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Princess Niwareka, Maria Tsopanaki & Dimitri Mavinis, United Kingdom | Photo taken in Shanghai, China for Kiwi Week 2016.
Recognising synergies between China and New Zealand’s creative design industries, WOW® was invited by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to showcase winning designs at The New Zealand Ball. The ball is the final event in the annual Kiwi Week and was attended by 700 people from a range of New Zealand and Chinese companies and government agencies.
Keen to enter the World of WearableArt™ as a designer? We've just released our 2017 Entry Kit PDF - if you want to download these pages yourself, go here: [ Bit.ly Link ] | Share with a friend, family member or that amazing designer you've always told to enter and they never have...#WOWinWLG
Princess Niwareka, Maria Tsopanaki & Dimitri Mavinis, United Kingdom | Photo taken in Shanghai, China for Kiwi Week 2016.
Ian Bernhard: The personal touch | Read more about Award-Winning designer Ian Bernhard who created the beautiful garment Incognita | [ Bit.ly Link ] | #WOWinWLG
Translated with a broad brush by Sean Purucker, United States | Inspired by two phrases "Make Art Not War" & "Use Less Not More", using translated languages. Made out of recycled paint brushes, metal and plastic | #WOWinWLG
Make sure to follow WOW on instagram: instagram.com/wowawardsshow for more updates from Shanghai! #WOWinChina
Weta Workshop: Costume & Film Section - Imagine the thousands of other worlds that could reside in the universe or from another dimension and the entities that could dwell there | Entries are now open for the 2017 World of WearableArt (WOW) Competition! Find out more here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Who remembers this beautiful waterfall scene from WOW 2016? | #WOWinWLG
Much love to all our WOW family and friends - stay safe, we are thinking of you all.

Image: Show scene, WOW 2016.
The Exchange by Tatyanna Meharry & Natasha English, Christchurch. The Exchange reinterprets and explores a contemporary living picture of The Treaty of Waitangi.

Are you a designer and love this garment? Make sure to check out the Inspiration Page for the 2017 World of WearableArt Competition! | [ Bit.ly Link ]
Who else enjoyed this lively dance scene from the Creative Excellence Section in WOW 2016? | #WOWinWLG
{WIN} Moustache Season is officially open! Is your hubby, brother or significant other growing one for Movember? Post a picture of them with their swish Moustache (if they can't grow one then a fake-replacement is acceptable) and go in the draw to WIN amazing WOW Merch.

Garment Credit - Bearded Beauty by Jayne Boesley, NZ
Movember website: [ Movember.com Link ]

T&C's here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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2017 WOW Tickets go on sale

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The power of the land. The spirit of this place. The diverse cultures that live there, their designs, their stories, architecture, body adornment and the influence of these forces in design and creativity | Enter the 2017 competition today - find out more here [ Bit.ly Link ]
Avant-Garde Section, World of WearableArt (WOW) 2016 | Garment front and centre is 'Khepri' by Miodrag Guberinic & Alexa Cach, US.
The many colours of the beautiful Tree in the Avant-Garde section, WOW 2016 | #WOWinWLG
Interview: Hear MJF Lighting Performance Art section winner Adam McAlavey describe what it was like to see Queen Angel on stage.

Would you like to enter in 2017? Competition entries are now open so make sure to check out our Inspiration page here: [ Bit.ly Link ] | Enter Now.
From the Avant-Garde Section comes Onyx Gown by Gelareh Alam, United States. Dark, fierce & feminine beauty. Fearless confidence | #WOWinWLG