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❔ Tuesday Trivia ❔

Your are dealt A♥K♥ and you flop 8♥9♥5♠. What are the odds you hitting your flush at the Turn or River?

Ⓐ 16%
Ⓑ 27%
Ⓒ 35%
Ⓓ 43%

Answer this correctly and you could be 1 of the 10 lucky random winners selected tomorrow!

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Cyber Chips Giveaway Winners

Congrats to the 200 winners from the latest Chips Giveaway! Your bankrolls have already been credited with your prize! Keep your eye out for a winners email/notification.

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✌ Double Bracelet Points ✌

Did you claim today's gift yet? Earn your bracelet 2X fast with the Double Bracelet Points event!

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☕ Happy Monday! ☕

Hope you all have a great week full of big wins! What was the longest period of time you played WSOP straight? ⬇

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☀ Happy Sunday! ☀

Poker tip of the day: Starting hands are only a piece of the strategy puzzle for a strong game in Texas Hold 'Em. Calculating pot odds, noticing betting patterns, recognizing tell-tale signs of bluffing, and including position are also part of the equation.

Agree or disagree?

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Happy Saturday!

'I never go looking for a sucker. I look for a Champion and make a sucker of of him.' Who said this?

Let us know who said these poker famous words down below! ⬇

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Thanksgiving Roulette Winners

Congrats to these 6 winners who took a chance and went All-In at the Thanksgiving Roulette event! You guys raked in huge!

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⛄ Winter Cash Dash ⛄

Chill out this weekend with Winter Cash Dash. Be a Winter Pro & win up to 600M chips, or be a Winter Elite & win up to 400B!

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Happy Friday!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Ready to have a little hangman fun?

Category: Geography (City, State).
Word: L _ _- _ _ G _ _ , _ _

Tell us your guess below!

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⬆ Kickstarter Bonus ⬆

Get a head start on your Status Points for 2017! Status up before the New Year hits for bigger and better rewards. To find out more about the Kickstarter Bonus, hit the Playtika Rewards icon in-game.

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Holiday Countdown

Enjoy 22 days of gifts in the month of December! Check in-game every day for your daily gift. We promise, you won't want to miss a single one!

▶ Update WSOP in the app store if you haven't already (Mobile Only).
▶ Check the game daily for your gift.
▶ Claim your gift in-game & enjoy.
▶ If you miss a day you will not be able to go back and claim it.

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It's time to throwback! What year was the first televised poker tournament?

Ⓐ 1969
Ⓑ 1973
Ⓒ 1977
Ⓓ 1981

Answer this question correctly and you could be 1 of the 10 lucky random winners for a special prize.

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Autumn Tournament

Last chance at the Autumn ring for the year! Fall into a seat and rake it in. Buy-in for only 1M chips! The stakes are lower, but the rewards are high!

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Happy Humpday

Fill in the blank: My favorite way to relax after a long day is _________.

Let us know how you like to relax below!

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❔ Tuesday Trivia ❔

Who went on to win the WSOP main event after coming back from being down to one chip earlier in the tournament?

Ⓐ Amarillo Slim
Ⓑ Zane Winslade
Ⓒ Jack Strauss
Ⓓ Stu Unger

Let us know who you think it was below!

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Macau Winners!

Congrats to these 3 poker sharks for being Macau's top 3! (^^^) Congrats on your win chiefs, enjoy your victories while you can, because the other sharks are going to be coming for you! Can you knock these champs off their thrones and be the next ruler of Macau?

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Cyber Chips Giveaway

Get your chance at winning 3X the chips! Entering has never been so easy. Just purchase any chip package and you're automatically entered. Will you be one of the 200 lucky winners?

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☕ Happy Monday ☕

We hope your week if full of lucky streaks and big wins! What was the biggest pot you won this past weekend?

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⛔ Thanksgiving Roulette Ending Soon ⛔

Get your hands in before Thanksgiving Roulette ends! Play hard & win up to 9M chips. Or play harder & win up to 35B chips.
Earn your WSOP bracelet faster with 75% more BP! Head to a table quick, before you miss out!

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WSOP Saturday!

Hope you're weekend is off to a great start! In poker, would you rather play against a pro that you understand or a lucky rookie who doesn't understand the game?

Let us know below! ⬇

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