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Three things you need to be aware about before going on a wildlife holiday from our Head of Wildlife Research Dr. Neil D’Cruze [ Huff.to Link ] #NotEntertainers

Three Holiday Mind-Sets Ethical Wildlife Tourists Need To Be Aware Of | The Huffington Post

Our Wildlife #NotEntertainers campaign raises awareness around the truths of the animal entertainment industry in tourism. You can read the latest from our Head of Campaigns who was interviewed at the World Travel Market by Responsible Travel [ Bit.ly Link ]

World Animal Protection. Helping dreamers do

Donate at the Big Give before Dec 2nd and your lifesaving gift will be DOUBLED!

There’s never been a better time to join the fight against rabies, and the brutal slaughter of innocent dogs.

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Just £2 is enough to save a dog’s life - donate at [ Bit.ly Link ] before December 2nd, and stop twice as much cruelty.

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Dogs are counting on you: please prevent twice as many cruel deaths today!

Visit [ Bit.ly Link ] to make DOUBLE the difference for animals until December 2nd, with the Big Give
The Big Give is here! Click [ Bit.ly Link ] to donate, and your gift for animals will be DOUBLED! Please hurry, you only have until 2nd December.

Dogs are counting on you: please save twice as many lives today.
In 2015 the UK had an estimated 8.5 million pet dogs! Wow! In celebration of ‘man’s best friend’ here are 10 more facts about dogs that might surprise you…

10 facts about dogs In celebration of ‘man’s best friend’

Our friends, the Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary, are doing some amazing work rescuing seals entangled in fishing gear. In this video the seal is rescued from monofilament net and quickly back off into the water to be reunited with his pals. Lost or discarded fishing gear causes horrific injuries to marine life and that is why our Sea Change campaign works so hard to prevent this litter from...
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We’re thrilled to announce that because of our nomination, DC Sarah Bailey of the Metropolitan Police Wildlife Crime Unit has
been awarded the Wildlife Crime Enforcer of the Year Award 2016.

Every day Sarah works hard to protect vulnerable animals in the country’s capital and enforces our wildlife laws, and without her dedication, wildlife criminals would get away scot-free! #wildlifecrime
Happy birthday to animal lover Hermione who is 10 today! Hermione has asked her friends to donate to World Animal Protection instead of buying her birthday presents. We think this is such a kind thing to do and are so grateful for her generosity and love for animals. Thank you Hermione! We hope you have a fun party tomorrow <3 :)
Who cares about Black Friday? This year it’s all about Giving Tuesday, when YOU get the chance to be twice the hero for animals!

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Just 4 days to go: don’t miss the chance to fight cruelty and get your lifesaving gift DOUBLED at the big Give! Just £2 is enough to protect an innocent dog against rabies and brutal slaughter. Please help us stop twice as much cruelty. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Black Friday is finally here!

Take part in an adventure you'll never forget and for the first 50 challenge registrations today, we are offering half price registration! Just enter the code BLACKFRIDAY when booking your selected adventure.

Choose from a trek along The Great Wall of China, cycle from London to Paris, climb the Brecon Beacons or follow the Inca trail all of the way to the...
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Global Adventure Challenges

With only 31 days to go until Christmas, how about warming the heart of that special someone with one of our virtual gifts?

A small donation in the name of a friend or relative could help end the cruel practice of bear-baiting, provide emergency treatment for disaster stricken wildlife or save the life of a dog in need. [ Bit.ly Link ]

Give a special gift that will save animals in urgent need of protection

Lost fishing nets and rope, otherwise known as 'ghost gear', is a massive problem for marine life and we are working with governments, industry and members of the public to find and implement sustainable solutions for a future free from this litter. We recently submitted challenges to design students at a UCA Farnham event where they had to develop sustainable and replicable solutions to the...
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It’s #WorldFisheriesDay today and we’re celebrating our work protecting marine animals from lost and abandoned fishing gear. Oceans are home to an abundance of life and provide a source of livelihood for people around the world. Sadly, an estimated 640,000 tonnes of lost and discarded fishing gear, enters our oceans each year, trapping, injuring and killing millions of animals. Our Sea Change...
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Coverage in K9 Magazine of our work in Africa vaccinating dogs against rabies

These Dogs in Kenya Have a Bright Future Ahead, Thanks to This Special Initiative

If you go on holiday and see wildlife attractions here are some things you can do to check if the animal is in an appropriate environment and what to do if you see any cruelty

If you can ride it, hug it or have a selfie with the wild animal, the chances are it’s a cruel venue. Don’t go.

*Christmas klaxon* 5 weekends until the big day! Are you panicking about present shopping? Can't face the high street? We have just the thing for you - our Really Wild Gifts. You can buy them from the comfort of your sofa: [ Bit.ly Link ]

World Animal Protection Really Wild Gifts | Buy from the World Animal Protection Online Charity Gift Shop