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Wonderful Pistachios
12/02/2016 at 16:12. Facebook
When the game-day snack comes out of a container with “processed cheese product” on the label, #SnackSmarter with Wonderful Pistachios. Watch @RichardShermanOfficial’s full video here [ Wndrful.co Link ] #GetCrackin
Wonderful Pistachios
11/28/2016 at 20:58. Facebook
Ernie is getting strip searched by airport security. (Don't worry, he gets to keep his nuts).
Wonderful Pistachios
11/28/2016 at 17:08. Facebook
Pro-tip: Never steal Richard Sherman's Wonderful Pistachios.
Wonderful Pistachios are the smart snack for all of today’s spectator events: the parade, the football game, the annual argument between your mom and grandma about basting the turkey. #SnackSmarter #GetCrackin
Even touchbacks are exciting when there’s Wonderful Pistachios. #SnackSmarter #GetCrackin
Sometimes we wish our friends would bring more pistachios and fewer opinions on game day. #SnackSmarter #GetCrackin Get Richard Sherman’s opinion on game-day snacks here: [ Wndrful.co Link ]
There are some things Ernie wishes he could forget.
Are you pumped for game day? Shell yeah, you are. Who are you rooting for this week? #SnackSmarter #GetCrackin
Did you catch any dumb plays while crackin’ on your smart snacks? #SnackSmarter #GetCrackin
We like to cook with our snacks as much as we like to snack while we cook.
When your friend says that the buffalo wings come from flying buffalo.
#SnackSmarter with Wonderful Pistachios and watch Richard Sherman’s full video here: [ Wndrful.co Link ] #GetCrackin
Victory tastes sweeter when you #SnackSmarter with Wonderful Pistachios.
There are roughly 10 hours of football every Sunday. Make sure you have enough Wonderful Pistachios to last all day #SnackSmarter #GetCrackin
Your favorite team isn’t playing this week? No problem. You can root for your favorite snack. #GetCrackin #SnackSmarter
Just your usual “cornerback vs. pachyderm” day in the park.
When game day is on Halloween night, it’s ok to let your pistachio-fan flag fly. #GetCrackin #SnackSmarter
Don’t be fooled—barbecue chips have never been barbecued, and buffalos don’t have wings. Wonderful Pistachios, however, are pistachios and they are very Wonderful. Watch the full video here: [ Wndrful.co Link ]
Don’t let inferior snacks cause you to make inferior plays. #GetCrackin #SnackSmarter
Leave that bowl of cheesy nachos on the bench. Get in the game with a bowl of Wonderful Pistachios. Watch the full video here: [ Wndrful.co Link ]
Don’t get caught eating a lie – Richard Sherman explains how to #SnackSmarter with pistachios.