Submissions for the Domestic Violence Victim's Protection bill are now open to the public until April 28th. Please add your voice, and share this to increase awareness.

Anyone can make a submission, but in particular it would be helpful for the government to see survivors of domestic violence sharing their stories of how this bill would have helped them.

We support this Bill in its...
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"It's not just rapists that do damage. It's words and attitudes, too. Little comments. Little interactions."

Love this!

The Pencilsword: No 'I' in sex
“What happened, happened. I made a mistake, a serious one, but mistakes happens in life - I’m not a bad guy.”

Gee I wonder what it takes to be 'bad' in this guy's world >:(

Footballer who had pregnant girlfriend fed to dogs: Get over my ‘one mistake’
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Manu Korero / Sistah Speak Newsletter, March 2017
Yes we do want fries with that!
It was awesome to see such a large crowd gathered in front of parliament yesterday to support the rangatahi demanding compulsory consent education in secondary schools, and the end of rape culture. So many inspirational young people ready to make change happen.
"It could be the friend whose partner didn’t tell her about his pay rise – and spent it gambling while he wouldn’t let her replace her broken cellphone. It might be the cousin whose husband insisted if she wanted to work, she had to pay for childcare and half the household bills – leaving her with nothing in her pay packet. Or perhaps it’s the mum at the school gate, whose fiance bought her...
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Are you being financially abused?
"The fact is the entire market economy would grind to a halt if women did not do the majority of unpaid work."

Mothers' contribution to the economy ignored, feminist economist says
Wow! An incredible gesture of generosity, TALKINGTECH Foundation just donated $5,000 to our Kids in the Middle campaign! This will go a long way towards our goal of putting a children's advocate in every Refuge around the country.

TALKINGTECH Foundation focuses on investing in the health, education, and wellbeing of children around the world. Thank you so much for your contribution.

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Our youth outreach workshop, Mana Taurite, teaches young people about consent, respect, and healthy relationships both platonic and intimate.

For those in Wellington, please consider supporting these brave young women in protesting outside Parliament at 4:30pm on Monday.

Wgtn school girls threatened over rape culture protest plans
Feminism is one our core values, and we stand in unapologetic support of gender equality.
"The experience of living with violence has a marked impact on women's fulltime participation in the workplace.” - Ang Jury

Our recent research shows the long-term effects of domestic violence on women's economic freedom and success.

Women's Refuge supports Green bill for domestic violence paid leave
Hard to imagine, right? But our research shows many women experiencing economic abuse were forced to stay with friends or move house many times while attempting to escape violence.

Find out about our research, and how you can help here: [ Link ]
Hard to imagine, right? But our research shows many women experiencing economic abuse were fired or forced to quit their jobs because their partner wouldn’t stop calling or turning up at their work. This kept them financially dependent on their partner, making it harder to escape the abuse.

Find out about our research and how you can help here: [ Link...
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Hard to imagine, right? But our research shows many women experiencing economic abuse were unable to go to work because their partner controlled their finances, and prevented them from buying tampons, sanitary products, or underwear.

Find out about our research, our partnership with BON Certified Organic Tampons, and how you can help here: [ Link...
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Please share these powerful words of support for the Kids in the Middle Campaign from journalist, documentarian, and child advocate Bryan Bruce.

Yellow Belle is turning 3! They're celebrating with 30% off everything store wide. All profits go directly to our Refuges.
"a "lovers' quarrel"? Its patterns of behaviour and all excuses. Until perpetrators take responsibility for their actions and seek to change, the story remains the same.

Former All Black Byron Kelleher found guilty of domestic violence - Sport - NZ Herald News
"And then I was told the words a parent should never have to hear in a life time.... Tara was dying."

The heartbreaking story of a beautiful, vibrant woman's life destroyed by horrifying violence.

The Big Read: How Lionel Patea murdered Tara Brown - National - NZ Herald News