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It’s International Day of the Cheetah today! Let’s celebrate cheetahs, the most specialised members of the cat family.

Happy #IntlCheetahDay!
WWF Big Cats
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Hands up if you love lions as much as we do! ????
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12/02/2016 at 09:50. Facebook
Here’s a fun #FridayFact

Tigers that live in humid tropical forests – such as in Sumatra and Malaysia – generally have darker coats and more stripes than tigers found in less humid habitats, such as India and Nepal.

Tigers are endangered, but for the first time in conservation history their numbers have started to increase.

You can be part of the biggest conservation success story of our time. Become a Tiger Protector [ Po.st Link ]

WWF Big Cats
12/01/2016 at 12:45. Facebook
The story of the lynx’s reintroduction to Switzerland (gone by 1904, but reintroduced in the 1970s) shows why predators are so vital to the overall ecosystem.

Now, the lynx’s future depends on cross-border cooperation between countries.

Stunning Photos of Switzerland’s 'Ghost Cats'

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11/30/2016 at 11:55. Facebook
Some gorgeous big cats are amongst the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award People's Choice collection - and you can vote for your favourite!

People's Choice Award | 2016 | Wildlife Photographer of the Year

WWF Big Cats
11/29/2016 at 15:45. Facebook
Let’s make #GivingTuesday about tigers this year!

Tigers have been walking the planet for about 2 million years – yet during the last century wild tiger numbers plummeted by more than 95%.

But there is some good news. For the first time in conservation history, wild tiger numbers have started to grow. Now that’s worth celebrating this Christmas – wouldn’t you agree?

Become a Tiger Protector this Christmas

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11/29/2016 at 10:25. Facebook
Lions are the only known cat species where individuals join to produce a chorus of roars. Even young cubs join in with their mews.
WWF Big Cats
11/28/2016 at 10:39. Facebook
Look at that luscious tail!

Snow leopards tails can be up to a metre long. They're thought to help the snow leopards balance, and they also wrap their tails around themselves for warmth - and you can see why!
WWF Big Cats
11/27/2016 at 11:15. Facebook
Charles Darwin once described Borneo as 'one great luxuriant hothouse made by nature for herself'.

Borneo is one of the last places where clouded leopards can be found in the wild. But the majority of Bornean clouded leopards live outside of protected areas.
Fall in love with leopards all over again.
What a beauty! This is an Iberian lynx, the world’s most endangered feline. Sadly, the home of these beautiful cats is under threat. But your voice can help.

The most endangered feline in the world depends on Doñana National Park

It’s one month until Christmas! Thumbs up if you’re excited

If you're shopping for gifts for animal lovers, a tiger adoption could go a long way...

With 1 December fast approaching, time is running out for Spain to commit to cancelling dredging plans and protect Doñana World Heritage site, home of stunning lynxes like this one. There are only around 400 Iberian lynx in the wild, and they need all the help they can get.

We have until 1 December...

We are officially at the halfway point of our goal to double tigers!

Your support has helped make it possible to halt the global decline of tigers. For the next 6 years, we will continue our work to double wild tiger numbers.

Help us double wild tigers by 2022

Snow leopards, otherwise know as the “Ghost of the Mountains” are disappearing… We need to act NOW to save these magnificent cats.
In the UK, we’re asking the nation to become Tiger Protectors this Christmas! Here’s our new TV ad – what do you think?

#iProtectTigers [ Po.st Link ]
Because who wouldn’t want to receive a Christmas card featuring a snow leopard?

WWF-UK Shop: Christmas Cards

The vet had never seen cats like these…

The mysterious creatures were one of the rarest species of big cat. So rare, in fact, that much of their behaviour and needs remained a mystery – making the first ever attempt to rehabilitate them quite a difficult task.

Learning to Be Wild: How a Vet and an Ex-poacher Are Saving India's Big...

Tigers are endangered, but for the first time in conservation history their numbers have started to increase.

You can be part of the biggest conservation success story of our time. Become a Tiger Protector [ Po.st Link ]