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Children are important, they are our future, our leaders. But sadly, we lose many of our children to lack of access to clean drinking.

These pictures will tell you what lack of clean drinking water does and how you and I can solve this problem.
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*Fiza has been diagnosed with tuberculosis. After much persuasion from us, she was taken to the hospital by her mother for blood test and subsequently diagnosed with the illness. Fiza is now on ART. We are also providing her with nutritional supplements to give her an extra boost of energy and strength to fight the illness.

Tuberculosis is treatable and curable. Lack of awareness, difficulty...
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Children are the future of our nation. Sadly, diarrhoea kills 1,88,000 children under the age of five every year. You can change this. Join us and give the gift of life to children. [ Link ] #worldwaterday
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Water is life! All of us need it. Do your bit to conserve water.
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A community we serve in Jaipur does not allow girls to study or work. However Sitara is fortunate to receive her family’s support. She is seen in the picture with her mother Raziya. “The moment a girl turns 18, people start asking the parents when they’ll get the girl married. But my brother and mother are very supportive and urge me to study”, says a happy Sitara.

Along with educating...
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An unfinished house and uncleared debts left Nagaraju in uncertainty when his father passed away all of a sudden. His children became malnourished and he struggled to make ends meet. That’s when, we provided him with a buffalo through the support of our sponsors.

Nagaraju is now able to provide for his family. His children’s health has improved. He envisions a future where he clears his...
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Meet (L-R) Renuka (volunteer), Meenakshi (anganwadi teacher), Kokilaben (ASHA* worker), Suratben (anganwadi helper) and Manisha (volunteer) from Bharuch, Gujarat. Their dedication and sincerity has helped us provide the best for our children.

In Bharuch we network with the district health department and conduct capacity building programmes for the anganwadi and ASHA workers. “Our biggest...
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14-year-old Vennila (in blue) loves the cows you see in the picture with her. They have helped her go to school regularly, provided nutrition to her sister and improved her family’s financial condition.

A big thank you to our donors who helped us provide a cow and a calf to this family in 2014, when they were badly in need of financial assistance.
Right from the conception to birth; and till they grow up – children are cared for, loved and protected.
Tiny tots get practical lessons on hand washing. These little children attend the Anganwadi (day care center) in the communities we serve in Bharuch, Gujarat.

They learn the importance of washing hands and other good habits. Through the support of our sponsors we have been able to revitalise this Anganwadi and provide children with a child friendly environment.
A big thank you from our children for having filled their lives with colours! Owing to your support, our children, their families and communities have benefited in areas such as health, nutrition, education and sanitation. These children could look forward to the future with joy and hope, simply because of sponsors like you. #colourfulwishes #happyholi
Your support gives our children, their families and communities a reason to smile, hope and look forward to a better tommorrow.

A big thank you to you for making their lives colourful. #colourfulwishes

Colourful Wishes

A big thank you from our children for having filled their lives with colours! Owing to your support, our children, their families and communities have benefi...

50-year-old Lalita works at her late husband’s eatery stall. “After my husband fell sick and passed away in 2013, it was difficult to shoulder the entire family’s responsibility. The material provided by World Vision to re-start my husband’s business was crucial for our survival,” says Lalita.

She lives along with her mother-in-law and four children in a community we serve in Mumbai.
How do the fears and dreams of Syrian children compare to those of children around the world?
For many girls, being bold is as simple as being able to go to school. Girls and women like them are change makers. They do not wait for good things to happen. They make it happen.

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Women’s day to Amandeep is – to be able to study and pursue her dream.

Amandeep works as a nurse and supports her family. Coming from a community that does not allow women to leave their homes, Amandeep’s will power helped her break the patterns of the patriarchal society. She now has plenty of opportunities opening up for a bright future.

What is women’s day to you?
Sunny days are here! As we brace ourselves for summer, the children in Pauri, Uttarakhand, too have been given gears to protect themselves from the harsh weather. Kajal is one among the 3600 children provided with umbrellas in the communities we serve here.

"Finding protection under the umbrella from the summer heat makes me happy. Our school is a one hour walk from home, the umbrella gives...
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