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The Tower's back! <3

Did you notice anything extra special about it? What is your current level in it?

Splaaaash ==> [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Hey Adventurers!

An amazing day has come to Pearl’s Peril! We are very glad to announce that mobile gifting across all devices is now available! Whether you are on Android, iPhone or even an iPad, you can redeem our mobile gifts. We even have a redeemable gift code function too. Try it out for yourself!

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*Psst!* Don’t understand how to use the codes? Check...
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Is it cold where you are? Are you looking for a warm South American escape? Well, look no further because the South American set is available in the store now! Warm yourself (and your island) up from the chilly winter with dreams of a beautiful Peruvian vacation!

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Happy Valentine's Day Adventurers! Whether you decide to have an ultra romantic day or not, why not send some love to your Adventure Club friends and invite them to join us on Facebook?

Are you looking for new friends for your AC? There are always new and fun people to meet here!

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Are you in need of some Pearl’s Peril friends to play with? Write “add me” in the comments section below and meet some new friends!

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Venice Adventure - Week 4

We are now halfway through our Venice adventure and we’ve been having a splendid time. It turns out that the St. Mark’s Campanile was first built during the Roman Empire, and it has been repaired and rebuilt numerous times since then. How neat is that!?
02/09/2017. Facebook

Meet the Painter today! ==> [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Hello Adventurers!

We have some good news for you! The store has 3 new incoming Venetian-themed items for you that will match perfectly with your Adventure Club rewards! Ride down the canal in a gondola, have a luxurious home by the water and pave your streets with Venetian tiles. Go and check them out!

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Venice Adventure - Week 4 Announcement

Week four is finally on the horizon in Venice and we’ve been making the most of our adventure so far! We’ve decided to visit St. Mark’s Square to see the Campanile. It looks like a regular brick tower, but maybe there’s more to it than meets the eye…

[ Woo.ga Link ] <== Start the St. Mark’s Campanile challenge now!
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Molly went and got some sweet surprises for her hubby, but in an attempt to hide and keep them a secret from her husband, she’s lost them herself! Will you help Molly find her Valentine's gifts?

[ Woo.ga Link ] <== Help Molly now!
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Venice Adventure - Week 3

Our third week in Venice has been full of ornate and beautiful glass sculptures. The Murano islands are filled with amazing glass creations, but we adored this colorful pair of swans the most. We just hope that they will fit into our suitcases…
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Venice Adventure - Week 3 Announcement

We have come to our third week in Venice and are taking this chance to visit the Murano islands and look at all of their famous glass sculptures. We saw a beautiful pair of swans in the window, but first we need to take a short siesta and regain our energy before we go back to buy them.

[ Woo.ga Link ] == Get +5 Energy and start the Murano Swans...
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Do you play one or more of our games and are eagerly looking for Wooga buddies? Look no more! Hit the comment section, let others know which game you play and add them today! :)
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"Oh noes...! My landmarks have disa-purr-ed!"

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Venice Adventure - Week 2 Announcement

It’s week two in Venice and we’ve finally been able to walk over the Rialto Bridge! It’s very old and beautiful. Did you know that it’s the oldest bridge that crosses the Venice canal?

[ Woo.ga Link ] <== Start the Rialto Bridge challenge now!
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Hurry up! Time is running out to help Mathius find all of the missing diamonds. Help him find them all before it’s too late!

[ Woo.ga Link ] <== Collect +5 Energy and help Mathius now!
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Mathius is on the search for valuable missing diamonds! Can you help him find them all? He’s got prizes for you!

[ Woo.ga Link ] <== Find the missing diamonds with Mathius!