World’s Dumbest
World’s Dumbest
06/19/2017 at 20:46. Facebook
Michael Rohrbacher
Daniel Wiesenthal
Buzz Moreno
Who is the hunter...and who is the hunted??
Carol Lutz
Carl Gullang
Mary Almeida
Jeff Tonglet
David Bowen
Angel Harris
Andrew Karrde
Matt Gierloff
Barbara Kohn
Andres Abonza Jr.
Cherilyn Boivin
Joe Leyendecker
Eric Scott
Anthony Sullivan
Ron Carrubba
Anthony Galvin
Eddie Lee
Clayton Wood
Richard Helmer
Mike Lackey
Warren Emerson
Christopher Wyatt Livingston
"So, Bob in accounting said....HEY WTF!"
So Bob in accounting saidHEY WTF
Don Arcega
Joey Perez
Chris Shafer
Beard Burner. Don't Try This At Home.
Adam Percifull
Joseph Thompson
Mikel Smith
A pizza topped with tacos. Good God, stop us before we figure out something ELSE to put on top of pizza!
Erik Cain
Stevan Garza
Lisa Diaz
Tamara Amos
Michael Shane LeBlanc
Robert Branson
Mike Reynolds
Raymond Ramos
Keith Monson
Jason Edwards
David Willard
Matthew McDaniel
Fredy Funes
Kim Fregia
Snoraa Paul
"Do a marathon on your sofa"...Yeah, I'm SURE it works!
Jack Blacketer
Lin Blackett
Michael Wiseman
We really should do an All-Matador Episode...But then we'd have to watch this video...and we're not. You can, but we're not.
We really should do an AllMatador EpisodeBut then wed have to watch

Bull rams 11-inch horn up matador’s butt during bout (GRAPHIC) - NY Daily News
Kelly Degler
Diane Buitron
Shannon Stewart
This is either the most genius thing ever or the dumbest thing ever. Which is it??
Tina Marie Gillispie
Becky L. Stout
Randi Halley
Nobody takes the inspiring, majestic splendor of Nature and turns it into a tourist-laden cesspool quite like us Americans!
Em Elle Bowker
Gloria Eilene Moss
Joshua Pinon