Words With Friends
02/22/2017 at 19:44. Facebook
Happy Wordie Wednesday!
We've received some fun #WordsWithFriends poems from our talented and articulate community. Today we're sharing a fun one from Sheila Morris Estes :

"My slower mind makes me lose,
But, I try not to get the blues,
Like the little Engine thought it could,
I still play Words because it's good."

Thank you for your clever poem, Sheila!

Who are some of your favorite...
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Words With Friends
02/17/2017 at 17:03. Facebook
Going heart to heart this Valentine’s Day Season?

Invite your sweetheart to play #WordsWithFriends through February 28 during the Words with Love Event and win five days of uninterrupted play and this special Valentine's Day Badge!

Don’t forget to tag your Valentine in the comments to tell us why they’re special to you.
Cupid is here, Wordies!
Invite your loved ones to play #WordsWithFriends and
you can win a special Valentine’s badge and 5 days of uninterrupted play per referral!
Who do you share your sweetest moments with? Tag them in the comments, we'd <3 to know!
Hey Wordies!

Do you feel it? Love is in the air!

To celebrate the month of love, we have something sweet and exciting in store for you. February 13th - 28th invite your loved ones to play #WordsWithFriends to win a bonus V-Day badge and 5 days of uninterrupted play per referral. Stay tuned for more information next week!

Speaking of love, we’d love for you to tag your Valentine in the...
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Show off your #WordsWithFriends skills, Wordies, and share your expertise with us! Let us know what you'd play if this were your game board, and why!

Happy Wordie Wednesday!

It's the beginning of a new month, and along with it let's take a moment to let some of our favorite #WordsWithFriends community members know why they make the game so great!

Tag your favorite opponents in the comments and let them, and us, know why they're amazing!

Hi Wordies!

We've noticed your inquiries on finding Smart Match. On both the web and app, you can find it under NEW (+sign).

For the Outsmart the New Year Sweepstakes, you must play a word for it to count towards your goal. Once you've done so, the game automatically knows you've completed the action.

Below are photos of where to find Smart Match in both the app (left) and on the web...
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It's a heartfelt Wordie Wednesday this week. Meet Violet and Shannon, who met and fell in love on #WordsWithFriends.

Congratulations Violet and Shannon!

Here's their story: "I just wanna say "thanks" because of Words with Friends I found my husband, we were playing for a long time until we messaged each other. We got married last April 2016. Thanks Words with Friends, I found my forever....
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How's your progress so far on the Weekly Challenge Page Flipper Badge, Wordies?

Having trouble completing your goals? Here's a tip: Points earned in Fast Play Games still count toward your Weekly Challenge!
The final week of the Outsmart the New Year! Win BIG with Words! event is knocking at your door. Don’t miss your last chance to win awesome in-game rewards and be entered to win even more awesome real-world prizes! Complete the last Weekly Challenge of January before it’s too late!


Weekly challenges end Sundays at 11:59pm PT. In-game rewards will be awarded 2/4/17. Players who...
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Outsmart the New Year Sweepstakes

Let us know how great your word skills are, Wordies! What would you play if this were your game, and why?
Your score: 293
Opponent's score: 449

#WordsWithFriends #MayTheBestFriendWin
Hey Wordies, do you have a high-scoring game or word you're proud of? Have you achieved a #WordsWithFriends goal that you want to brag about? Here's your opportunity!
How close have you come to achieving this week's Resolution Weekly Challenge Badge Wordies?

Flex those word muscles and complete your challenges!

Who needs hand-warmers when you have the heat of the Outsmart the New Year! Win BIG with Words! event? Week 3 is here and we have some awesome prizes awaiting to be won! Don’t forget to complete the last two Weekly Challenges in order to have a chance to win awesome prizes like, a Limited Edition Words With Friends t-shirt, a $25 Amazon gift card, an iPad Mini, and a tropical cruise trip for a...
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Outsmart the New Year Sweepstakes

"Hi Wordies!" from some of the fuzzier members of the
#WordsWithFriends Team on Dress Up Your Pet Day.

Do you like to dress up your pet? Share your photos below!
Hey Wordies!

We know you're all great at #WordsWithFriends, and that's why we'd love to know what you'd play if this were your game board.

So, what would you play and why? Give us your tips and tricks!

Have you collected this week's Weekly Challenge Resolution Badge, Wordies? Let us know if you have, or what your progress is!

#WordsWithFriends #MayTheBestFriendWin
Brush the icicles off your nose. Week 2 of the Outsmart the New Year event is here! Don’t forget to complete your Weekly Challenges this month to be qualified to win in-game rewards and be entered to win real-world prizes like, an iPad Mini and a tropical cruise! The more Weekly Challenges you complete, the more you can win!

Don't forget to click 'Attending' and share our event, Outsmart the...
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Outsmart the New Year Sweepstakes

Let's shake it up in 2017, Wordies! Time for the iOS users out there to share your favorite GIPHY's using the #ShakeWithFriends hashtag!

Here's how to do it:

1. Play or look a word or look one up in the dictionary
2. SHAKE your phone!
3. Use the SHARE feature on your funniest GIF's

Have fun, and #MayTheBestFriendWin