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Congratulations to Viola Davis for winning Best Actress in a Supporting Role for "Fences" and for her historical achievement! "Acting is not rocket science, but it is an art form. What you are doing is illuminating humanity." #violadavis #oscars #worldwidewomen

Viola Davis becomes the first black actor to win an Oscar, Emmy, and Tony for acting.
None of us are equal until all of us. #womenfight #worldwidewomen #strongwomen
WorldWideWomen CEO Maureen Broderick talks about the launch of our global website-- [ Link ] the first-ever resource center for women and girls around the world. Take a peek and find out more. #girlpower #worldwidewomen #strongwomen
How inspiring is that? In February 2017, this brave adventurer achieved her goal, making the voyage in 18 months and 26 days. She broke the previous record and also became the first woman to visit every country on earth. #lifegoals #strongwomen #worldwidewomen

A 27-Year-Old Just Became The First Woman To Visit Every Country On Earth
A controversial ad that features little girls spouting the F-word while wearing princess dresses has the Internet buzzing. T-shirt company FCKH8 has the kids colorfully making statements about sexism, such as “Women are paid 23 percent less than men for the exact same f——-g work” and “My aspirations in life should not be worrying about the shape of my ass.” The premise is that inequality is...
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Little Girls Swear Like Truck Drivers To Target Sexism
The young literary advocate Marley Dias is publishing an activism guide for children and teens. The nonfiction book will target ages 10 and up and will show kids how to turn their passions into action. It will explore “activism, social justice, volunteerism, equity, and inclusion, using social media for good.” The book will also encourage literacy and diversity and guide young people to use...
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12-Year-Old Marley Dias To Publish Activism Guide For Kids And Teens
On Feb. 11, 2017, Meryl Streep accepted the Ally for Equality Award given by the Human Rights Campaign, the nation's leading LGBTQ rights group. Streep's speech touched on several key points that put this moment in LGBTQ history clearly into perspective. #strongwomen #girlpower #worldwidewomen

Meryl Streep's poignant speech on civil rights in the age of Trump is a must-read.
Last week's #SuperBowl ad from Audi USA drives home the need for equal pay for women. Now more than ever, we need ads like this which push back on gender stereotypes. Here's to creating a world where equal pay is a reality for all women. #driveprogress #worldwidewomen #strongwomen

Audi #DriveProgress Big Game Commercial – “Daughter”

Progress is in every decision we make, every technology we invent, every vehicle we build. It’s our past, our future, our reason to exist. Audi of America is...

Imagine if women could choose to take maternity leave while also advancing their skills and careers at the same time. Remote work is one potential solution for women to take charge and completely redesign life during and beyond maternity leave. #newpossibilities #worldwidewomen #strongwomen

Women: Remote Work Can Help Advance Your Career During And After Maternity Leave
In response to invoking the rule and removing Elisabeth Warren from the Senate floor, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell explained: "She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted." With that declaration, Warren was instantly added to the long long of women and girls throughout history who've persisted, even as those who opposed them try to shut them down. As Pulitzer...
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25 women who were warned, given an explanation, but nevertheless persisted.
This season’s hottest fashion staple isn’t a fur coat or a micro bag—it’s a pink pin with a purpose. Just before New York Fashion Week: Women’s kicks off on Thursday, February 9th—the Council of Fashion Designers of America unveiled a collaboration with Planned Parenthood. The initiative capitalizes on one of the fashion’s biggest weeks of the year—bringing women’s health and rights onto the...
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New York Fashion Week Goes Pink: CFDA Partners With Planned Parenthood
Women should be free to act and dress how they feel without having to worry about what other people are going to think or say. These flip-flopping, societal standards can reek havoc on a woman’s self-esteem. To give you a better understanding of what kinds of issues women are faced with daily, we have these four, eye-opening illustrations of the most common contradictions women have to put up...
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Artist illustrates the unfair double standards placed on women every single day
Princess Elizabeth was never meant to become queen, let alone the longest-serving monarch in the storied history of British royalty. She is the world's longest-reigning living monarch and just celebrated her Sapphire Jubilee today as Britain commemorated 65 years since she ascended the British throne. #strongwomen #worldwidewomen #queenelisabeth

65 years ago, she went up a tree a princess and came down a queen
What does it mean to “dress like a woman”? Social media users took it upon themselves to answer that very question in response to a report that President Trump wants women who work for him to look a certain way. Look at the pictures of powerful women wearing their work attire to show him just that. #DressLikeAWoman #worldwidewomen

Working Women Respond To White House Dress Code Report With #DressLikeAWoman Campaign
Sheryl Sandberg just made quite the monetary statement in favor of reproductive rights and women’s health care. The Facebook COO donated a million dollars to Planned Parenthood earlier this week. Bravo. #strongwomen WorldWideWomen

Sheryl Sandberg Donated $1 Million To Planned Parenthood
"As long as you're living a life, you have a story. Your story can change the world." Viola Davis was absolutely incredible at #WatermarkConf today. We will remember her speech for a long, long time.
An estimated 6,000 women are gearing up to attend the Watermark Conference for Women, an event centered around inspiring women to become excelling leaders in the workplace. The San Jose-based event, which will be attended by the leading female executives, emerging leaders, and entrepreneurs from around the Bay Area, is scheduled for tomorrow. Do not miss out! #watermarkconf #worldwidewomen

Watermark Conference for Women Empowers Female Leaders
Across the world women are held back and held down by cultural standards that discriminate against them, laws that limit their mobility, unequal compensation, violence, lack of representation. The list goes on. However, we keep seeing women who, despite having the chips stacked against them, manage to rise above those challenges. They are women—just like our host—who have persevered and...
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What does success look like? For this single mother in Guatemala, it’s all about perseverance | Oxfam America First Person Blog
When women get a little training and encouragement and develop expertise, they can become great leaders. They can lead their own family, or entire communities and organizations. Women who are leading the struggle can show us: Here are some stories of inspiring women leading the fight for their rights and those of others, to make a decent living, to a life of dignity, to safety. #worldwidewomen...
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4 women leaders who are fighting for change | Oxfam America First Person Blog
The Watermark Conference for Women will be held February 1, 2017 in San Jose. It offers you the community and connection, the information and inspiration, the motivation and momentum to help you discover what you want—and go get it! The conference features nationally recognized speakers who share their wisdom and expertise on a wide range of personal and professional development topics,...
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Watermark Conference for Women | Silicon Valley