.

We are honored to have been awarded a Hilton Humanitarian Prize and believe in the idea that, "At its core, humanitarian work is about people connecting, through day-to-day interactions that transform our world."

Watch the video here:

Story Wall | The Hilton Prize Coalition

We are very excited to announce the 2017 International Women's Day Virtual 5K to benefit Women for Women International. Celebrate the women in your life by running or walking March 4-8, 2017 and be a part of the international movement. This event provides a unique opportunity to bring women together from around the world and is an extension of the values which our organization stands upon.
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International Women's Day Virtual Race

Happy #FridayFeeling! Use this weekend to relax and recharge. Or go get your groove on like this program participant from #Nigeria Have a happy weekend!
Happy #TBT! Dr. Wangari Maathai was born in Nyeri, Kenya and the first woman in East and Central Africa to earn a doctorate degree. Wangari, one of the most widely respected women on the continent, played many roles — environmentalist, feminist, politician, professor, rabble-rouser, human rights advocate and head of the Green Belt Movement, which she founded in 1977. Its mission was to plant...
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Last month, we made a pledge that in 2017 we would expand our commitment to Syrian refugees by increasing our work in Northern Iraq and Jordan.

As we read the news and think about our commitment to Syrian refugees, we are deeply concerned by the Administration's recent ban on refugees. We are concerned because the ban will impact those in search of a new life free of war. Women for Women...
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Donate to Women for Women International

Six years ago, 11 women who were graduates of Women for Women International’s program in Rwanda came together to form the Agaseke Vision Cooperative. Eliane Nyiransabimana was one of those women.

“I used to sell small items like bananas and avocadoes on my head in the street,” Eliane says. During the Women for Women International program, she learned business skills and vocational skills in...
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A Vision Ahead of Them: Women Strengthen Rwanda | Women for Women International

Women for Women International is dedicated to reaching beyond our borders to help those in need during times of crisis. Now is a time of crisis. WE MUST ACT NOW to provide a beacon of hope for the many courageous women who have fled conflict in search for safety. #MondayMotivation
Women for Women International is dedicated to reaching beyond our borders to help those in need during times of crisis. Now is a time of crisis. We want to express our gravest concerns over the Administration’s ban on refugees. WE MUST ACT NOW. We reaffirm our commitment to work with Syrian refugees in Iraq and Jordan. Help us provide a beacon of hope for these many courageous women who...
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Thank you so much to all of our supporters who attended our pre-march event and who marched with us on Saturday!

We are proud of WfWI’s participation in the Women’s March this weekend as it has given us the opportunity to think about our decades long tradition of fostering sisterhood beyond borders. We march to actively encourage the U.S. Administration and governments around the world to...
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