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We are delighted to be one of the 10,000 institutions across Germany that took part in Girls’ Day this year!

The Girls’ Games Workshop, founded by Wooga engineers Glenna Buford and Linda Kerkhoff, teaches and inspires young girls interested in games. It aims to help them realize that a career in programming is possible, as they edge closer to making choices for their futures.

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Toni Hughson
Estiilo Mundiall
Michel Cordier
05/13/2017. Facebook
Off in the distance there is a mirage of a playground and the promise of beautiful warm weather, but maybe this is not an illusion after all... oh my, it’s real! The new Summer set will be available very soon and you won’t believe it until you see it!

[ Woo.ga Link ] <== Have you played yet today?
Wooga 05/13/2017
Peggy Taylor Brown
Lee Shelton-Gurule
Dawn DeWall
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Don't let your dreams be dreams. You can beat the Tower this week Jellys!

JUST DO IT ==> [ EverydayImSplashing Link ]
Wooga 05/12/2017
Ali Nahavandi
Andreas Saur
Adilson Oliveira
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Giddy up Adventurers!

There’s only about a week left to get the best in show from the Horse Ranch set. With that in mind we’d like to know what your favorite horse has been so far! Let us know what you think by reacting below! Also, be sure to decorate your island and share it with us and your friends!
Wooga 05/11/2017
Ruth Lees
Sydney Hogden
Cathy Liebgold
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Maria Cruz Soto Garcia
Anne Baer
Rita Cassia
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Marti Hibel
Kirsi Vainio
Georges Vachez
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Everyone writes about how games are made, stories are told or code is written. But what about the people who actually get to talk to the…
Wooga 05/03/2017

“We’re the first and the last line of defence”- an interview with our Head of Player Services

Marlene Johnson
Miriam Martins
Helen Andrew
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NEW LEVELS OUT! ???? What is your current level, splashers?

Click and Play! => [ Bit.ly Link ]
Wooga 05/01/2017
Arlette Huet Morisee
Carito Ulloa Gatica
Kamila Śliwowska
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Simone Bekannt
Jutta Berk
Linda Martin
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It’s your last chance to help Mathius plant some seedlings for Earth Day! Take +5 Energy and give him a hand before it’s too late!

[ Woo.ga Link ] <== Take +5 Energy and help Mathius now!

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Wooga 04/26/2017
Drox Affolder
Donna Wilbur Britch
Roy Dieks
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Hello Adventurers!

Saddle up and ride out for the new Horse Ranch set coming soon! Be sure to trot on over to the derby and find your prized filly ready for the picking. Hope you’re ready to race, ‘cause we sure are!
Wooga 04/25/2017
Jo Ann Gasper
Dartanion Rayne Spears
Sherry Adamson Kobie
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Australian Adventure - Week 1

Our first week in Australia has been exciting! We spent our time searching for and learning about the Thylacine, more commonly known as the Tasmanian tiger. Apparently the Thylacine officially became extinct in 1986, even though the last known Tasmanian tiger died in Hobart Zoo in 1936. Maybe we’ll still be able to find one in the coming weeks!
Wooga 04/21/2017
Yvonne Brown Catalani
Ilene Colton
Janet Giles
04/18/2017. Facebook
Grzenkowicz Claude
Mercedes Iglesias Quiroga Iglesias Quiroga
Bodédé Grz
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Hey Adventurers!

With the mobile release of Adventure Clubs drawing closer, why not send some love to your AC friends and invite them to join us on Facebook?

Are you looking for new friends for your AC? There are always new and fun people to meet here!

[ Woo.ga Link ] <== Hang out with your friends and play together!
Wooga 04/18/2017
Susan Shumpert Abel
Carolyn Winship
Meloney Reed
04/17/2017. Facebook
Today is Haiku Poetry Day! So we're announcing some AWESOME NEW LEVELS in style ????????

What to do today?
There are new levels to play
On Jelly Splash - yay!
Wooga 04/17/2017
Ginny Casto Hensel Greenhill
Karen Spears
Lila Enero
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Oh no! You’re almost out of time to help Benoît prepare for the big Easter feast. Take some free energy below and help him out before it’s too late!

[ Woo.ga Link ] <== Take +5 Energy and help Benoît now!

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Wooga 04/13/2017
Patricia J Carolan
Josie Sutter Stewart
Åsa Egund-Lundgren
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Norma Lord
Clara Foster
Tammy Parsons Homerstad
04/11/2017. Facebook
A new adventure is right around the corner! Can you guess where Rico is going next?

Aim and Pop ==> [ Bit.ly Link ]
Wooga 04/11/2017
Nice Pessoa
Monika von Allmen
04/09/2017. Facebook
Spring is in the air and with Easter right around the corner, Benoît needs your help to prepare for the celebrations! Will you help him find all of his dishes before the big day?

[ Woo.ga Link ] <== Help Benoît with the Easter feast now!
Wooga 04/09/2017
Kate Gomperts
Dale Broadwater
Lizzie Brogan
04/07/2017. Facebook
European Countryside Adventure - Week 6

We’ve seen a lot of amazing things here in the European Countryside, but the storks have been particularly majestic and interesting to observe. We noticed that they never make a calling noise, but instead clatter their bills quite a lot to communicate. A very chatty brood indeed!
Wooga 04/07/2017
Ken N Jill Monroe
Mistyskye OR
Sid Pitt