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The bonus appeal of the #6KforWater for Shurawl Sibblies is that it helps instill good values in her kids, like thinking of others first and missional living. And it encouraged family prayer time! Read her story:

Family feeds their souls by walking for water together - World Vision
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How many lives can a penny save? Life-saving foreign assistance is less than 1% of the federal budget, but has been proven to save millions of lives each year. Learn more about how it is #worththepenny and what you can do to help! #WVAdvocacy

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"Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!” –Psalm 8:9. For World Meteorological Day, join us as we behold the beauty of our skies with 10 weather photos, and through Psalm 8 revere the divine Artist who set it all into place:

10 awe-inspiring weather photos for World Meteorological Day | World Vision
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This #WorldWaterDay, celebrate a new milestone with us … early! In 2015 we set a goal to increase our clean water work to bring a new person access every 10 seconds by 2020. We’ve already reached our goal! See how this kind of progress gives hope to families like Margarita’s:

World Water Day: Every 10 seconds one person gets clean water | World Vision
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Clean water means so much to these schoolgirls in Kenya that they wrote and performed a poem — “Dear Water” — to share how life-changing water is! This #WorldPoetryDay, rejoice with us in this ode to clean water: [ Link ]
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This International Day of Happiness, make a child named Happy happier! We’ve set aside 43 children named Happy who are waiting for a sponsor. Say “Yes" to Happy and choose your child to sponsor here:

Sponsor a child named Happy | World Vision
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Many names help give meaning to a person’s life. For International Day of Happiness, we’re celebrating children named "Happy"! Hear what makes some of our Happy-named staff happy, and see a fun way that you can bring a little happiness to the world today.

Bringing happiness to a child named Happy | World Vision Blog
6K is "a great distance,” Nick says. “Anyone can walk that. It’s the biggest impact, I think, that $50 can make … The idea of us not having clean water is insane. We don’t even understand that.” See how Nick's church, for their 3rd annual #6KforWater, is making the experience real:

Global 6K for Water: ‘Anybody can do it’ - World Vision
"I arise today
Through the strength of heaven”
–A St. Patrick’s Day prayer and reflection:

A reflection on St. Patrick's prayer - World Vision
Chickens for Easter? A goat for Mother’s Day? Our spring Gift Catalog features more than 100 meaningful gift ideas to honor someone special. Give hope, healing, and healthy lives, all in the name of someone you love!

Gift Catalog | Gifts That Give Back | World Vision
“Do you ever think of the children of Syria?” Haya, a 10-year-old refugee, asked Richard Stearns this question in 2013. Yesterday, our Jordan staff reconnected with Haya! Hear from Rich about how her words became a turning point for him, and how Haya is doing today:

Facing responsibility: The face of a refugee child | World Vision Blog
The Syrian Refugee Crisis began six years ago today. 10-year-old Hamza was driven from his home by conflict; now in Jordan, he dreams of being a pilot. He also likes to sing. Hear him sing “Give us Childhood” for his country, and help children like him: [ Link ]
Asking others to help you fundraise can feel awkward and scary. But it doesn’t have to. Maybe instead of asking for help from their wallet, you can invite them to invest their heart in a cause you believe in. Here are three ways to help you overcome your fear of fundraising!

Investing from the heart | World Vision Blog
As Wednesday marks the sixth anniversary of the Syrian refugee crisis, here are the facts you need to know—about the conflict, its effect on children and families, and how we’re helping them:

Syria refugee crisis: Facts you need to know | World Vision
At the Kentucky Derby on May 6, horses will race for 10 furlongs. Also on May 6, people worldwide will walk/run 30 furlongs—3 Kentucky Derbies—for clean water. David Henriksen, CEO of iDisciple, grew up in KY, but this year will spend May 6 a little differently. Which race will you be part of?

Three Kentucky Derbies for clean water | World Vision Blog
"People need to know they can be the pebble that’s thrown across the water. People think a pebble can’t make an impact, but it creates ripples, and the 6K can do that. They have to see themselves creating ripples and giving back.” —3-time #6KforWater walker, Johgina. Read her story!

One woman creates a ripple in bringing clean water to impoverished communities | World Vision
PRAYER FRIDAY: Loving God, we ask Your blessings over thirsty children and families. Purify and protect their water sources. Strengthen their resolve so they may enjoy the benefits of clean water—essentials like education, gardens of fresh produce, and good health. Amen.

Matthew 25: Pray for the thirsty | World Vision
Imagine if people from around the globe joined together on the same day to do something simple, yet extraordinary … On May 6, they will! You can, too. Sign up for our #6KforWater today: [ Link ]
Today is Emely’s third birthday! She lives in Peru with her parents and three brothers. Join us in wishing her a wonderful birthday, and if you’d like to make it extra special, you can become her sponsor here: [ Link ]
What happens when a mother dies? In poorer parts of the world, it can be especially devastating to her family's livelihood and survival. In 2015, 760 mothers-to-be died every day. This International Women’s Day, let’s #BeBoldforChange by ensuring that poor mothers survive childbirth.

When a mother dies | World Vision Blog