Wood, Naturally
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Knock knock! It’s another tip for our First-Home DIYers. Learn how replacing your doors can turn into an instant upgrade.

4 Simple Projects for the First-Home DIYer

Wood, Naturally
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"The health benefits from spending time in nature are scientifically proven. Immersing yourself in Mother Nature restores your mental energy, reduces inflammation, and improves concentration." Dwell asks interior designers for simple ways to bring the outdoors into your home.

The Things All Designers Do to Make Their Home a Happier Place

Wood, Naturally
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Thinking green on St. Patrick's Day? Here's a tip: build your deck with materials that are good for the planet. It's easier on your wallet - and mother nature - than you might think.

Building a Deck? Why Wood Is a Better Environmental Choice

Unexpected warm weather days can lead to two embarrassing things: pasty legs when you want to wear shorts and an unmaintained deck when you want to have an impromptu margarita night. Don’t get caught off guard. Maintain your deck with these easy tips.

Wood Maintenance: Simpler Than You Think

From ‘dated' to 'date night’! Some deck cleaner and wood stain is all you need to transform an outdoor space. Freshen up.

4 DIY Projects for Your First Home

8 simple steps. All that stands between you and a character boost for your classic or contemporary space. Our step-by-step guide to crown molding. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Too soon to start planning your garden? Absolutely not. It’s hard not to want to when spring is SO close. If you need a “Practicing Patience” project, start with our Project of the Month: a redwood garden shed that’s as durable as it is dreamy. [ Bit.ly Link ]
First-Home DIY: The Crown Jewel of spring DIY projects? Crown Molding. How to make a big impact with a subtle change.

How to Install Crown Molding | Wood Naturally

First-Home DIYers! We’re here to help. Spring is the perfect time to tackle a home improvement project, and we’ll be bringing you tips and resources this month for projects that will give you the most bang for your buck.
Tree houses: not just for kids. Would you book a stay in this floating, pine cabin? We would.

10 Surreal Tree Houses That Will Make Your Childhood Dreams Come True

This incredible Toronto vacation home, featured in Dwell, has us ready to start the weekend a little early. [ Bit.ly Link ]
This month we celebrate Women's History. To celebrate, we’re sharing this mini doc that showcases women who are making their mark on the lumber industry. On their own terms. Enjoy!

Making the Grade - Women in the Lumber Mill Industry

Special web content for the White Pine Monographs exploring the roles women play in the lumber industry. Produced by NELMA.

This wood bar is great as a fun addition or for revamping a neglected area of your home. Roll up your sleeves with Jeff Devlin as he walks you through the in's and out's of this project.
This California home was built with the goal of achieving a strong connection to the natural landscape using natural cedar. We're in love!

Hillside California Home Surrounded by Nature

"Creating rooms starts with building walls the right way." Licensed carpenter Mark Clement of MyFixitUpLife shares some pro tips for framing and installing a partition wall for those looking to do some DIY while going easy on their wallet.

How to Frame and Install a Partition Wall

When deciding on the style of deck you would like to build, first consider which look best complements your home. Head over to Simpson Strong-Tie's blog, Simpson Strong-Tie DIY, for more on creating the deck of your dreams!

A Deck Style for Every House - DIY Done Right

Talk about becoming one with nature! These eco-friendly-design homes are literally camouflaged into the surrounding landscape. No really... you might need Google Maps if you're ever invited to the housewarming party.

Eco-Friendly Design: 10 Homes with Gorgeous Green Roofs and Terraces

Know Your Wood: Cedar is a highly revered, durable wood that’s naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insect attacks making it most popular for use outdoors, but it is often also used to enhance the beauty and elegance of a home's interior look.

Western Red Cedar

Don't know the difference between a home built in the style of Italianate and a home built in the style of Queen Anne? Don't worry, we didn't either! Put your knowledge of home design styles to the test to see how much you really know.

Quickly Learn the Differences Between Most Home Design Styles With This Chart

MyFixitUpLife demonstrates a technique for installing wainscoting and offers some helpful tips and tricks!

How to Install Bead Board Wainscoting