Feeling sad consistently?
Losing interest in activities you normally enjoy?
Unable to carry out daily activities for 2 weeks or more?
You might be going through depression.
Depression can happen to anybody and is not a sign of weakness.
What health problems do refugees and migrants face?

Health and migration

Tobacco kills.
12% of deaths among those over 30 are caused by tobacco.
Say #NoTobacco!
How big a problem is malnutrition in emergencies?


Q&A: Malnutrition and emergencies

The Ministry of Health proposes tightening restrictions on tobacco products, in line with new EU rules, and also introducing new levies to finance smoking prevention.

Slovenia seeks stricter tobacco control legislation

Abdurrahman is only one day old and he is receiving the oral polio vaccine at a WHO-supported mobile clinic in a camp for internally displaced persons in Kabul, Afghanistan. Polio vaccines are the only way to protect children from polio & they are completely safe, even for newborns and sick children.

Photo: World Health Organization Afghanistan/S.Ramo
DYK: 1 in 3 women globally have experienced physical and/or sexual violence. Stop violence against women!
Lowering salt consumption saves lives.
Medical teams supported by WHO set up mobile clinics in hard to access areas of north-eastern Nigeria.
Thank you, colleagues!

WHO teams assist people in hard-to-reach areas of Nigeria

How does antibiotic resistance spread?
12 tips to be healthy
Here are 10 ways to improve the quality of maternal and newborn care in health facilities.

10 Ways to improve the quality of maternal and newborn care in health facilities

People live on average 20 years longer than 50 years ago. How will you spend your extra 20 years?
Today is International Childhood Cancer Day. Cancer affects thousands of children every year. We express our support to children and adolescents with cancer, their families & friends.

International Childhood Cancer Day: Questions & Answers

International Childhood Cancer Day is held annually on 15 February to raise awareness about #childhoodcancer and to express support for children and adolescents with cancer, survivors and their families.

The Day spotlights the need for better treatment and care for all children with #cancer, everywhere. While childhood cancers represent a small fraction of total cancers, more than 150,000...
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Every year, worldwide, 303,000 women die during pregnancy & childbirth. No woman should die in pregnancy & childbirth!
Many women and newborns still die even after reaching a health facility. Quality care is as important as access to care.

Nine countries commit to halve maternal and newborn deaths in health facilities

Cardiovascular disease (including heart attacks and stroke) is the world's biggest killer.
The good news? WE CAN reduce the risk through:
-Protecting people from tobacco smoke
-Healthy diets
-Physical activity
-Avoiding harmful use of alcohol
Q: Who is at risk of climate change?
A: Everyone, everywhere.