How many people understand what's happening to animals in Mongolia? This silent disaster receives so little press attention. But there is something you can do.
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Starving animals are dying in the snow
Are you enjoying a Sunday morning snooze?

Our bears have finally started stirring from their winter slumber and have been spotted relaxing in the snow and chasing the birds!

We’ve been working closely with Asociatia Milioane de Prieteni (Millions of Friends Association) to help save Romanian bears from a life of torture and terrible living conditions. In 2005, along with Millions of Friends...
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Romanian Bear Sanctuary Live Feed
It's World Pangolin Day today!

How much do you know about pangolins, the world's most trafficked mammal? Find out here: [ Link ]
Mongolia disaster: animals are freezing to death as they desperately try to feed through the hard layers of snow and ice. There’s something you can do…[ Link ]

Starving animals are dying in the snow
Last month singer and TV personality Alesha Dixon spent a day with us talking to the media about her experiences in Thailand witnessing cruel animal welfare attractions. She called on tourists not to go to these cruel attractions when they go on holiday, and for tour operators to stop offering, promoting and selling them. Check out the interview below with ITV's This Morning #NotEntertainers

Alesha Dixon's Taking a Stand Against Using Wild Animals for Entertainment | This Morning

Subscribe now for more! Broadcast on 24/01/2017 Alesha Dixon was horrified after witnessing the poor conditions elephants and tigers we...

An image of a sea turtle entangled in a fishing net has won the Nature (Singles) prize at the World Press Photo 2017 Awards. The striking photo by Francis Pérez, highlights the global problem of ghost fishing gear: [ Link ]

Sadly, lost and discarded fishing gear results in lost limbs, suffocation and death for thousands of marine animals every year.

Our #SeaChange...
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2017 Francis Pérez NA1
Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Do you love animals as much as we do? <3

Find out more about how we help to protect animals around the world at
How To Avoid Killing Animals With Your Selfies.

For wild animals it's not just a photo, but a lifetime of suffering or even death.

Just last week a baby dolphin was taken from the sea in Argentina and passed around for tourist selfies. The baby dolphin soon died, and this cruel act reminds us that wild animals belong in the wild #NotEntertainers.

Be #SelfieAware on your next holiday....
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How To Avoid Killing Animals With Your Selfies
This is another frightening example that proves how dangerous elephants can be. Elephants are not domesticated and even when born in captivity they remain wild animals and tourists should avoid direct contact with them. Elephant rides, ‘be-a-mahout’ experiences, and washing elephants (as this video shows) all involve health, safety and welfare risks to the animals and the visitors. Elephants...
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Excruciating moment tourist is sent flying after getting on elephant's bad side
Did you miss the Royal Park Run ballot? Never fear! We still have several guaranteed places left if you would like to take part. Get fit and make a difference for animals by joining our Royal Parks half marathon team.

Become one of our fundraisers and you'll even get a free t-shirt!

Get in touch on 0800 316 9772 or by email at

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Join World Animal Protection for the Royal Parks Half Marathon
This summer Karl and Hugh are cycling 60 miles from Cheltenham to Cwmbran in Wales to raise money for World Animal Protection. If you've been keeping up with your own New Year's exercise regime, you’ll know just how much of a feat of endurance this will be!

You can help them on their journey by donating on their JustGiving page or by texting CETW99 followed by your chosen amount of £1, £2,...
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Karl and Hugh are raising money for World Animal Protection
How many cygnets can fit on the back of a mother swan? Check this cute video to find out more

Swan Mom Carries ALL Her Babies Under Her Wing
We’ve contacted the Romanian National Environment Guard, urging it to confiscate the #FantaneleBears and rehome them at Libearty bear sanctuary. These bears, currently imprisoned by a man in Romania, must be given the freedom they deserve.

More than 150,000 people globally have signed our petition. If you haven’t already, please add your name now, and share with your friends: [ Link ]
Concerning stories circulating today about obese tigers at a tiger park in China, where tourists pay to feed the animals for their entertainment, is just one of many poor welfare venues in Asia.
No wildlife attraction should allow visitors to have direct contact or feed wild animals. It poses health risks, as well as serious welfare and safety concerns for the animals and for the visitors....
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Here's why you shouldn't be laughing at these obese tigers
Our petition to call upon the Romanian Government to enforce the law against the illegal captivity of bears has reached an amazing 146,463 signatures globally!

If you haven't already signed the petition please do it today - be the voice for these forgotten bears
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We are overwhelmed by the level of support we have received so far but we still need your help to raise awareness...
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Last month we were at The Telegraph Travel Show and The Adventure Travel Show explaining how animal lovers and tourists can be animal-friendly on their next holiday! It was so great to speak to so many people about our work and spread the world about this hidden cruelty.

Be #SelfieAware on your next holiday. Turn your back on wild animal selfies.
Sadly, this whale in Norway had to be euthanised because scientists found more than 30 plastic bags in the whale's stomach. Marine litter kills hundreds of thousands of sea animals each year - and 10% of this litter is abandoned or lost fishing gear, known as 'ghost gear'. Through the Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI), we're protecting seals, whales, turtles, and other animals, by preventing...
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Whale found dying off coast of Norway with 30 plastic bags in its stomach
Triumph in 2017 by joining out TrekFest team for an adventure through the Peak District or the Brecon Beacons National Park. You'll trek through the beautiful terrain and participants can also choose to camp and stay for the whole weekend under the stars.

Register for as little as £45 and we'll provide you with a free t-shirt and fundraising support leading up to the big day.

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TrekFest 2017
In December we filmed undercover in Thailand with Alesha Dixon to expose cruel activities, including elephants forced to walk a tightope, tiger cubs used for selfies and orangutans performing in shows. You can read about this plus her much happier experience at Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary in the story below. Please also sign our tourist pledge so that we can put pressure on the industry to...
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Wild animals are abused to entertain us
Itchy feet?

...Ethical travel specialists World Expeditions will donate up to 10% of the value of your animal-friendly encounter to World Animal Protection! Don’t miss an incredible chance to protect the animals you love, while visiting stunning habitats in Kenya, India, Thailand or Romania. [ Link ]