WSL Big Wave Awards
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Whether it's slab or plastic surgery, big thick lips are a thing of beauty to a point...then they become absolutely terrifying. Dan Ryan at The Right, photo by Trent Slatter.
WSL Big Wave Awards
01/22/2017 at 17:45. Facebook
The UK's Tom Butler slides right on a pretty one at Nazaré, Portugal. Video by Humberto Santos.
WSL Big Wave Awards
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Flashback to Billy Kemper's 10-point barrel during the Pe'ahi Challenge at Jaws. Billabong Ride of teh year entry video by John Decesare.
WSL Big Wave Awards
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WSL Big Wave Awards
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Sebastian Steudtner, peaking at Nazaré. TAG Heuer XXL Biggest Wave entry photo by Hugo Silva // Photographer
WSL Big Wave Awards
01/17/2017 at 16:17. Facebook
The Tube of the Year Award is up for grabs. Shanan Worrall, throwing his hat into the ring at The Right. Photo by Jamie Scott Images.
Jose Ramirez Rito goes airborne during the Puerto Escondido Chalenge. TAG Heuer Wipeout of the Year entry video by Yana Vaz.
Much has been made of the big wave progress at Nazaré this winter, but that's not the only place in Europe where the limits are being pushed. Here's Stephane Iralour going massive at Belharra, off the Basque Coast of France. Photo by Antoine Justes Photographies.
Hugo Vau blasting down a Nazaré beast from above. Drone image by Máquina Voadora
Sebastian Steudtner going XXL at Nazaré. Billabong Ride of the Year entry clip by Pedro Miranda.
Kai Lenny, hopping, skipping and stuffing a Jaws wall moments after the end of the Pe'ahi Challenge. Billabong Ride of the Year entry video by John Decesare.
Morocco's OTHMANE CHOUFANI tastes the left at Nazare.
Up close and personal with Sylvio Mancusi negotiating the step at Shipstern Bluff. Video by Talon Clemow.
Maui's Paige Alms dominated the women's division of the Pe'ahi Challenge....but that doesn't mean she made them all. Everyone pays some tax on a big day at Jaws. TAG Heuer Wipeout of the Year entry video.
Marcelo Luna, the center of attention at Nazaré. Photo by André Botelho.
The elusive Nazaré barrel, as executed by Lucas Chumbo Chianca. Billabong Ride of the Year entry video by Shannon Reporting.
Grant Twig Baker nails a late drop at Maverick's but has to hit the eject button after reaching the bottom. Video by Eric W. Nelson.