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Working with rural communities in the Daykundi Province of #Afghanistan, a government’s flagship program on rural development has brought clean water, paved roads and renewable energy to hundreds of villages. Learn how - [ Link ]

Flagship Development Program Brings Sustainable Change to Village in Afghanistan
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Development needs are huge in #Afghanistan: thirty nine percent of Afghans live in poverty and 400,000 people enter the labor market each year and need jobs. This is compounded by the 5.8 million returning refugees and 1.2 million internally displaced people. In this difficult context, here’s how we intend to support growth and stability in Afghanistan: [ Link ]

A New Strategy to Support Growth and Stability in Afghanistan
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In the state of #Gujarat, #India, young students receive hands-on experience in nurturing the environment and learn basic concepts of science by growing a variety of plants and creating conditions for birds to flourish -- all through simple solutions. Watch their learning journey:
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A few leading global automotive parts manufacturers – such as Bosch, have already moved their automotive research and development (R&D) centers to #India. Yet, India – and South Asia – should invest more in research and development to become major global exporters in the auto sector. Learn how: [ Link ] #SouthAsiaCompetes
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Migrants account for only 3.4% of the global population but produce 9.4% of the world output, or some $6.7 trillion. Impacts of mobility are substantial from increasing women’s labor force participation to allowing migrant families to invest in health and education of their children. Building systems for safe and productive mobility is needed to foster integration.
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#Afghanistan is developing its digital innovation culture to better prepare young Afghans for the jobs of the future -- and change their lives: [ Link ]

Afghan youth sees future in emerging ICT sector
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The people of #Nepal are marking #EarthquakeSafetyWeek. Much has been done -- and remains to be done -- to overcome the aftereffects of the April 2015 earthquakes in the country. Our support for the reconstruction is based on principles of ownership, safer construction, equity, transparency and accountability. Learn more:

The Nepal Earthquakes of 2015: One Year On
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What are South Asia’s economic prospects? New report shows that in 2017 growth in #SouthAsia will reach 7.1%, led by #India -- but down to 5.5% when excluding India. There were notable differences within the region depending on security issues, domestic policies, and reliance on remittance flows. Check out the numbers at: [ Link ] #GEP2017
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43% of children under 5 living in low and middle-income countries are underdeveloped due to extreme poverty and stunting. Business leaders have called investments in early childhood “the social, moral, and economic imperative of our time.” Here’s why investing in #EarlyYears and economic prosperity are fundamentally linked. [ Link ]
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In #India, an estimated 70 million people—or 5% of the population—suffer from mental illness. The good news is that mental illness is curable, treatable and preventable. Read a story of hope from Tamil Nadu, India: [ Link ]

Mental illness is curable, treatable, and preventable: a story of hope from India
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Government works best when citizens are directly engaged in policymaking & public service delivery.
What conditions are necessary for inclusive and effective citizen engagement? Enroll for free in a new MOOC that provides an overview of citizen engagement. Register by February 7: [ Link ]
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How have South Asia and the rest of the world worked over the past year to end poverty and build inclusive, resilient and sustainable communities for all? View a timeline: [ Link ]

A year of building sustainable communities in 12 stories
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In Paye Wargha Alawdal village in central #Afghanistan, women hold leadership roles in the local development council, taking part actively in all decision making processes. Learn how the government’s flagship program for rural development is promoting women’s #empowerment by ensuring #equal participation of women in the Community Development Councils. [ Link ]

Flagship Development Program Brings Sustainable Change to Village in Afghanistan
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#Bangladesh’s export performance has been impressive: its world market share doubled between 1995 and 2012. Yet, in order to continue its upward trajectory toward #ProsperBangladesh, the country needs to facilitate trade with its South Asian neighbors and improve its transport and logistics, World Bank Lead Economist Sanjay Kathuria argues: [ Link ]
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What are South Asia’s economic prospects? New report shows that economic activity in South Asia expanded by an estimated 6.8 percent in 2016, buoyed by robust domestic demand. #India continued to post strong growth, reflecting ongoing tailwinds from low oil prices and support from structural reforms. Excluding India, regional growth is estimated at 5.3 percent in 2016; however, there were...
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In recent years, the rural labor market in #Afghanistan has experienced an impressive influx of women, yet 71% of working-age females in rural areas remain out of the labor force. An inclusive and dynamic agriculture sector could offer enormous job opportunities for the country’s rural women. Learn how [ Link ]

For rural Afghan women, agriculture holds the potential for better jobs
JOBS OPENINGS: The World Bank Group has launched a recruitment drive aimed at attracting qualified and diverse candidates to fill positions in selected areas such as Fiduciary: Procurement and Financial Management. Apply by Jan. 21: [ Link ]

Jobs - World Bank Group Recruitment Drive
WATCH LIVE today Friday 13 @ 14:00 - 23:00 GMT: Sustainable mobility has great potential to boost prosperity and combat climate change In #SouthAsia and beyond. Join Transforming Transportation 2017 to discuss how we can make clean, safe, and accessible transport a reality:
Despite dramatic improvements, more than 5.5 million children under the age of five are still affected by stunting in #Bangladesh, especially in slums. Over the next 3 years, we will invest $1 billion to improve child nutrition and their cognitive development. Learn more:

FEATURE-Bangladesh falls short in tackling childhood stunting
With more than 19 million automotive-related jobs, #India is South Asia’s leader in that industry -- Pakistan follows with 2.5 million automotive-related jobs. Yet, low productivity is holding the region back. How can South Asia’s automotive sector perform better and become more competitive? [ Link ] #SouthAsiaCompetes