Every year, millions of people are diagnosed with tuberculosis. In 5 continents around the world, World Vision is committed to identifying and treating tuberculosis in the communities we work with.

In countries like Papua New Guinea, we're creating public awareness in partnership with public sector health workers to ensure people living with tuberculosis, like Nelson, overcome barriers to...
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Having endured years of violence, Cecilia and her children found safety at the Christian Care Centre, the only women's refuge in the Solomon Islands.

Every year, this refuge protects hundreds of women who arrive to escape brutal domestic violence and sexual abuse. Read more:

Solomon Islands' women seeking shelter from domestic violence

Stories of water in Malawi are also stories of triumph.

In Malawian culture, girls are required to fetch water for use in their homes. Before, the only water source for 15-year-old Patuma to collect was two kilometres away. Most of the time, she only managed to attend school for three days out of five every week because she had to walk back and forth to collect water. For her, the dream of...
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Pumping water is full of fun for children - it involves jumping and playing with friends. In South Sudan, Kaku (left) and Keji collect water in their community's borehole.

Before 2013, their community had never tasted clean water, but now, they never have to worry about waterborne diseases again. #WorldWaterDay
Count to 10. Every time you do, World Vision is providing a new person with clean, fresh water.

We're the largest provider of clean water in the developing world, but we couldn't have done it without you. Thanks for joining us on our global mission for clean water, Aotearoa. #WorldWaterDay
In Melanesia, over 40 per cent of children are malnourished - the region has the highest rates of poverty in the Pacific. But with your help, we can make a difference.

In partnership with our Pacific neighbours, World Vision's work supports isolated families and communities to build skills and resources to become resilient to disaster and have a more secure future.

Today is a great time to...
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LIVE: with Clarke Gayford, Kirsty Johnston and World Vision’s Simon Day, discussing the #HiddenPacific
"Women turn up here with bruises, broken arms, black eyes."

Sister Phyllis from the Solomon Islands has seen the extent of domestic violence while running Honiara's refuge for abused women and girls. Today, our work in empowering women and children in communities is needed now more than ever:

Hidden Pacific: Women in Solomons struggle to escape male violence - National - NZ Herald News

Village Birth Attendants in Papua New Guinea are making sure new mums and babies have access to medical treatment - even in the most rural and isolated villages:

Village Birth Attendants the difference between new life and death in rural Papua New Guinea

Earlier this year, 2017 World Vision Youth Ambassador, Pio, travelled to Jordan to meet with families affected by the Syrian crisis. This week marks the sixth year of the conflict and Pio shares with us the importance of advocating for love amidst the worst humanitarian crisis of our time.

"One Syrian father gracefully reminded us that, "We are all fingers on the same hand of humanity. Some...
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The humans behind the numbers: Syria crisis six years

Mohammed left Syria when his father and uncle were killed, and he realised he was next.

"I had to watch my father die in front of me...I threw myself on the floor, I couldn't cope with the emotion. Then the gun was pointed at me, so I ran down into a valley and hid. My mum and my sisters left after that."

Mohammed, who's 16, said on the way to Jordan, there were elderly people struggling...
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Today marks the beginning of the Syrian conflict six years ago.

Despite leaving everything they know in Syria, children like Hamza, aged 10, refuse to give up hope. "My biggest dream is to be a pilot so I can see the world," he says.

Six years on, Syria's children are still paying the price of this brutal, adult war. We'll be there for Syrian children for as long as we're needed:...
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Vanuatu still has scars from where Cyclone Pam hit two years ago, with flattened trees, damaged buildings, and partly submerged boats.

But out of the rubble comes recovery and resilience. In a small village 45 minutes away from Port Vila, Efate, World Vision has built a cyclone-resistant kindergarten, which can also be used as an evacuation centre. Joe Siri, the kindergarten chairman, said...
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Communities throughout the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and Timor-Leste are isolated and devastating diseases, poor access to education, natural disasters, climate change and few economic opportunities are an increasing threat to their way of life.

World Vision is a trusted partner of the NZ Government's Aid Programme across the Pacific region. This means for every dollar you...
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Want a chance to pick up a unique piece of cricketing memorabilia? The Blackcaps have generously donated 3 official test shirts signed by the team that toured India in 2016 to help raise money for our work in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste and Vanuatu!

Join us to build sustainable development and prosperity for our Pacific neighbours: #HiddenPacific

Trade Me - Signed Official Black Caps Test Cricket Shirt from worldvisionnz

Every day, our team in Uganda is welcoming 2,000 refugees fleeing as they cross the South Sudan-Uganda border.

Tim, our Country Programme Manager for Uganda, recently travelled to the border and met with our teams and many arriving South Sudanese who travelled long distances for a chance at a safer life. This is what he saw:

South Sudan to Uganda: A refugee’s journey in pictures

Happy International Women's Day. Today and everyday we celebrate women like Josephine, who bring hope to Papua New Guinea’s expectant mothers.

In her village, Boroi, many women have had to give birth in the bushes, with no access to medical help if problems arise in their labour. After World Vision refurbished a health clinic in August last year, six babies have been born in the safety of...
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For those in Rwanda's Kabuga community, a source of clean water for the first time in decades changes everything.

"For more than 20 years that I have been in this area, we used to travel about 5 km to fetch water from a distant area and it was not even clean water. Now we can bathe and wash clothes every day, drink water. Our children can now attend school on time unlike before when they...
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When home is a house on stilts above the sea in a beautiful Pacific Island it looks like a pretty amazing place to grow up. But in reality, hundreds of children from Papua New Guinea are at risk from disease and malnutrition.

In partnership with the New Zealand Herald, the #HiddenPacific campaign aims to raise funds to support urgent and ongoing needs in the Pacific:

Paradise at risk: The indigenous village of Hanuabada

Join us in partnership with the NZ Government Aid Programme to build sustainable development and prosperity for our Pacific neighbours: