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With The Warehouse's Elves on Shelves campaign, you can Drop a gift off at your local Warehouse any time in December. They will make sure it's delivered to one of the many tamariki in our care across the country.
Photo by Karl Summerfield
"We need to set the bar much higher than we are. We need to ask ourselves: are we flattering our ego, or engaging in humble self-reflection? I would argue we need self-reflection before we need insincere mutterings when the next woman or child is murdered by the very men who profess to love them."

'It's not enough to consider ourselves good men because we don't bash women'

If we're ever going to fix the problem, we have to understand it.

"It's this idea of what a man's supposed to be like. A man is supposed to be tough, in control, know his shit. He should have an answer for everything. What happens if he doesn't and he's been bullshitting along the whole time? The only place that a kid usually learns to be a dad is from what he's seen growing up."

​Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Domestic Abuser | VICE | New Zealand

Not sure what to give this Christmas? Stuck with a secret santa who doesn't eat chocolate or drink wine? Want to use the season of giving to give back to your community?

Use the code 'secretsanta' in the comments box on our donations page, and we'll send you this nifty certificate you can give to your cubicle buddy, your BFF, or that one auntie who doesn't like anything you give her.

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It's GivingTuesday! Will you donate money, collect canned food, give a gift to Elves on Shelves, or something else? Let us know! Tag us in your #UNselfie so we can see how you chose to help out <3
"A breach might appear minor on the face of it, but when added on top of everything else, it wasn't. Things like coming home from work one day and finding a bunch of flowers or a present or something on your back doorstep. That's actually scary for someone who thinks someone [their stalker] knows where they are. And getting that taken seriously when it looks like a nice gesture... we need to...
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Insight: Are Protection Orders Taken Seriously?

Wonderful news! Well done, Countdown Supermarkets. Their policy was developed based on the work we did with The Warehouse , so if your organisation is interested in this, or other ways to help employees experiencing family violence- get in touch with us.

Countdown supermarket announces family violence policy for employees

On International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, we'd like to pay tribute to all the organisations in Aotearoa, New Zealand working on the frontline to prevent and support those subject to domestic and family violence.

Women's Refuge New Zealand, Shine, Rape Crisis, Shakti Community Council NZ, Sophie Elliott Foundation, New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse, It's not...
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A heartfelt thank you to all the men taking a stand against violence with White Ribbon New Zealand this White Ribbon Day. Your bravery and support is essential in ending domestic and family violence in this country.
Love this. Let's encourage the men and boys in our lives to be good fathers and partners. Let's let them know that love, nurturing, and affection are genderless qualities.
Photo by Karl Summerfield
Good on you, boys! Awesome to see so many men taking part.
There's only three days left to see NZ Sculpture OnShore so head on down. It's been a wonderful event, and is such an important fundraiser for us.
"Getting other people involved is also a good thing, to make them realise violence is not okay... If we can start the understanding of violence there then I think you are going a long way towards reducing the need on the refuge. It is not the norm and to carry on with it into your adult life should not be accepted."

Men stepping up to end domestic violence - Hawkes Bay Today - Hawke's Bay Today News

If you're getting away for the holidays and thinking about booking a room, this is a way you can help women and children who need a room with us. Kiwi Karma is an accommodation booking site that donates 5% of the room rate to us! #EveryLittleBitHelps

Women's Refuge

"He controlled her. He wouldn't let her have friends, didn't like her going out with her friends at work, basically he was the ultimate control freak and it was obviously a very dysfunctional relationship...He was the type of person who would just track her down, would go to lengths to track her down. She would have to have been hidden and her whole life would have had to have been turned...
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Women's Refuge Series: The Gail Bower story - Hawkes Bay Today - Hawke's Bay Today News

"It's not art therapy, it's a collective of women who know a thing or two about what the person beside them has gone through. They come as often or as little as they want, sometimes with kids in tow and often with baking and laughter. At times they need and other times they need to give."

Women's words strongly spoken

Martin Cooper from Harcourts Cooper and Co had a chat on The Cafe about NZ Sculpture OnShore. If you're wondering what it's all about, here's what you need to know. Starts tomorrow!
"So here I am, one of thousands of woman, another statistic, I’m just like you, this could happen to you, your mother, your daughter, your sister, your friend. You need to be aware of the signs and we need to unite to help support organisations that help to make a difference."

Thank you for your bravery, and for sharing your story

“The Stain On My Shirt” – An experience with domestic violence.