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Willie Mae Thornton was the original singer of "Hound Dog" (yes, the one Elvis later covered). Let's not forget these incredible women, and celebrate their impact! #WomensHistoryMonth #WorldWideWomen [ Link ]

11 Women Who Did Groundbreaking Things That Men Got The Credit For
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Every month can be #WomensHistoryMonth if you have one of these pillows in your life! #WorldWideWomen [ Link ]

You can now buy a pillow featuring your female idol’s face, in the name...
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A woman's place is in the military & the board room according to this #GirlBoss Sword and Plough [ Link ] #WorldWideWomen

Meet the #Girlboss Who Is Changing the Lives of Veterans With Her...
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Halle Berry became the first African-American woman to win an Oscar for Best Actress on this day in 2002! #WomensHistoryMonth [ Link ]

Halle Berry
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Today's featured resource on the #WorldWideWomen website is BAWSI (Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative)! They believe female athletes can change the world, and so do we. Check out their page on our site to find out more about the programs they offer for women and girls. #GirlPower

WorldWideWomen | Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative (BAWSI)
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A woman's place is in the fight for renewable energy! #WorldWideWomen #RenewableEnergy [ Link ]

Women Are Leading the Fight for Renewable Energy
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It's still #WomensHistoryMonth and let's not forget about the women that history forgot. #WorldWideWomen [ Link ]

These are just 8 of the Native women you should have learned about in...
Today's featured resource on #WorldWideWomen is Girls Leadership! Girls Leadership is a unique organization that provides summer camps, workshops, and other programs that focus on developing girls' leadership skills! To find out what programs are available to an important girl in your life, check out their page on our site! #GirlPower #GirlBoss

WorldWideWomen | Girls Leadership
Thanks to there is now a diverse and inclusive new stock photo collection of Muslim women & girls! #WolrdWideWomen [ Link ]

#MuslimGirl and Getty Images Team Up to Bring You These Important Images
On this day in 1991, Khaleda Zia became the first female Prime Minister of Bangladesh! #WomensHistoryMonth #WorldWideWomen
Here's to a future full of even more amazing female chefs! #WorldWideWomen [ Link ]

For The First Time Ever, Female Students Outnumber Males At Top Culinary...
From the mouths of babes: “Can you make some cool girls’ shirts please? Or, can you make a no boys’ or girls’ section — only a kids’ section?” #GenderEquality #WorldWideWomen [ Link ]

Tired Of 'Pink And Princess' Shirts, 5-Year-Old Writes A Letter To The Gap
We agree with this selfless and determined 6-year-old girl: "It's nice to be nice." #WorldWideWomen #GirlPower [ Link ]

6-Year-Old Chicago Girl Celebrates Birthday By Helping The Homeless
“We want every girl to know she can be a leader, shatter ceilings, and make a difference in the world. Girl Scouts are making history every single day, and they become the history-makers of tomorrow as well." #WomensHistoryMonth #WorldWideWomen [ Link ]

Girl Scouts Portray Iconic Women To Celebrate Women's History Month
We're happy to announce that we'll be featuring many of the great resources on the WorldWideWomen site on a weekly basis! So, for the first time ever:
Today we're highlighting CodeChix and their work to support women developers! Please check out their page to learn more, and be sure to explore the countless resources for women & girls in S.T.E.M. featured on WorldWideWomen! #womeninstem...
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WorldWideWomen | CodeChix
“We are thin, we are thick, we are small, we are tall, we are black, we are white, we are every color in between, some of us have abs and others of us have bellies, and many of us have cellulite BUT we are ALL runners." #WomenRunners #WorldWideWomen [ Link ]

This marathon runner wants us to rethink what an athlete’s body looks like
This 16-year-old gymnast wants to be the role model she didn't have. #WorldWideWomen [ Link ]

Laurie Hernandez Wants To Be The Latina Role Model She Never Had
"Adding in numbers from last weekend, the space-race drama about three black NASA mathematicians has earned more domestically than “Jason Bourne” and “Star Trek Beyond,” both released in July." [ Link ]

'Hidden Figures' Earned More In The U.S. Than 'X-Men' And 'Star Trek'
5-year-old Edith Fuller is the youngest contestant to ever make it to the National Spelling Bee! #GirlPower #WorldWideWomen [ Link ]

5-Year-Old Becomes Youngest To Qualify For Scripps National Spelling Bee
Happy Monday! Here are 15 uplifting quotes written by women writers! [ Link ] #WomensHistoryMonth #WorldWideWomen

15 quotes by women writers that remind us to stay positive