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Want to have fun and make money? Join our team for the 2017 season. Interviews are underway now. Apply today at
Yes, it's cold outside, but Oceans of Fun is just around the corner! Register your 3-5 year old for the new FREE Pre-K pass and they get unlimited visits in 2017. Must register online & process before 4/30/17. More info at [ Link ]
Now hiring for the 2017 Season for Ride Operators, Life Guards, Cooks, Bartenders, Cashiers, Grounds Keepers, Office Clerks, Security Rangers, Loss Prevention Specialists and Guest Services Team members. We offer flexible schedules and the pay ranges from $8-$10/hour for employees who are over 16. Plus you get free tickets and you work with really fun people! Apply Now at
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When Old Man Winter gives you chills...close your eyes and get ready for these THRILLS! April will be here before you know it, so get your Gold Season Pass NOW, before the price goes up on Monday 1/9/17!
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We can't melt the snow, but we CAN melt your hearts! The FINAL piece of the puzzle gives you the first full look at the new front gate! Want to be among the first ones through, then get your Gold Season Pass before price goes up Mon 1/9/17! [ Link ]
Looks good huh? If only we had one more piece to show..something epic, unmistakable and iconic. Hmmm. Let me see what I can do. #WOFGate
So CLOSE! Just a couple more pieces and your new #WOFGate will be revealed! [ Link ]
RIGHT?! Hardcore fans, you can see what's coming! So excited to show all of #WOFGate Just not yet! [ Link ]
RIGHT?! Hardcore fans, you can see what's coming! So excited to show all of #WOFGate Just not yet! [ Link ]
Looking forward to great 2017!
Happy New Year! #2017 So much to come this year!Just wait to see what comes next! #WOFGate [ Link ]
Happy New Year's EVE! Have FUN, be SAFE! We want you to see the new #WOFGate in April! #2017 [ Link ]
This is a vital piece. It should start to give you an idea of what's to come! #HalfwayThere #6PiecesToGo #WOFGate [ Link ]
So much to see, but so much to reveal! The concept will make #WOFFans very happy! Just a few pieces to go! #WOFGate
Four pieces in! Can you figure out what's what? You will #SOON! Promise! #WOFGate
It's starting to come together! It's only 15 weeks to #WOFOpeningDay! We WILL be ready and so will the new #WOFGate!
Another day, another piece of the puzzle! What will the new Front Gate look like?? #StayTuned #WOFGate
Merry Christmas! We thought we'd keep the gift giving going! Here's your first look at the new front gate! Sort of... #WOFGate
We get it, we really do! We can't wait either! Hopefully Santa will bring all the good boys and girls their gold season pass and we can all celebrate in April! [ Link ]