The World Flying Disc Federation is pleased to present its call for development grants applications for 2017. In 2017 a total of US$24,000 has been budgeted for development projects including the WFDF coaching clinics and other projects.

The individual disc community grants program constitutes approximately 25% of the development budget, with individual grants limited to no more than US$1,500...
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WFDF Development Grants Program - 2017 Call for Applications
Congratulations to our Director of Communications, Rob McLeod - Frisbee Rob, who broke his WFDF World Record last weekend for TRC on Ice Skates at the Silver Skate Festival. Check out his record breaking throw below.

Along with Rob, two female ultimate players competed head-to-head to set the Women's Self Caught Flight on Ice Skates World Records. Read all about the event here including...
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Men's TRC on Ice Skates World Record

Rob "Frisbee Rob" McLeod broke his World Record for Men's TRC on Ice Skates with a throw and catch of 87.8 metres. He set this record on February 11, 2017 at...

Have a Happy Valentines Day!

Image courtesy Discraft Disc Golf.
Did you know that there are more than 100 ways to throw a frisbee? It's true! Although not all of them are legal throws in ultimate, they're fun to learn and try.

Frisbee legend Lawrence Frederick put together this video a few years ago and although he's throwing to a dog, you can easily throw most of these throws to a friend as well!

Which one is your favourite?

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101 Plus Frisbee Throws for Your Dog - Visit us on our website - Like us on Facebook Lawrence Frederic...

With the Super Bowl LI Patriots comeback fresh in many people's mind, check out this comeback that USA Ultimate shared from the 2008 Women's Club Championship between Fury and Seattle Riot!

Riot v. Fury (2008 Club Championships - Women's Final) - YouTube

San Francisco Fury puts together one of the most memorable comebacks in ultimate history against Seattle Riot in the championship finals. Footage by Ultivil...

With the recent announcement that professional disc golfer Paul McBeth signed a paid sponsorship deal with adidas TERREX, he becomes the first disc golfer to receive a paid endorsement from a major shoe company. It will be interesting to see what impact this has on the sport but we can only hope that it will help continue to increase the exposure of disc golf on a global scale!

McBeth Negotiates Paid Endorsement Deal With Adidas | Ultiworld Disc Golf
Professional baseball pitcher from the New York Mets credits disc golf for helping him have the highest spin rate on his throw. It's all about the snap! via Ultiworld Disc Golf

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MLB Pitcher Credits Disc Golf For His Curveball | Ultiworld Disc Golf
We are excited to partner with Disc Zoo and the Tournament Organising Committee (TOC) to host the WFDF 2017 World Team Disc Golf Championships - WTDGC in Colchester, Great Britain. This event is WFDF’s premier disc golf event in which we extend invitations to all member National Federations and their Disc Golf Associations for players to represent their country. To enable this to happen we...
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WTDGC | 2017 WFDF World Team Disc Golf Championships
The Kenyan Flying Disc Association, Nairobi Ultimate Club & the AAUCC 2017 Tournament Organising Committee (TOC) are excited to host the WFDF 2017 All Africa Ultimate Club Championships in Nairobi, Kenya.

The tournament will kick off with a Captains meeting on Friday 2nd June with games to take place on Saturday 3rd- 4th June, 2017 at Rosslyn Academy, Nairobi, Kenya.

All WFDF National...
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Nairobi Ultimate
With planning for the PAUCC 2017 well underway, we have some more details for you from our organizing partner Espíritu Sudaka.

Pre-registration of teams is now open so head over to [ Link ] for full details.

All the matches will take place at the Recreational Center "Dirck Henry Kloosterman", which is accessible by public transportation. Up to 18 full size Ultimate fields will...
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WFDF PAUCC 2017 - Pan American Ultimate Club Championships
The last day of voting is tomorrow, January 31. We need your vote to make the final push. Vote today and tomorrow and tell your friends so that Ultimate wins World Games team of the year honors!

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WFDF President Nob Rauch just presented at the annual USA Ultimate winter board meeting in Colorado Springs and joined meetings with several USOC officials regarding their thoughts on the LA bid. Very interesting weekend.
To all our disc players celebrating Chinese New Year, best wishes for this year of the rooster!