Undu Namma Kasaragod
Dear Mangaloreans, be proud of it. British named Tasmania and Victorias two cities after our own Mangalore. ❀

Mangalore is just not a name, it's an emotion and an inspiration as well

Feel proud to share it because it's a fact
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Satya patera

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Every Mangaloreans favorite hangout place

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Oh yes! Boiled rice please

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Poppa meets amma
My friends comes home for diwali, chauti and Ashtami and I go to their place during Ramzan & Christmas. People outside Mangalore have a wrong notion about us, some communal harmony is what media shows but this how we are. We love them all and we stay United forever! ✌
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Feb 25th Kudla bundh due to a Kerala CM s visit to Kudla!
Niklena abhipraya dada????
Silver rava fry
Maata bashe n pateruna namma porluda ooru, namma tulunadu :)
We never impose anyone to speak tulu here but it so happens that if you live here for an year or so you ll automatically learn tulu :) that's the beauty of tulunaadu :)
Materla onje :)
Aerial view of namma Kudla
Who said Cats are kaluver's?
Some cats be vegan s
Most trusted puchhe
That's why I didn't become a football player

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Pulya Kandeda Solmelu
Mr. Arya is a freak of Kasaragod ;)
There is no better feeling than having boiled rice