"I always believe peace is not only about friendship, but peace is about giving, is about feeling, is about strength and also unity."
Take a look at Pauline's interview, a #Scouts Messengers of Peace Ambassador for KENYA SCOUTS ASSOCIATION
We had an AWESOME #ScoutsFoundersDay celebrating #BP's legacy!
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"A Scout does everything he can to help others, especially old people and children. He does at least one good turn a day."

Happy #ScoutsFoundersDay!
All #Scouts have a BP quote that makes us move, vote for your favourite of these #BadenPowell quotes in the poll: [ Facebook.com Link ]
Joyeuse Journée du Fondateur #ScoutsFoundersDay, Ne manquez pas la célébration, PARTAGEZ votre #ExtraGoodTurn aujourd'hui.
Here's another great reason to celebrate #ScoutsFoundersDay!
“Remember that by your Scout Promise you are on your honour to do it. But do not think that #Scouts need do only one Good Turn a day. They must do one, but if they can do fifty, so much the better.” – #BadenPowell

Happy #ScoutsFoundersDay! Join our celebration and SHARE your #ExtraGoodTurn today.
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How well do you know BP?

Hero, educator and man of peace! Honour #BadenPowell’s legacy this #ScoutsFoundersDay by doing an #ExtraGoodTurn and sharing it.
Check this video which is available in Arabic, English, French, Russian and Spanish here [ Bit.ly Link ].
Join the 160th #ScoutsFoundersDay celebration!

Do an #ExtraGoodTurn to support our mission of creating a better world and share a picture/video of it using the official hashtags. Awesome photos/videos will be reshared on WOSM online channels.
“We are united in our absolute belief in the importance of equipping young people with the education, the experiences, the skills and the empathy to understand the world from the perspective of others, to make informed choices and to take action to create the world that they want to live in.” - João Armando G. - World Scout Committee, Chairperson and World Association of Girl Guides and Girl...
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We can't wait to celebrate #ScoutsFoundersDay next week!

To honour Baden-Powell's legacy, everyone's invited to join our #ExtraGoodTurn campaign. So apart from doing your daily good turn this week, why not do an extra good turn and share a photo/video of it on your social media channels using the official hashtags?

Awesome photos and videos will be reshared on WOSM online channels and...
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Join the 160th #ScoutsFoundersDay celebration!

Do an #ExtraGoodTurn and share a photo/video of it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the official hashtags and get it reshared on WOSM online channels. :)
Think global, act local!
There's no smaller action, that can't start changing the world. In this case, #Scouts from Togo helped their community by repairing the faucet of a drinking water.
SHARE and register your service projects in scout.org

Repairing the faucet of a drinking water pump in Ségbé Zanvi | Scout.org

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Fifty key #Scouts leaders took part in the Good Governance and Triennial Planning workshop that was held at the WSB Global Support Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from the 9 - 12 January 2017.
Read more about it here scout.org/GGTPWorkshop.
The #ScoutCongress 2017 is open for a second round of registrations. Don't miss this chance! Find out more at Scout.org/scoutcongress
#Scouts were among the group of youth organisations which attended the recent UN #ECOSOC 2017 in New York, USA. Read more about it here and SHARE!

Scouts delegation at EcoSoc Youth Forum 2017 | Scout.org

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Did you know that #Scouts from different countries and regions around the world are creating positive changes in their communities through U-Report Global?
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