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WSL Big Wave Awards
12/04/2016 at 18:20. Facebook
Sebastian Steudtner, Nazaré, Portugal. Photo by Miguel Chaby.
WSL Big Wave Awards
12/04/2016 at 18:15. Facebook
Sebastian Steudtner at Nazaré. Both the surfer and the photograph of the ride, perfectly composed. TAG Heuer XXL Biggest Wave entry photo by Miguel Chaby
WSL Big Wave Awards
12/04/2016 at 00:20. Facebook
Billy Kemper, attaining perfection in the final of the Pe'ahi Challenge. Billabong Ride of the Year entry video by WSL Video Team.
WSL Big Wave Awards
12/02/2016 at 20:09. Facebook
A peak moment of perfection at Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal. Photo by Vitor Faneca Estrelinha.
WSL Big Wave Awards
11/29/2016 at 16:20. Facebook
Kai Lenny, big wave, big air at Jaws. Photo by Marcus Rodrigues.
WSL Big Wave Awards
11/28/2016 at 18:03. Facebook
All eyes on Billy Kemper's 20-point ride in the final of the Pe'ahi Challenge. Photo by Christa Funk.
WSL Big Wave Awards
11/27/2016 at 00:05. Facebook
Trevor Sven Carlson, sliding into the sweet spot during the early bird session at Jaws before the start of the Pe'ahi Challenge. Photo by Chris Egan.
Tyler Fox, swooping into an epic Maverick's drop. Photo by Fred Pompermayer.
New York's Will Skudin has been on full-blown mission this season. Not only did he make the final of the Pe'ahi Challenge, he zipped over to Portugal to bag this beast over the weekend. Photo by Vitor Faneca Estrelinha
Ben Andrews has had a stack of WSL Big Wave Awards nominations over the years with paddle monsters at Maverick's. Here's another potential contender from the recent run of Pacific swell. Photo by Fred Pompermayer.
There's been heaps of surf all around the world the last could of weeks and Puerto legend Coco nogales has been all over the place, scooping up tasty set waves. Here he aanjoys a delightfully glassy day at Todos Santos. Photo by Fred Pompermayer.
.Santa Cruz style master Nic Lamb goes full bomb squad with an epic air drop during the WSL's Pe'ahi Challenge. Yes, he stuck it and pulled it off according to Big Wave Award Biggest Paddle rules .before getting detonated out on the flats. Photo by Richard Hallman.
Kai Lenny grabs the rope and airs it out after the final ended at the Pe'ahi Challenge at Jaws. Billabong Ride of the Year entry video by Aaron Lynton Productions.
The ever-precise Greg Long was dominant force in the Pe'ahi Challenge with many of the best waves of the event. In the end he had to settle for a very solid second place. Photo by Richard Hallman
Albee Albert Layer gets clearance from air traffic control for this late drop at the Pe'ahi Challenge. Photo by Aaron Lynton.
There has been a long buildup to yesterday's Women's Big Wave Championships at the Pe'ahi Challenge. And when the it all came down there was no question who deserved the title of undisputed heavyweight champion. Congratulations to Maui's Paige Alms for bringing it. Photo by Richard Hallman.
Congratulations to Billy Kemper, two-time Pe'ahi Challenge champion, and all the competitors who took Big Wave Tour surfing to the next level yesterday. Photo by Richard Hallman.
TUNE IN NOW! The Pe'ahi Challenge is on and the swell is getting bigger!

2016 Pe'ahi Challenge

It's on for tomorrow! The live webcast of the Pe'ahi Challenge is set for Friday, November 11 and starts at 7 AM Hawaiian, 9 AM Pacific and Noon Eastern Times. It will also be carried on CBS Sports Network in the US and on Oceanic/Time Warner Cable in Hawaii. Check your local listings and tune in one way or another for an epic day of men's and women's big wave surfing.