NEWS: Potential new drugs, originally designed to kill bowel cancer cells, could also help people with diabetes.

The team we funded at the University of Bath are now developing and testing the potential drugs further, with the hope that one day they could be tested in humans.

Potential drugs for cancer and diabetes treatment created with help from Worldwide Cancer Research
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Latest research findings from our scientists at Trinity College Dublin show how certain cancers hijack the immune system, tricking it into helping tumours grow rather than harming them. This opens up new avenues of research into how to outsmart cancer by getting the immune system back on our side.

Trinity scientists discover how some cancers can hijack the immune system
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Brighton Marathon 9th April 2017
Pancreatic cancer can develop with very few warning signs. It's often detected too late when there are very few treatment options left for patients.

Survival rates are shockingly low and that’s why our latest research findings are so important. Read more in the Independent >> [ Link ]

This new treatment could make pancreatic cancer a manageable disease
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What motivates our researchers to look for the answers to cancer? For Dr Elena Harjes, it was when her grandmother passed away from cancer that she decided she wanted to help make a difference.

Her project in New Zealand is investigating an enzyme which helps some cancers evade treatment. Their work has the potential to change the way we treat some cancers. Read more >> [ Link ]

Team of international cancer researchers working together
Does this news mean hope for treating pancreatic cancer- one of the deadliest cancers? Researchers we’re funding at the University of Hertfordshire have designed new drugs based on Cromolyn, a drug that can prevent allergy-induced asthma.

In lab-based tests, these new drugs stopped pancreatic cancer cells from spreading. Now the team will test to see if this could benefit future patients....
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This new treatment could make pancreatic cancer a manageable disease
#ThrowbackThursday to when Steve and Kev from Bristol raised an amazing £18,540 for Worldwide Cancer Research, by running the 2016 London Marathon!
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“Worldwide Cancer Research funding is allowing us to progress to what would be a new way of treating cancer and a commonly associated effect of severe muscle wasting. The work is also helping to develop two excellent and passionate cancer researchers, one from France and another from China in a laboratory in New Zealand – a real epitome of the ethos of Worldwide Cancer Research! We are now...
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We'd like to wish a very happy #WaitangiDay to our New Zealand supporters and researchers. Thanks to generous donations from our supporters, Professor Vyacheslav Filichev and his team are developing a novel way of blocking DNA-damaging enzymes that are linked to cancer progression.

"The funding from Worldwide Cancer Research has enabled us to assemble an international team of researchers...
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It’s #WorldCancerDay! Today we’re celebrating everyone who is helping create a better future for those affected by cancer. So to all the runners, bakers, head-shavers and givers, to everyone who’s energy and commitment makes sure the research never stops - thank you!

Research has already saved millions of lives, but there is still so far to go until we see no life cut short by cancer....
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We would like to thank the staff and customers of innovaphone for their generous €638 donation. It will help us to fund pioneering cancer research around the world.
Good news- the drug olaparib (also known as lynparza) has become much cheaper for women in Australia after it was added to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) today. Worldwide Cancer Research scientists played a pivotal role in helping develop this drug for women with ovarian cancer >> [ Link ]

Advanced ovarian cancer treatment placed on the PBS, a move praised by doctors and patients
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“My own Nanny Fenn has battled breast cancer twice. I wanted to run for a charity which helped to deal with the problem at the source by aiming to remove cancer as a risk to us all.”

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Why I'm running the London Marathon for Worldwide Cancer Research