Depression can happen to anybody.
#LetsTalk: never be afraid to ask for help.
The humanitarian crisis in Yemen continues to deteriorate, with grave consequences for the health of the people.
The number of people with depression is increasing. People of all ages suffer from it. #LetsTalk about depression.

Depression: let’s talk
Tobacco kills.
12% of deaths among those over 30 are caused by tobacco.
Say #NoTobacco!
If you have a cough for two weeks or more, consult your doctor or healthcare provider. It could be tuberculosis.
Stigmatizing people with tuberculosis inhibits care and is socially devastating. Stand against stigma and discrimination!
Today is World Tuberculosis Day. WHO is determined to overcome the stigma, discrimination, and other barriers that prevent so many people living with TB from obtaining the services they so badly need.

WHO issues ethics guidance to protect rights of TB patients
“I painted myself in the mirror in our chamber. This is how I saw myself every morning for 7 long months when I woke up in the hospital. With my self-portrait I wanted to cheer up my hospital friends - I wanted to show them that I am not afraid to paint myself suffering from Tuberculosis. I think I inspired them to go forward with my project - they were very curious and they posed for my...
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Instagram post by World Health Organization • Mar 24, 2017 at 9:57am UTC
Today is World Tuberculosis Day. TB, the world’s top infectious disease killer, claims 5,000 lives each day.
Leave no one behind. Unite to end TB!

World Tuberculosis Day
More than 190,000 polio vaccinators in 13 countries across west and central Africa will immunize more than 116 million children over the next week, to tackle the last remaining stronghold of polio on the continent.
Let's end polio!
Today is World Meteorological Day. The health and well-being of individuals and communities are closely linked with weather and climate conditions.
Every year 12.6 million people die from diseases associated with environmental hazards, such as water, soil or air pollution, and climate change.

Photo: WHO/Y. Shimizu
Today is World Water Day! The health and productivity of a nation depends on access to safe water and sanitation

Fifteen ambulances airlifted into Iraq to serve trauma needs in Mosul.
Early access to ambulance services is an important component of trauma care to avoid loss of lives, complications in emergency situations
It's International Day of Happiness!
What is happiness to you?
For us: being healthy

Photo: WHO/SEARO/G. McKell
Imagine spending your entire weekly food budget on an hours-long truck ride along a bumpy, dusty dirt road in tropical heat to reach the nearest hospital.
Now imagine doing it pregnant.
Six times.

Health closer to home: transforming care in the Solomon Islands
You can now listen to WHO expert Q&A via our Zika virus podcast series!

WHO podcast: Zika epidemiology
Somalia just launched its first oral cholera vaccination campaign! This comes at a critical time after the country announced the ongoing drought as a national disaster and faces the possibility of another famine. WHO, UNICEF, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and other partners are supporting the efforts.

Oral cholera vaccination campaign launched in Somalia
The number of people with depression and anxiety is increasing.
Over the past 6 years access to health services for the people in Syria has seriously deteriorated. More than half of public hospitals and primary health centres in the country have either closed or are only partially functioning. Almost two–thirds of health care workers have fled.

Health care a casualty of 6 years of war in the Syrian Arab Republic