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Put your climate change knowledge to the test and you could win a great WWF prize, including a big cat adoption! #MakeClimateMatter

*Please note prizes are available for UK residents only
WWF Big Cats
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Tomorrow, join hundreds of millions of people around the world!

Earth Hour is tomorrow - the moment where millions switch off their lights in a symbolic display to call for action on climate change.


Can we count you in?

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This Saturday, the world will unite for the 10th anniversary of Earth Hour. In over 170 countries, people have been coming together for a decade to show support for our planet.

Now more than ever, it’s time to #MakeClimateMatter.

Join Earth Hour

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A tigress playing with her cubs in the wild. Just how it should be ♥

By 2022 we want to be living in a world where wild tigers numbers have doubled, not decreased. Find out how you can help: [ Po.st Link ] #iProtectTigers
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Happiness is a world where people and nature thrive

Happy #InternationalDayOfHappiness to you all!
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Big cats like that of the elusive snow leopard need your help.

In some countries, big cats skins are sold as trophies, magic amulets and for fashion. We need to protect them - who's with us?

Adopt a Big Cat today with WWF UK

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Only 1 WEEK TO GO until Earth Hour!

It's a chance for us to make our voices heard. With one week to go, join the world’s biggest global event for our planet and help us #MakeClimateMatter

Sign up to Earth Hour

When you can't contain your excitement that it's Friday
Sad news from the wild today.

Uporny, the Amur tiger that was rehabilitated and returned to the wild in 2015 was found dead, likely to be attacked by a large predator. Perhaps a brown bear, or another tiger.

Many of you have celebrated his release and would remember him as a symbol of the fight for freedom and survival in the wild. Amur tigers live in extreme conditions and chances of death...
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It looks as if this lynx cub has a secret admirer - in the form of a roe deer fawn
It has been said that tiger urine smells like buttered popcorn - this is certainly something to think about when you next visit the cinema!
Can you guess the big cat that this nose belongs to? ????

The Amur leopard faces numerous threats, including forest fires, exploitation of forests, new roads, poaching (of leopards and their prey) and climate change [ Ow.ly Link ]
That feeling when the paparazzi gets all too much .... #HappySaturday
Isn’t our planet amazing?

Earth Hour is the biggest environmental movement for our planet. Sign up to take part on 25th March, and call for action on climate change.

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Enjoy your own company?

The Indian Jungle Cat certainly does. They are an incredibly solitary cat, preferring to hunt alone during the daytime.
Looking longingly past #HumpDay towards the weekend like...
An interesting fact to start off your Tuesday

The size of jaguars can vary lots between regions - jaguars in central America can be roughly half the size of jaguars in the Pantanal.

Do you share our double vision?

By 2022, the next Chinese year of the tiger, we want to live in a world where the number of wild tigers has doubled, not decreased. If you do too, find out how you can help make this happen.

Double tigers by 2022