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Warriors and their families worked together to escape evil scientists during a connection event at Trapped Puzzle Rooms in Minnesota.
“Everyone had a great time! It was everyone’s first time in an escape room and everyone was super excited. So much to look at and keep everyone feeling like they contributed. The place really kept us on our feet and made us work together. Really a blast! Good...
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Wounded Warrior Project
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Are you an artistic creative type? Learn more about the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival that's happening at your U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs hospital. There are more than 50 categories to enter for visual arts, and 100 for performing arts. Click below for more details.

National Veterans Creative Arts Festival

Warriors and their families had some creative fun painting pottery together at Color Me Mine South Miami, while they got to know new friends. These types of connection events are offered through our Alumni program. Learn more about registering with us at [ Bit.ly Link ].
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Some great resources here for you veteran entrepreneurs. You've got what it takes. Now change the world.

7 Free Resources Veteran Entrepreneurs Will Use To Crush It In 2017

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This piece from Upworthy is meant to be looked at. Never forget their sacrifices.

10 photos of seriously wounded vets remind us about the real costs of war.

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#BattleofKohima #LookItUp #HistorysGreatBattles #WWII
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We hosted our friends from Stack-Up, a military gaming organization, in our Chicago office last weekend. Warriors trekked in despite the wintry weather and got their hands on Oculus Rift systems, played some multiplayer Xbox One, and generally had a great night with each other while talking some smack and chowing down on some Al's #1 Italian Beef.

Live Fire Event - Wounded Warrior Project Chicago - Stack-Up.org

Wounded Warrior Project
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The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs will begin covering assisted reproductive technology, such as IVF, for veterans with service-connected injuries that affect their ability to have a family.

VA to start offering IVF services to veterans this spring

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Prescriptions for opiod painkillers for veterans have dropped in the last couple years, as physicians make a concerted effort to reduce the amount of prescribed painkillers. Veterans, are your pain relief needs being met at the VA?

Program cut risky opioid prescriptions for U.S. veterans - Futurity

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WWP warriors and their families had a great time with the cake experts from Cake Boss as they learned how to decorate cakes in the most patriotic way possible; red, white and blue! Each got their own cake to decorate however they liked.
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You might remember this hard-charger's story in the media recently after he got two new arms. Here's more of his motivating tale.

A Story Of Survival: How I Came Back From Losing All 4 Limbs

Wounded Warrior Project
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WWP warriors and their families around the country were involved in community service projects on #MLKDay, including this one in Baltimore, which was planned and executed by The 6th Branch.

Volunteers hold community clean ups for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

We're looking forward to working with Rep. Dr. Phil Roe, the new chairman of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs, to honor and empower wounded warriors.

New chairman outlines priorities for House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs

The federal government has set aside more than $2 billion for service members who were affected by contaminated water at U.S. Marine Corps base Camp Lejeune, NC. "Beginning in March, the cash payouts from the Department of Veterans Affairs may supplement VA health care already being provided to eligible veterans stationed at the Marine base for at least 30 cumulative days between Aug. 1, 1953,...
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U.S. agrees to pay billions to Marines affected by toxic water

Warriors and their families in Iowa had a night at the museum at the Science Center of Iowa & Blank IMAX Dome Theater, where they enjoyed exhibits, live presentations and more.
"This was a hidden gem that I never thought would have made me and my kids so happy. There was so much to do...I haven’t been this happy in a long time,” said Joe Lawyer, WWP warrior.
Congratulations to our partner Team Rubicon USA on their 7th year of operations since mobilizing to respond to the natural disaster in Haiti. They and the veterans and civilians who make up their crews have truly made a difference in the world, and we're proud to to work alongside them.
We hosted veteran gaming experts from Stack-Up last night in our Chicago office for a night of games, camaraderie and food. They played a few different games together, talked some serious smack and even got to try out virtual reality on Oculus Rift VR. Watch the video below!

Live from WWP Chicago with Shanghai Six and Seprin!

Secretary of Defense nominee James Mattis, speaking today, on mental health support for veterans.