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????????OH WOW! ????????

It’s the fourth anniversary of Pearl’s Peril! Help us celebrate by assisting Iris in finding the decorations for the party!

[ Woo.ga Link ] <== Help Iris find the decorations now!
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All angles on Bubble Island 2 covered on iPad!

AIM AND POP NOW ==> [ Bit.ly Link ]
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European Countryside Adventure - Week 4 Announcement

Week four is finally on the horizon and we’ve been making the most of our countryside adventure so far! We took a trip to visit a greenhouse that had newly blooming Gerbera Flowers. They are so beautiful and colorful that we wish we could take a few home!

[ Woo.ga Link ] <== Start the Gerber Flowers challenge now!
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We’re counting down: It's 24 hours until something special happens here at Pearl’s Peril! What ever could it be? We’ve left a little hint for you below!
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Hiya Adventurers!

The new English Garden set is here and it’s brill! Budge up your decorations so you can take a rest while drinking a warm cuppa with your kitties in the garden. Be sure to ring up your mates and tell them the news!

[ Woo.ga Link ] <== Take a gander at the new set!
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European Countryside Adventure - Week 3 Announcement

We have come to our third week in the European Countryside and we are taking this chance to visit the Rustic Windmill, admire its charm and go up to the observation deck to take in the view. The view from the top is beautiful, but climbing all of those stairs was tiring. Hopefully a quick picnic in the fields will give us the energy we need...
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Molly’s ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but are you? Show your spirit and help Molly find all of her party decorations before the big day!

[ Woo.ga Link ] <== Help Molly find her decorations now!
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Hi Adventurers!

What is your favorite thing about the Adventure Clubs? Pretty soon AC will be launching on mobile and we want to know what you like best. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!
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“We get so much good feedback from the players and that really motivates us to continue doing what we do.”

Beyond the standard gamer: Episodic storytelling - Factor

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Happy International Women’s Day!

We here at Wooga would like to promote this day by highlighting some of our amazing women staffers, who work on hit games such as Pearl’s Peril, Jelly Splash and Bubble Island 2! They’ll be sharing some stories with us about their experiences over the years in order to celebrate diversity in the gaming industry. We hope you enjoy your day to the fullest! How...
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Are you in need of some Pearl’s Peril friends to play with? Write “add me” in the comments section below and meet some new friends!

[ Woo.ga Link ] <== Have you played yet today?
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European Countryside Adventure - Week 2 Announcement

Week two in the countryside is taking our breath away! The hibiscus flowers are all in bloom and make for a beautiful forest floor covering. Maybe we’ll pluck a few to give to our friends and we can make fresh tea out of the petals!

[ Woo.ga Link ] <== Start the Hibiscus Blooms challenge now!
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European Countryside Adventure - Week 1

Our first week in the countryside has been very calm and relaxing. We’ve spent a lot of time in nature taking long hikes, so the village well has been great for refreshing our water canisters along the way. We are excited to see what we’ll discover in the countryside next week!
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Oh no! Benoît has lost all of the sweets for his Spring Equinox party! Can you help him find them all before it’s too late?

[ Woo.ga Link ] <== Help Benoît find his sweets now!
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European Countryside Adventure - Week 1 Announcement

Welcome to the European countryside, Adventurers! It’s our first week in the lovely countryside and the fresh air is renewing our souls and relaxing our minds. Make sure to replenish your energy with some fresh spring water after you take a long hike in the woods!

[ Woo.ga Link ] <== Get +5 Energy and start the Village Well challenge now!
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New levels are now available!

Join Rico in Venice! ==> [ Bit.ly Link ]
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The Tower's back! ????

What's your favorite thing about it?

Splaaaash ==> [ Bit.ly Link ]
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The Tower's back! <3

Did you notice anything extra special about it? What is your current level in it?

Splaaaash ==> [ Bit.ly Link ]