"We're preparing for new arrivals in the camps where we're already supporting thousands of children who have lived through unimaginable violence in the past two years." - Ian Dawes, Response Manager for World Vision Iraq.

Press Release: World Vision prepares to scale up work as Mosul offensive escalates

In Vanuatu, new community kitchens are providing women with a source of income after Cyclone Pam.

In nine communities, nine kitchens were built by local builders and are headed by female community leaders. These kitchens give women a space to come together, cook with fresh ingredients, sell food and learn from each other. They’ve also helped women and their families recover from Cyclone Pam,...
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"The situation facing children who were already hungry and going without meals is now rapidly unravelling." -Perry Mansfield, World Vision South Sudan

As famine is declared in South Sudan, 5.5 million people are predicted to face severe food shortages this year. This is the first time famine has been declared anywhere in the world in six years. World Vision is providing life-saving food...
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Be there for South Sudan's children in crisis

Today on the UN World Day of Social Justice, we want to thank you for joining us in fighting for justice and equality around the world.

This year, we asked six of our Youth Ambassadors, who are passionately living their lives to serve others, what social justice means to them: wvnz.org.nz/socialjustice-ya
#EverydayTanzania - Teamwork makes the dream work!

Jeremiah and Petro from Tanzania's Magugu Community have found a way to make daily chores fun, by carrying clean water from their school tap with sticks.

Learn more about how your support is creating impact in Magugu: wvnz.org.nz/magugu
In Rwanda, we're providing vocational training so youth like Vedaste can uncover their untapped potential.

At the Nyaruguru Vocational Centre, 21-year-old Vedaste graduated first in his class in carpentry. An amazing feat since he dropped out of school at 15 to work in a tea factory to support his family. After receiving a scholarship, he was supported at the centre with good equipment,...
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When World Vision moves on from a community, former sponsored children and their families are ready to continue building on the progress that has been made.

Thanks to you, these former sponsored children have achieved great things:

5 former sponsored children share their stories

Having access to clean, fresh water is always a cause for celebration!

Clean hands save lives. Handwashing with soap is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to prevent disease and illness. That's why we've already taught 95% of children in Honduras' Tlilican community how to wash their hands properly.

With access to water in schools and homes, we're on our way to making sure...
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For years, going to the toilet for Rampyari and Nisha meant walking long distances into the bush. Now, having a toilet built for the first time near their homes has changed everything.

"We are now able to focus on household chores like food making. We feel free. Now we don't fear sending our children alone to the toilet because it is close by. The village roads are now much cleaner after...
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Every year we share the stories of thousands of children and their families from across the world, here are some of our favourite photos and moments from 2016:

Our 10 favourite photos from 2016

11-year-old Nyahok has been displaced several times by war in South Sudan. Despite facing violence, witnessing death and experiencing hunger, she has one lasting hope thanks to World Vision at a UN Protection of Civilian camp, "the best thing here is that I go to school."

Half a billion children like Nyahok and her siblings are battling war, famine and deadly epidemics around the world. We...
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Sitting in her newly refurbished classroom, 9-year-old Nancy is studying so she can one day become a doctor. "At school, I gain so much knowledge, they teach me to respect people, to love people and tell us that we can be important people."

In Nancy's community, World Vision are funding resources that matter to children, like a boarding school for children with disabilities and ensuring...
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In January, the Cameron family travelled to Malawi to meet one of their sponsored children, Madesi. 10-year-old Phoebe shares a bit about the unforgettable experience:

“We drove up in the van to Madesi’s house and I was so excited. She came running towards the van and even though it was Saturday she was wearing her school uniform. It was green and yellow. We had brought a dress from New...
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#EverydayCambodia - Sopheak (red shirt on the bike) and his best friends in Koh Andaet community love biking around together.

Thanks to you, 450 children in Koh Andaet community attend Child Clubs, a safe place for children to play and learn outside of school hours. Youth leaders help younger students improve their reading and writing in both English and Khmer (Cambodia's official language)...
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"Clean water brings life." -Grace, East Malaita community member

In East Malaita, a new spring box water source that stores clean, fresh water means that everyone in the community can drink and wash their hands with ease, knowing they are protected from waterborne diseases.

We believe the global water and sanitation crisis can be solved and that's why we're focused on providing clean water...
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By partnering with entrepreneurs in Tanzania, World Vision has provided training and business tips to Maasai women who create handmade, beaded ornaments and jewellery.

Selling to tourists and locals within the community, women are earning a steady income. These entrepreneurs and mothers are investing into their children's futures through school fees, books, uniforms and nutritious food!...
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Meet Udom - big dreamer and future doctor.

Working hard to get good grades, Udom is determined to be well-educated so he can support his community in Cambodia, "I would love to be a doctor so I can treat patients closer to home." He says that he has two influential people in his life, "my aunt and my World Vision Sponsor. My sponsor writes me a lot of letters, she always asks about my...
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In the Solomon Islands, best friends Angnes, Lilian and Marget love going to school. At their local Early Childhood Centre, they sing, dance and learn math and literacy basics so they're ready for primary school!

Throughout East Malaita and the Solomon Islands, 12 classrooms are under construction so that more children can be school-ready.

Learning is changing lives in the Solomon Islands,...
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At 11-years-old, Varsha is an agent of change in her community. Her own experience of getting sick and missing school inspired her to teach others about the importance of good sanitation and hygiene.

“I got the opportunity to share my experience at an event organised by World Vision in front of so many people. I was a bit nervous but when I went up on stage I told everyone about how I share...
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Aroha for all our brothers and sisters around the world.