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We are so grateful for friends!
Women of Faith
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Flashback from 2015 with Patsy Clairmont
Women of Faith
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And all of the women said AMEN!

Thanks Anita Renfroe for the laugh.
Women of Faith
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...for the joy of the LORD is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10
Women of Faith
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Love and laughter are a powerful force!
Women of Faith
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Have you ever been accused of engaging in anthropomorphous thinking? (Would you be tempted to think any word with that many syllables must have to do with something immoral, illegal or fattening?) You may know the word is describing what many of us do every day; give human thoughts and motivations to animals.

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Angry Birds

Women of Faith
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Say YES!
Women of Faith
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Good friends are always there...even when life or miles separate us.
Women of Faith
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I left my Bible at church. I walked right out and left it on a chair. I hate it when I do that. It is so simple just to look twice and there is such clarity in the second gaze—but when I get distracted, it so easy to miss something I should have noticed. I know that looking twice is a safeguard and I would think at this stage of the game, looking twice would come more naturally—but for me, it...
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God’s Fingerprints

It's hard to do, but rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him...
We love the sisterhood these friends, (Patsy Clairmont, Jan Silvious and Anita Renfroe) have. Excited they are going on the road together.
Let's talk about girlfriends! Sketch from Nicole Johnson
Thanks Sheila Walsh
Patsy Clairmont wants to remind us to say YES!
Valentine’s Day… aww. I love love. Don’t you?

At least the thought of love makes my heart squishy and causes my pulse to thump. Not just romantic love, but friendship love, and grandchildren love. Ah, yes. And what about puppy love? I’m talkin’ real bouncy wet-nosed puppies and playful furry-ball kittens. Who can see newborn animals and not ooh and ah with delight? And chuckle with...
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Happy Valentines Day!
Truth! Tag a friend!
Nothing in creation, in or out of this world, can separate us from the love of God. All the things that happen around and to us are done for us in his great love and sacrifice of Christ on the cross. God is always with us. Are we aware, and resting, in this greatest presence and love?

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The Greatest Love of All

Good Morning!!!
Flashback to Marilyn Meberg from 2015.