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Over 270,000 people have been displaced from in and around Mosul since October last year.
World Vision is assisting more than 66,000 of those who have fled, through the provision of clean water and food as well as other essentials like blankets. Establishing Child Friendly Spaces in displacement camps is also a priority, helping to provide a safe learning environment for children who have...
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“Tuberculosis does not discriminate and can affect people regardless of their status in society,” says Valda, a health worker in Papua New Guinea.
Valda contracted tuberculosis in 2009 and now dedicates her time helping others who have the disease.

In partnership with the Australian Government, World Vision has been working to bring quality tuberculosis treatment and care closer to...
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World Vision Australia
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Did you know that 1 in 3 people don’t have a safe place to go to the toilet?
That’s why we’re working in partnership with local leaders to create community-led and owned solutions.
We're investing in projects long-term, to help equip locals with the skills to ensure projects are continued, even after we move on.
With this approach, we reach more than two million people per year with improved...
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18 year old Prakash learned about the importance of looking after the environment, after attending a World Vision education program.

“Each child was given a workbook that had information on how we could know our environment better and why trees are important. I realised how cutting of trees leads to an imbalance in the ecosystem, which leads to drought, food security issues, environmental...
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Did you know that since 1990, around 2 billion people have gained access to an improved, sustainable source of water?
Or that World Vision currently provides clean water to one new person every 30 seconds?
Access to clean water and sanitation not only benefits communities by improving health, but can also improve economic growth, help keep kids in school and can even increase opportunities for...
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“It is hard to believe that this land is fertile enough to grow anything, and yet – if there is rain – the crops will grow. And therein lies the problem for this, and many other regions of Ethiopia and the African continent.”
Daryl Crowden explains how El Niño is impacting communities across Africa.

Helping communities in the wake of El Niño | World Vision Australia
These children love their new preschool, where they get nutritious and balanced meals in an environment that stimulates learning.
Rewa helps to run the program and says new teaching materials, books and toys are helping to make learning fun.
“The toys have really got the kids excited to come to the centre. The children don’t have these kinds of books and toys at home, so they look forward to...
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Join us next Monday 20th March as Thankyou’s Chief Impact Officer, Pete Yao, chats with our WASH (water, hygiene and sanitation) specialist, Rajesh Pasupuleti. We'll talk about the World Water Crisis and discuss ways you can be involved in ending global poverty with us.
Click attending, and lodge some of your questions!

Thankyou and World Vision Facebook Live event

“I want to stand up on my own two feet and be a self-made man," says 16 year old Abhimanyu.
Abhimanyu was one of 2500 children in his community who received educational support from World Vision. Since receiving books, stationery and a schoolbag to help with his education, he has been able to study hard and work towards achieving his dream of becoming an engineer.
Learn more about how...
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Around the world, 795 million people don’t have enough food to lead a healthy life. We are partnering with Groupon to help change this. Groupon is donating $1 from every 'Taste of Groupon' food and drink voucher sold to help communities grow more crops of higher nutritional and market value, so children can grow up healthy and strong. Find out more and see how you can help: [ Link ]
To mark the six years since the start of the Syrian conflict, we asked 100 Syrian children about their fears and dreams to understand the effect six years of violence has had on the way they see the world. Here is what some of them had to say.
Find out more about the Syrian conflict and what we are doing to help: [ Link ]

World Vision Australia
Today marks six years since the conflict broke out in Syria. 13-year-old Ali fled the conflict with his family. He now lives in a makeshift settlement in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon where he works to help support his family instead of going to school. Find out more about the Syrian conflict and see how you can help: [ Link ]
Voice over by Jessica Gomes
In six years of war, 4.8 million people have left Syria. A further 6.3 million people are displaced inside Syria. Thanks to our supporters, we've helped provide more than 1.5 million people with clean water and sanitation since 2015. Find out more about the conflict and see how you can help: [ Link ]
Based in a fishing village in the Philippines, Deodoro’s family have relied on fishing as a source of income for generations – but business hasn’t always been good. During bad fishing seasons, incomes can be drastically affected and families within the community can struggle to get by.
Four years ago Deodoro and his wife, Amelia took out a loan to help increase their capital, hire workers from...
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Child sponsor Dalena travelled to India with World Vision and saw firsthand how her sponsorship is helping to protect children in this community.

“I was so impressed at how mature, driven and passionate these kids were. We spent ages talking about all the projects they were working on to make their community a safer place: self-defence workshops collaborating with local police, personal...
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Working together to protect children from harm | World Vision Australia
"I felt better prepared to take care of my daughter thanks to the sessions I attended before she was born,” says Premila, a young mother of two from India.
Training run by World Vision India helped Premila to understand the importance of good health and nutrition during and after her pregnancy.
“It was a great feeling of sisterhood, when all of us would come together to cook, learn and laugh....
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The children at this child care centre are having fun while learning all about hand washing! Through songs and fun activities, teachers demonstrate good hygiene habits like washing hands before eating. See how clean water is helping communities thrive:[ Link ]
Photo by Neola D’Souza, World Vision
With your support, we are excited to be funding a WASH (water, hygiene and sanitation) project in Vanuatu this year. This project involves working with 24 communities across rural and urban areas in Vanuatu to implement 222 WASH solutions that are going to change the lives of 3,543 people.
Read more about Thankyou.’s World Water Month and how you can be involved in making a difference here: [...
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Thankyou Blog - 663 Million to Zero
Bebe has been farming since she was a little girl and used to watch her father till the land and plant vegetables to support the family.
When she was older she moved to a rural town in Bohol, Philippines, and bought some land to start a farm with her husband.
Once established, the couple took out a small loan to purchase more farming equipment and grow their farm. Two years later, their...
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