Sunday brunch with the girls? At Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand, Lotus, Wassana and Pang Dow have found friendship after the many years of cruelty they endured for entertainment. The ‘Gossip Girls’ will make your Sunday…! [ Link ]

Peace and friendship at Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary
NEWS: We are thrilled to announce that UK tour operator Mountain Kingdoms has taken the fantastic step of becoming elephant-friendly by removing all elephant riding activities from their itineraries.

This is great news for vulnerable elephants that are cruelly abused for the tourism industry.

Wildlife #NotEntertainers

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Does she look like she’s having fun? Baby elephants are separated from their mothers and tortured into performing for tourists. Here’s something you can do: [ Link ]

Elephants in entertainment aren’t tame. They’re tortured
In the wild, female elephants stay with their family for life – but Beautiful Lotus was torn away from her mother when she was just a calf. That day her life in tourism began. Trekking day after day, year on year, she became so lame that she couldn’t walk. Then her owners chained her up in the side of the road, and left her to starve.

If it hadn't been for Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary, she...
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Elephants in entertainment aren’t tame. They’re tortured
Don’t be taken for a ride: 9 heart-breaking facts about elephant trekking.
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9 things you need to know about that once-in-a-lifetime elephant ride
If the ‘new Tiger Temple’ opens, more tigers will be exploited just to entertain tourists.
We must not let this happen. Sign our urgent petition now to help protect tigers: [ Link ] #TigerTemple
Please note: Image shows tigers used for entertainment. It was not taken at the former Tiger Temple venue.
Construction images on the ‘new’ Tiger Temple venue show old fashioned tiger cages, which are completely inadequate for the housing of tigers, raising the fear that it could open within weeks. The old Tiger Temple was shut down last year following allegations of illegal breeding and trafficking of tigers and their parts.

If you haven't already please sign and share our petition urging the...
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Elephant rides: harmless fun on holiday? Beautiful Lotus was worked until her feet fell apart – and when she couldn’t take one more step, she was just chained all alone by the side of the road, and left to starve. Thankfully Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary (BLES) were there to help. Now BLES needs new facilities…[ Link ]

New facilities at Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary (BLES)
So many of us have been elephant trekking on holiday – got the selfie to prove it. Just a bit of fun? Not for the elephant. They aren’t made for carrying people. As well as hurting their spine, feet and skin this cruelty leaves deep psychological scars that the photos don’t show.
Tourists don’t see the suffering. Please share the message and give the selfie a miss – don’t be taken for a ride....
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Our celebrity supporter Alesha Dixon was moved to tears when she filmed undercover with us in Thailand and witnessed the suffering of tourist trade elephants. Here’s the video.
Please share the message: don’t take a selfie with a wild animal. The real picture is cruel. #SelfieAware
The biggest vegetarian on earth? That would be the elephant – weighing as much as six hefty tons. Together, a herd can eat a whole field in just one night. It’s a different story for captive elephants used as photo props for tourists. Everybody wants a selfie with the stars of the show. But backstage it’s dinner for one in chains, lonely and isolated.
Elephants love company, hanging out with their friends and family in tightly bonded herds. But the tourist trade is a lonely life for an elephant - even when surrounded by crowds. Chained for hours, isolated and traumatised, all for the sake of a selfie. At Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary - BLES, elephants once torn away from their families are making friends again. Please share our message to...
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Has Alesha Dixon joined a new band? Our celebrity supporter was spotted hanging out with ‘the Gossip Girls’ by the pool in Thailand, when she filmed with us there last year. This trio are rescue elephants who’ve become best friends, always out having fun and a chin-wag at Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary - BLES in Thailand.
STATEMENT: We warmly welcome the Prime Minister’s commitment to maintaining the UK’s high farm animal welfare standards.

World Animal Protection believes wherever possible we should also look for opportunities to strengthen and improve EU animal welfare standards. The UK’s food and farming sectors must remain at the forefront of meeting consumer concerns and expectations about how farm...
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PM makes Brexit pledge on animal welfare - Farmers Weekly
And they're off!!!

These cows have the right idea. If you would like to join one of the UK's biggest stampedes you are invited to join us at this year's Great North Run to help raise money for animals.

This 13 mile course runs from Newcastle all the way to the coast in South Shields crossing the iconic Tyne bridge along the way.

The money you raise will be protecting animals around the...
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Get ahead of the competition with this Wolf Head mug! To celebrate this year's Wolf Run we are giving away a free mug to the first person who signs up for an event.

To be in with a chance of winning, simply sign up to one of the 8 Wolf Run events and then comment below to let us know.

This year, wolf runs are being held in April, June, September and November so you have plenty of dates to...
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Join our team for the Wolf Run
Alesha Dixon helped us reveal to the world the cruelty at venues in Thailand where animals are used for entertainment. Here is a diary of her time in Thailand visiting cruel venues and also the Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary - BLES. Wildlife. #NotEntertainers

Alesha Dixon, Thailand and a Promise
Some of the bears have been hanging out poolside this week. It has finally thawed but still a bit chilly for our furry friends. Will today be the day they take the plunge? [ Link ]
Are you looking for a motivating challenge for 2017? We still have places available for the iconic Royal Parks Half Marathon on 8th Oct. Get fit, take part in a stunning half marathon and make a huge difference for animals. Register now for £40, either comment below or get in contact at

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Join World Animal Protection for the Royal Parks Half Marathon
This week, at the world's largest travel trade fair, industry leaders joined forces with World Animal Protection to press for a major shift in elephant tourism – away from cruel activities like tricks and rides, to holidays where animal welfare is guaranteed. Proving that elephant friendly tourism is good for business, tourists and animals. #NotEntertainers