Access to clean water can be pretty exciting and thanks to the installation of this new water pump in their community, these children now have access to clean water at school. Not only is it providing their daily water needs, but it’s also helpful to cool down on hot days!
Learn more about how we’re working to bring clean water to a new person every 30 seconds: [ Link ]
Photo by Chetra...
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With its spacious, clean, sunlit rooms and colourful decorations, this World Vision Child-Friendly Space in Lebanon, offers a stark contrast to the tent settlements where these Syrian refugee children live.
Beginning the day with singing, dancing and painting, this space is not only helping these children deal with the trauma they’ve experienced, but also creating a safe environment where...
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World Vision Australia
02/22/2017 at 04:00. Facebook
Joel always wanted to be an artist when he grew up, but due to difficult family circumstances, he was forced to drop out of school and go to work selling food on the street.
However, things turned around for Joel when he was sponsored at the age of seven and he began attending a Children’s Parliament in his community, run by World Vision.
It was here that he learned about his rights and along...
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World Vision Australia
02/21/2017 at 04:00. Facebook
Today is International Mother Language Day where we recognise the importance of promoting linguistic and cultural diversity.
When this reading club was first established in northern India, learning materials were in Hindi – but students like seven year old Shanti who did not speak Hindi at home, could barely recognize the alphabet and struggled at school.
To help combat this, volunteers were...
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World Vision Australia
02/20/2017 at 04:05. Facebook
The conflict in Mosul, Iraq has reignited as military forces battle to retake the second half of the city. World Vision is ready to provide assistance to thousands of families expected to flee the area.
Ian Dawes is the Response Manager for World Vision Iraq and says, “We’re preparing for new arrivals in the camps where we’re already supporting thousands of children who have lived through...
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Blog Ambassador Kelly of Be A Fun Mum writes about how empowering women helps to drive sustainable and positive change in communities.

“Through decades and decades of experience, World Vision discovered that empowering women has proven to be one of the most effective ways to influence positive generational change. Women have the fight in them to overcome in these circumstances. They have the...
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A Fight | Be A Fun Mum
World Vision Australia
02/18/2017 at 01:30. Facebook
Ndagire owns a business in Uganda, reselling vegetables. She started her business in 2009, with a small loan of $80. Since then she has managed to increase her business and now owns a shop right off the main road.
One of the reasons Ndagire decided to start her business was to support her 18 month old daughter. She says she wants to see her daughter go to school and teach her how to run her...
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World Vision Australia
02/17/2017 at 05:03. Facebook
Four year old Son enjoys going to kinder because he gets to learn and play with his friends on the tire swing! Thanks to a livelihoods project in Son’s community, his parents have been able to improve their income by rearing chickens and growing their own vegetables.
“Thanks to the support, we have more food to eat, and our children can go to school to study well without an empty stomach,”...
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Chutka and her daughter Sabina live in a remote and mountainous area of northern Nepal, making access to healthcare difficult.
However thanks to a Maternal and Child Health Nutrition project in the community, parents like Chutka were shown how to make nutritious meals using locally available ingredients.
Programs like this help fight child malnutrition so that children like Sabina can grow up...
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On her trip to Myanmar last year, World Vision Australia CEO Claire Rogers made some new friends while visiting a Child care centre in Loikaw!
Funded by the Australian government, this child care centre was established so parents are able to farm during the day while their children attend the centre. By providing a safe environment for early education and a nutritious lunch, these children can...
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Tag someone that you’ve shared the love with this Valentine’s Day!

These refugee children from South Sudan are practising drawing love hearts on the blackboard in a Child Friendly Space. These spaces are set up for children who have fled conflict, to learn, play and receive psycho-social support. Despite having fled their homes, these children still find happiness in simple things – like...
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Working alongside communities to help empower and educate families around child health and nutrition is very important.
In this child care centre in northern India, children are fed nutritionally balanced meals, while staff explain ways that parents can help combat malnutrition.
World Vision has helped create nine of these centres in the region, providing furniture, toys and training the...
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World Vision Blog Ambassador, Alison of Talking Frankly discusses the importance of empowering women all over the world, and the people who help to make this happen.

“I know that some people in Australia are conflicted by the role of feminism in our day to day lives, not recognising sometimes that white privilege defines our perception and our application of the concepts in ways that are hard...
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World Vision and the 'F' word
In 2010, World Vision Cambodia restored an irrigation channel that today benefits more than 120 families in the village. This means that farmers like Ny Mom have been able to double their corn and rice yields compared to previous years!
“The sponsorship program helps parents to improve their income and now we are able to support our children’s education,” says Ny Mom. “If our crop yield...
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Did you have a favourite book growing up?
10 year old Radha is from Nepal and says, “my favourite book is called A Visit to the Doctor, because it shows that you should help others by taking them to the hospital when in need."
Thanks to the literacy program in Radha's community, students have access to books and reading materials so they can practice reading at home.
Teachers in the community...
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Literacy: a way out of poverty
About four million people live in slums in Dhaka, Bangladesh – that’s equivalent to the entire population of Melbourne.
Due to crowded living conditions, a lack of access to clean water and sanitation can severely impact health and livelihoods of poor communities. That’s why World Vision has been working alongside communities and local water and sanitation authorities to provide clean water...
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In this Rwandan community, only 60 per cent of people have access to clean water – but thanks to people like you, that is changing.
Within this community, we taught locals how to manually drill wells, which not only created job opportunities, but has also reduced the cost of bringing clean water to the area by 80 per cent.
Angelique is one of the women working on this project and proudly...
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Even when wars come to an end, those affected by conflict are often impacted for many years afterwards.
Wynn Flaten is the Director of World Vision’s Syria Response and says that we will need to provide ongoing support to families trying to rebuild their lives.
“Children have been born into this crisis; it is all they have ever known, and they will need support for years to come, to restore a...
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Kumila grew up in a marginalised community in India confined by poverty – but she still dreamt big.
"From childhood I loved reporting news and being an anchor. But the conditions at home were poor,” she says.
However, thanks to her child sponsor, Kumila received educational support and was enrolled in a computer course, giving her the skills to pursue her dream.
Now 26, she has graduated from...
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When Alison of Talking Frankly visited this school in India, she was very impressed with the dedicated teachers and staff who together, have created a school environment where children can thrive.

“This modest government school has been transformed by a dedicated headmaster who recognised that education doesn't happen in isolation. He might have had the building, but he needed to create an...
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