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The banana slug is your friend. #AnimalFactsFriday
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The Carolinian Zone is home to one-third of Canada's at-risk species. Your green space is part of the solution. #InTheZone
The Carolinian Zone is home to onethird of Canadas atrisk species Your

Help wildlife thrive, one garden at a time.

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Help us monitor capelin off the coasts of Quebec and Atlantic provinces! Report sightings: [ Ecapelin.ca Link ] #eCapelin
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Impossible not to be a'moose'd by this rare animal.
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Transform your green space into a habitat with as little as one native plant. [ Ow.ly Link ] #InTheZone
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Oceanhc Van Thiel
93 out of 167 sub-watersheds have experienced habitat loss. Find out why in our #WatershedReports: ow.ly/e9lo30cvWvv
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's selfie game was in fine form for our #HealthyWatersSummit reception. Thanks to everyone who made it such a memorable evening.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeaus selfie game was in fine form for our
Byron Hosking
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Lynaya Astephen
Honoured to have Prime Minister Justin Trudeau share his love - and optimism - for Canada's freshwater with us.
Marianna Lapp
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Canada is home to 20% of the world’s freshwater, but after four years of research, we discovered we're putting it at risk. Find out how: [ Ow.ly Link ] #WatershedReports
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There were six #KidsRunForNature events around Canada today! Thanks to everyone who participated.
There were six KidsRunForNature events around Canada today Thanks to everyone who
A red-tailed hawk chick is sharing a nest with three bald-eagle chicks. Is the hawk a friend or food?
A redtailed hawk chick is sharing a nest with three baldeagle chicks

Bird experts surprised by red-tailed hawk chick surviving in bald-eagle nest

Allison Carolan
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Our oceans are in crisis, so why does Canada protect only 1% of our marine areas? Our blog: [ Ow.ly Link ] #WorldOceansDay
Our oceans are in crisis so why does Canada protect only 1
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WWF-Canada Arctic Program is providing financial assistance for biologists who are assessing the status of the Qamanirjuaq barren-ground caribou herd. We spotted this female yesterday in Nunavut.
Kristen Mary Johnson
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Happy #WorldEnvironmentDay, Canada! How will you connect #withnature today? [ Countfornature.wwf.ca Link ]
Happy WorldEnvironmentDay Canada How will you connect withnature today
Ariel Gershon
North Atlantic right whales are endangered by shipping traffic and fishing gear. During this rescue in January, 137 metres of rope and a 135 pound crab trap was removed. Help us pressure the government to enact strong protection for marine mammals and give them the safe haven they need to survive. DONATE: [ Ow.ly Link ] #MakeItRight
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On your mark, get set, run for nature!
Register now: [ Ow.ly Link ] #KidsRunForNature
North Atlantic right whales are making their way from Florida to the Bay of Fundy. And they’re struggling to survive. Please help these majestic mammals: [ Ow.ly Link ] #MakeItRight
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Arabella's Polar Page
We’re mesmerized by this mating session.
Nathaniel Kim
Craig Huntley
Grant Edmiston
We're encouraged by Nepal's strong stance against wildlife crime.
Evangeline Ghast
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