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A new student-centered approach in vocational schools in #China is turning students into active participants and helping them better prepare for the job market. With our support, this will change the country’s traditional teacher-centered method: [ Link ]
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In most countries, #education systems are not providing workers with the skills necessary to compete in the job market. Find out how these five countries made it happen:
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What might start as a minor dispute in an infrastructure project could potentially escalate into a complicated and expensive legal quagmire. A World Bank supported certificate course in #India teaches participants in both the public and private sectors better contractual dispute resolution practices: [ Link ]
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Renewing historic & cultural sites can help the urban poor. Here’s how #China does it: [ Link ] #endpoverty
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Today is World Tuberculosis Day.
Did you know that TB rates are 10 times higher in South #African miners than the rate World Health Organization (WHO) classifies as an emergency?

Learn about an innovative initiative in southern #Africa's mining community that is helping increase access to occupational health services: [ Link ]

Tackling Tuberculosis in Southern Africa's Mineworkers with an Innovative Approach
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Find out what our alumna has to say about the World Bank – Annenberg Summer Institute in Reform Communication. We are now accepting applications! >>> [ Link ]

World Bank-Annenberg Summer Institute | USC Annenberg Executive Education Program
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What can reforms in education do?

In Mongolia, they're helping primary and secondary school students improve their skills in their native language, math and environmental sciences through music, writing, acting and chess. Learn how we are involved and how #IDAWorks [ Link ]
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90% of global disaster losses are linked to climate or weather-related—or “hydromet”—hazards. Between 1970 and 2012, that meant a loss of $2.4 trillion and 2 million human lives!

On #WorldMetDay, learn why improving climate and weather services can help grow economies and save lives in cities and villages alike: [ Link ]

Forecasting for Catastrophes: How Investment in Weather Services Can Save Lives and Grow Economies
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Building on a strong foundation of partnership, the World Bank Group and the Government of #Rwanda are working towards leveraging more private sector resources and ensuring a sustainable path for social and economic growth that will benefit generations of Rwandans to come.
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Land and property lie at the center of many of today’s development challenges. New technology can now reduce the costs and boost the advantages of protecting land rights—with potentially far-reaching benefits for development. In this Facebook Live Emmanuel Nkurunziza, Director General of the Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development will highlight opportunities offered by new...
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According to the latest estimates, a staggering 70% of Madagascar's population lives in poverty. A new report examines the causes behind this troubling number and outlines steps that the country can take to reduce it: [ Link ]

Shifting Fortunes and Enduring Poverty in Madagascar: Recent Findings
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How can technology solutions help identify land resources in #Africa? Why is this important? Join us LIVE 10AM March 23 to hear from Emmanuel Nkurunziza, CEO of Regional Center for Mapping of Resources for Development, on how mapping products are helping those most in need of tools in 20 African countries. [ Link ]
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For many #Nigerian farmers, aquaculture means opportunity. The West Africa Agricultural Productivity Program (WAAPP) is helping make fish farms more productive, so that they can feed more Nigerians. Aquaculturalist Steve Okeleji shares his story: [ Link ]

Feeding the world from Nigeria, one fish at a time
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Watch Now: Live From The Vatican on World Water Day - 400 thought leaders from around the world are having an unprecedented conversation that will help shift how the world values and understands its single most precious resource: water.
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Today, on World Water Day, we shine a light on the massive amount of work that is still to be done in the water and sanitation sector – over 3 billion people lack access to clean water and proper sanitation; water scarcity accentuates already fragile situations in many countries and causes further conflict and violence.
Join a global conversation on how countries can tackle critical water...
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World Water Day: Take Action around the World to Tackle a Water Crisis
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Today is International Forest Day! Social inclusion is a key feature of sustainable development. When everyone with a stake in a forest’s future is involved in planning, and decision-making processes, everyone benefits. REDD+, and other climate change efforts, are playing a part in ensuring that indigenous and forest-dependent people are actively involved in forest management: [ Link ]
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President Jim Yong Kim was in #Rwanda today, and witnessed how drones are being used to save lives by providing access to medicine and blood transfusions in rural, hard to reach areas.
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Did you know there are more contributions to Wikipedia from Hong Kong than from all of #Africa combined, despite the fact that Africa has 50 times more internet users?

In the Central African Republic, one month of internet access costs more than 1.5 times the annual per capita income. How to improve connectivity in Africa? This even has some answers. Watch the live stream here--- [
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CSAE Conferences & Workshops: 2017 Annual Conference
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Today is #InternationalDayofHappiness! Tell us, what makes you happy? Watch these smiling faces from across the world and get inspired to help #EndPoverty! Don’t forget to share the video! #HappyDay
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World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim is in #Tanzania to deepen partnership & discuss financing for transformational infrastructure. Follow along for updates: