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Greetings from Nicaragua. 6 Veneers
Enjoy the Difference ???? ...

gingivectomy , fillings ,improve OH, e-max veneers.
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Endodontic treatment on milk teeth, also known as pulpotomy, removes the irreversibly inflamed pulp tissues and retains the tooth in the dentition.

Root canal treatment on baby teeth | News | Dentagama

اليوم اكمل علم الاشعة عامه ال120 منذ اكتشافه في 8/11/1895 على يد ويليم رونتجن

كل عام ونحن بخير <3
Today completed a radiology GENERAL the 120 since its discovery in 11/08/1895 at the hands of William Roentgen

Every year we okay <3
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Even Couples can't miss their dental appointment .. looking cute right ????
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Your tooth paste, fights for your teeth!
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Is it cold enough in your city now to keep this alive?
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single layer A2 tetric N ceram from ivoclar + ochre colour for stain effect ...
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Full mouth Rehabilitation!
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Patients believe dental implants are a high-tech, modern treatment to replace lost or severely damaged teeth. Over the last decades they have been gaining popularity, especially because modern adva

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Surgical removal of a Lip Mucocele...

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Tooth Anomalies