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Skills! USA's Ryan Carlyle finishes off a nice team effort to score against Ireland! #Clermont7s
Julian Andrea
Nicolas Mille
Joseph Maher
Brasil Rugby
Brasil Rugby
Antonio NuΓ±ez
Bonjour! We'll be streaming the #Clermont7s LIVE right here on Facebook - kick off in 30 mins!
Bonjour We'll be streaming the Clermont7s LIVE right here on Facebook kick off in 30 mins
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Vineet Singh
Hichem Cetar
Leader. History maker. On #OlympicDay we flashback to Osea Kolinisau leading his country to their first ever Olympic gold medal!
Benjamin Tyndale
Ashu Singh
The #Clermont7s is almost here. Expect more amazing moments and incredible tries like this...
Michele Mitch Ct
Martin Kitchen
Feiloakitohi Moala
Landry's got wheels
Get excited for the last round of the #HSBC7s series. It's going to be
Ryan Hinckson
Ted Ka
Martin Kitchen
DREAM TEAM: Seven players made the cut in Langford. Who would you have chosen?
Rosemary Quesada GuzmΓ‘n
David Morris
Arsalan Elahi
Seven incredible tries from the HSBC Canada Sevens in Langford. Serious skills on show.
Brenda Cervantes
Jordan Alexander McCabe
Deanne Nathan-Wong
Highlights: Action packed final day as the Black Ferns get another tournament win at the #HSBC7s in Canada
Denzel Aneru-Tutakitoa
Jimmy Berghan
Stacey Waaka
Peter Tevaga
Sue Smaill
Siria Bertone
A great set move helps Tyla Nathan Wong over for Black Ferns 7s in the final of the HSBC Canada Sevens in Langford
Richelle Stephens
James Hildreth
Shaima Wahyuningsih
HAKA: Time to celebrate for Black Ferns 7s at the #Canada7s in Langford
Kelly Ducey
Stace O'Wini
Rowan Henderson
Congratulations to the Black Ferns 7s on their tournament win at the HSBC Canada Sevens in Langford, beating hosts Canada 17-7
Dennzle Taale Moors
Michelle Greig
Iemaima Faasipa Afutu
Pat Sherwood
George Nicholson
Mike Schlodder
RE:LIVE: Michaela Blyde finishes a great team move for Black Ferns at the HSBC Canada Sevens in Langford
Tara-Lee R Buckley
Henri Rasmussen
Michelle Greig
RE:LIVE: A wonderful solo try and a try-saving tackle. Ghislaine Landry was on fire in the Canada Sevens Cup semi-final!
Pete Hartley
Christy Anne Du Toit
Andy Ireland