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Reindeer in Mongolia became vulnerable to malnutrition due to recent drought.

We’re giving 400 of these storybook-like animals enriched salt and mineral blocks, to help get them back to good health. Learn about our work protecting animals from natural disasters: [ Link ]
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Lost or abandoned fishing gear, known as #ghostgear, is one of the most potent threats to marine life.

We're working with United Nations countries to protect animals from these floating death traps.

Why the Global Ghost Gear Initiative is key to protecting sea life and achieving United Nations goals
World Animal Protection
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“We’re concerned tigers will be at risk and exploited in the name of tourist entertainment if the Golden Tiger (Thailand) Co. Ltd. is allowed to open a new venue.” – Dr. Jan Schmidt-Burbach, our senior wildlife and veterinary advisor.

Sign our urgent petition: [ Link ] #TigerTemple

Please note: Image shows tigers used for entertainment. It was not taken at the former Tiger Temple venue.
We’re thrilled to see two major fast-food chains, Burger King and Tim Hortons, commit to improving the lives of chickens used in their North American restaurants. This reflects a global shift towards better animal welfare in the food industry.

The announcement comes after almost 75,000 people signed our #ChangeForChickens petition last year. Thank you to everyone who added their name.

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American fast-food giants, Burger King and Tim Hortons, to give millions of chickens better lives
We cannot let these majestic animals suffer just to entertain tourists.

Urge Thai authorities not to allow the company behind the cruel #TigerTemple tourist attraction to open a new wildlife entertainment venue. Sign the petition now: [ Link ]
We’re dismayed to see construction of the ‘new #TigerTemple’ tourist attraction is still going ahead at speed. New photos show cramped, old-fashioned cages being built, likely to be used for these majestic wild animals.

We fear the new attraction could open within weeks. Please sign and share our urgent petition now, to urge authorities in Thailand to stop this happening.

Our concern grows as ‘new Tiger Temple’ takes shape and could open within weeks
Day in, day out, tigers at wildlife venues are chained up, and then forced to entertain tourists.

The #TigerTemple attraction was shut down last year after wildlife trafficking allegations led to horrifying finds during a police raid. Now, the company behind it has changed its name to Golden Tiger (Thailand) Co. Ltd., and is constructing a new venue.

If it goes ahead, more tigers face...
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If a ‘new Tiger Temple’ opens, more tigers will be exploited just to entertain tourists.

We must not let this happen. Sign our urgent petition now to help protect tigers: [ Link ] #TigerTemple #NotEntertainers

Please note: Image shows tigers used for entertainment. It was not taken at the former Tiger Temple venue.
A sperm whale sadly died yesterday, having been trapped in fishing nets off the coast of China.

We’re calling for more proactive action from industry and governments to protect sea life against abandoned, lost or discarded fishing gear, otherwise known as ‘ghost gear’. #SeaChange

As 33ft sperm whale trapped in fishing net dies, we urge more action to protect marine animals
Our CEO Steve McIvor recently saw the harsh reality of life for wild animals used to entertain tourists first-hand. He travelled to Thailand where he visited several popular wildlife attractions, and witnessed elephants suffering in cruel conditions.

He saw elephants performing tricks in the recent visit, describing it as “really quite a miserable experience.”

Elephants are not the only wild...
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We’ve helped around 100,000 animals affected by recent #wildfires in #Argentina, providing special feed, minerals and vitamins.

Since last November, high temperatures and winds caused wild bush-fires outbursts in several provinces. Animals were not only killed and injured, but vital grazing land was severely damaged.

In the aftermath of the disaster, we’ve been helping animals and families...
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It’s not just marine life that gets caught up in lost and abandoned fishing gear. This distressed, stray dog was trapped in a net on a beach in Pakistan.

Luckily, he was found by Asif from Olive Ridley Project, an organisation we help fund, which works to reduce the amount of lost and abandoned fishing gear in the Indian Ocean.

Asif carefully freed the dog, who has fully recovered from his...
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Update: more than 100,000 supporters have signed our petition to protect tigers from a 'new Tiger Temple' in Thailand. Thank you so much!

Please share this with your friends and family so they can sign the petition too, urging the authorities in Thailand to not allow the new venue to open.

The more people who get behind us, the more likely it is that we'll be able to put a stop to this cruel...
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Harsh, wintry conditions in Mongolia known as a dzud are putting the lives of thousands of animals at risk.

Thanks to support from people like you, we’re providing nearly 350,000 cold, starving goats, sheep, horses and cattle with emergency aid.

Life-saving nutrition packs are being given to 1,740 households in six provinces. Learn more:

We’re providing nearly 350,000 cold, starving Mongolian animals with emergency aid
This is no life for a tiger, is it? The company behind #TigerTemple, where the bodies of cubs were found in freezers, wants to open another venue.

Tigers are wildlife, #NotEntertainers. Please sign our petition, urging Thai authorities not to issue the company a full zoo licence: [ Link ]
Tigers face more cruelty if the company behind Thailand’s cruel #TigerTemple tourist attraction opens a new venue.

Act now and sign our petition to help stop this: [ Link ] #NotEntertainers
Please sign our petition urging Thai authorities not to grant a full zoo licence to Golden Tiger (Thailand) Co. Ltd. The company, which was behind the now shut-down #TigerTemple attraction, is planning to open a new tourist venue in Thailand.

We cannot allow more tigers to be subjected to cruelty in the name of tourist entertainment: [ Link ] #NotEntertainers
This #WorldWildlifeDay, we need your help to protect tigers suffering in the name of entertainment.

The company behind the infamous #TigerTemple tourist venue in Thailand is planning to open a new attraction, putting hundreds of these wild animals at risk.

We’re urging the Thai authorities to not grant the company a full zoo licence. Please sign our petition now: [ Link ]...
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There is a major threat to hundreds of tigers in Thailand and we need your help. The company behind the cruel #TigerTemple is planning to open a new attraction.

Tiger Temple was closed after a 2016 police raid uncovered dead cubs, tiger skins and teeth. The business behind it, now trading as Golden Tiger (Thailand) Co. Ltd, has a provisional licence to open a new attraction.

Please sign our...
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The opening of China’s first killer-whale breeding centre is a huge step backwards for marine mammals and other wild animals held captive for tourist entertainment.

Claiming the centre will ‘cultivate public awareness’ of whale protection is a complete fallacy. These whales will endure a lifetime of misery in confinement, rather than enjoy the freedom of the ocean where they belong.

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As countries move to ban orca captivity, China opens its first killer-whale breeding center