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Lions Clubs International India in partnership with World Vision India has launched the Quality Education Campaign and aims to educate 50000 to 75000 children. The campaign provides digital classrooms, better school infrastructure and access to water. Thereby making sure that children receive good education and look forward to a better future.

So far, eight schools have been provided with...
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Thanks to Real Gifts, World Vision India’s crowd funding platform, their anganwadi (day care center) now has a toilet. An anganwadi in the communities we serve in Bellary, Karnataka, lacked proper toilets and children had to use the open space. Now with good toilets they are free from illnesses due to open defecation. To know more and to gift, follow [ Link ]
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Good health is essential for children. World Vision India works to ensure that every child has access to nutritious food and quality health care. This video will tell you about some of our interventions that make sure children enjoy a healthy life.

Gift Health

Recognising the gravity of malnutrition and childhood illness in the country, World Vision India works to ensure that every child has access to nutritious fo...

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We at World Vision India believe that real change can never be wholesome until it reaches the very last, most vulnerable child. Nearly 60 years ago, World Vision India began with a dream to bring lasting change in the lives of little children, especially those forgotten by society. And even after all these years, our commitment to that simple dream remains firm.

The children’s dreams and our...
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Children are important, they are our future, our leaders. They are our responsibility. [ Link ]
This lively young bunch are members of the Udaan group. Udaan is a Child Protection Unit (CPU) in the communities we serve in Jaipur. The word ‘Udaan’ means to soar, fly or take-off.
True to its name, the group takes complete ownership of child participation and protection and also monitors children living in the communities we serve. They have become a catalyst for social action in their...
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Little Harpreet is a bundle of joy to her parents. “A girl is the pride and joy of the house. It’s good to have a girl child because she gives life to the family. And she has the power to influence the next generation”, says Laxman, Harpreet’s father.

It is a joy to see that we are slowly evolving into a community that is inclusive towards girl children. [ Link ] will tell...
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A child reads a painting on the wall made by World Vision India. The writing is in Hindi which says “whenever you find a child in trouble, call the Childline number 1098.” Colourful paintings of child rights and the child helpline no.1098 have been plastered over several walls in the communities we serve in Jaipur.

This has greatly helped children and community members become more open in...
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11-year-old Sameer with his sister 3-year-old Safiya. Early last year, Sameer slipped from the roof while flying a kite. He was in a serious condition and was paralysed on his left side post-surgery. But despite all that, Sameer made an amazing recovery. World Vision India provided medical support for the family.

Sameer's recovery today is a miracle according to his family. He is a smart...
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World Vision India staff and volunteers interacting with community children at a Child Friendly Space (CFS) centre in a community we serve in Bhojpur.

350 children benefited through the Child Friendly Spaces organized by World Vision India in the flood affected parts of Bhojpur. The CFS created an environment where children are absorbed in fun, laughter and games to help recover from the...
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Meet children from the Santhome School for the Deaf, Chennai. World Vision India's work here began in 1990 and has since then been providing children with special education with modern techniques, good health and helping create a healthy environment in their homes.

When we say every child deserves to live a life of fullness, this includes creating positive environments for children with...
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Alvina, World Vision India’s staff conducts training for the representatives of different Self Help Groups in the community. She is seen in the picture with women from an SHG in the communities we serve in North West Delhi.

“Earlier women who were illiterate would use a thumb impression to mark their attendance, now the same women sign their names in the register, go to the banks to update...
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Thank you Mr. Ram Gopal Gupta for the 228 sweaters for the children living in a community we serve in North East Delhi. We are grateful to you for your timely support.
Give Indu a new beginning. She is 6 years old and from the communities we serve in Kandukur, Andhra Pradesh! Make this year special for Indu by becoming her sponsor. Simply send us a message to sponsor her.
Every new year marks a new beginning so does child sponsorship. When children are sponsored, they are given hope of a new beginning. They are sure of having a better future and seeing their dreams fulfilled. Along with education, sponsorship makes sure children learn life’s vital lessons through the children’s clubs, child protection units and other programmes.

Children are important, they...
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Happy New Year dear friends! May this year bring all the good things that you have hoped for.
We cannot call it a year unless we thank all our sponsors and donors. We are grateful to you for your unstinted support, for trusting us and for your heart to help those in need. You have made change possible.
Thank you.

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The Gift Catalogue is the best way to tell our children, their families and communities that their lives matter to us. It gives them a future they have always been dreaming of. Gift now
Thank you for the nutrition kit! “More than my sickness it was very painful for me to leave my school, I love going to school, I’m now happy that I’m enrolled again”, says 13-year-old Ekta.

When families struggle to manage the expenses, children are most affected. With lack of proper nutrition, children fall sick, miss school and often drop out. 68 children living in the communities we serve...
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