Leah McDaniel opens up about getting through greif and its striking similarities to a very tiring and painful long run…

Long runs and black clouds

Being underweight can cause your body serious harm - know the risks and how to avoid them #strongnotskinny

The Risks Of Undereating As A Runner

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Happy Sunday runner's! How is everyone spending their day? #SundayRunDay womensrunninguk.co.uk
"I would get back from an 18-mile run and think I could eat whatever I wanted. I gained about half a stone and I was outraged! I couldn’t believe I’d run a marathon and not only had I not lost weight but I had put it on. I felt conned!”

How To Avoid Marathon Weight Gain

We've all been there

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"The rush of excitement, the first pulling on, the walking down the street with that statement on your feet saying β€˜I’m a Nike Woman’… one brand, one pair of trainers, can still make those feelings surface..."

Nike unveils new Vomero 12

Reach your running goals faster with these simple training tweaks

10 ways to improve your running

There's no app for this #morningruns #happysaturday who's getting out this morning?
Racing this weekend? Get your nutrition right with our top tips

How to get your race-day nutrition right

Running legend Paula Radcliffe talks retirement, running tips and what it will take for someone to break her world record

Q&A with Paula Radcliffe

Goal for this weekend: walk less and run more - who's in? #weekendgoals

Move From Walk/Run To Running

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Women's Running Race Series: Cardiff

Weekend plans sorted #Fridayfeeling #weekend womensrunninguk.co.uk
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#YourRuns Pictures of the Week (6th-13th Feb)

Don't let an iron deficiency get you down. Read the top warning signs here

Are You Suffering From Iron Deficiency?

They're challenging but they're worth it! #strongnotskinny #thisgirlcan

3 hill sessions to make you a stronger runner