He aha te mea nui o te ao?

A few smiling faces from our Tangata Whenua hui at Te Horouta Marae
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"Like many teenagers today, it never even occurred to me that teenage relationships could contain “domestic violence” because the term seemed to only apply to adults who cohabited in “domestic” settings.... Preventing abuse needs to start young."

I thought my friend had the perfect boyfriend. I was wrong

"There are not two of you, sir. There is not you, the father – and you, the internet misogynist. The internet you IS YOU. If you are a misogynist on the internet, you are also a misogynist in your daughter’s nursery. While you are holding her. While you are whispering to her your dreams for her: That she uses her heart and her mind and her passion to live a big life of purpose."

Quit Hating Her – Momastery

Love is NEVER abusive. Happy Valentines Day <3

If you feel you may be experiencing abuse, please call us on 0800 733843
"Put simply: this Bill will save lives."

If you have a few minutes spare, please get in touch with your local MP and urge them to support this bill.

Govt urged to support domestic violence bill

Nice to see this partnership getting some headlines! BON Certified Organic Tampons have already delivered their first shipment to our refuges, and we are so grateful.

These Tampons Can Help Survivors Of Abuse - M2woman

"...because most of us exist on a spectrum from discomfort to fear about being touched inappropriately. For many, this begins during childhood. And it continues until menopause."

Pretty confronting article, what do you think?

Tracey Spicer: Why do men think it's OK to comment on my pre-teen daughter's looks?

Happy Friday! Some wonderful news from a truly wonderful charity <3
Gaslighting can be an early warning sign of abusive behaviour, and is a common manipulation tactic. Emotional abuse has lasting effects, and many survivors agree it can be more serious than physical violence.

7 Signs of Gaslighting

"I've been betrayed by the system. Shoplifters get heavier sentences than they got."

Another heartbreaking example of the courts not taking digital harm seriously, and promoting a 'boys will be boys' attitude, this time in the UK.

UK woman speaks out after man sexually assaulted her while live-streaming the attack on Snapchat - World - NZ Herald News

Unbelievable that this could be acquitted! What good are these laws if they can't be used to protect people? Good on the police for appealing the decision.

Appeal over online semi-nude photo ruling

"All of this technology offers so much great potential in keeping people connected and safe, but the reverse side of that is there's always the potential for new stuff to be used in a malign and destructive way." - Dr Ang Jury

Facebook, Tinder pose new problems for protection orders

Many women have expressed that Trump's inauguration tomorrow has left them feeling anxious. Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, Trump's campaign has highlighted some troubling aspects of society, both globally and here in Aotearoa.

We would like to take this as an opportunity to open up discussions about healthy relationships, consent, and mutual respect; and to...
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Fantastic little video from Dr Jackie Blue and the NZ Human Rights Commission on the need for employers to step up in the fight against family violence.

Pai rawa atu The Warehouse for being the first major corporate company in NZ to adopt a comprehensive family violence policy, which we worked closely with them to develop.

Dr Jackie Blue: "Family violence is a human rights issue."

Statistics show that family violence spikes in December and January and, for many victims, the workplace is the only safe place they can go to for support. T...