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It's World Pangolin Day!

And we've a special blog for you from a pangolin expert - Dr Dan Challender from IUCN. We asked him 4 questions about pangolins - the worlds most trafficked mammal. Read his blog...

4 facts about the world's most trafficked mammal: the pangolin

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Look out the Punks are in Hollywood!

Who's been watching Lion Country on ITV?

A great series folllowing the fate of two prides of Lions - Hollywood and Mwamba Kaingo....and a break-off group of troublesome young lions called the Punks.

If you haven't already, make it your 'mane' attraction!

Lion Country: Night and Day - Episode 2

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Owl you see me, now you don't

Did you spot this cheeky chappie hiding in the hollow of a tree in a Florida forest? He's a North American screech owl. They've evolved a camouflage that blends in with their habitat, that helps them keep their young from predators and helps them catch their own prey.

This award winning photo was taken by award-winning photographer Graham McGeorge. [ Ow.ly Link ]
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Have you heard of Banke National Park? Despite being Nepal’s youngest national park, its tiger population has doubled since 2013!

Bringing tigers back to the area was previously thought to be impossible, giving even more reason to celebrate this conservation success
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You saucy Lynx!

Ooh check out this image from globalanimal.org [ Ow.ly Link ] two loved-up Lynxes nuzzling.

However, Lynx are usually solitary animals, but do mate during the winter months. There are four species of Lynx across Europe, Asia and Canada. Eurasian Lynx are exclusively carnivorous, choosing mainly deer as their staple, but are opportunistic predators, so will eat whatever...
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Wondering what to do in the run-up to #EarthHourUK? Why not go on one of the stargazing walks run by @Forestry CommEng?

Stargazing in the forest (England)

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Spot the Rhino... Hiding from Monday!
Research in the Amazon suggests that loss of birds through deforestation prevents the recovery of rainforests, due to birds' role in the ecosystem.

Tropical forests need birds in order to recover from deforestation

This stunning and unique environment is the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda. Set over 331 sq km of dangerously steep mountain rainforest and home to an estimated 360 gorillas.
Passionate about our planet? Care about our climate?

Send us your climate change message before February 10th and we’ll show it to politicians…

Now is the time to take climate action. Follow these steps to send a video message about why climate action is important to you:

Send your video message

Want to know more about Climate Change? Then check out our A to Z guide.

We need to act on climate change now. Show your support for ambitious action on climate by joining #EarthHourUK: [ Po.st Link ]

The A to Z of Climate Change - WWF UK Blog

The UK Space Agency's "Forests 2020" project aims to improve management and protection across 300 million hectares of tropical forests.

Space funding of £14m for Scottish firm's rainforest protection project...

Want to learn more about the stunning Satpuda Maikal?

India’s central highlands are largely covered with tropical forests and natural grasslands, some of which have been converted to farmland and some which are affected by fire and livestock grazing.

Satpuda Maikal

“But there’s still time to rescue the tranquillity, the fragile space between parks, pitches and sea…”

Time is precious, but we can and we must continue to #ShowTheLove for all we want to protect. Take a minute (or three) to watch this stunning film starring Charles Dance, Elbow, and the NHS Choir and SHARE it far and wide.
European Tree of the Year 2017 – vote for your favourite!

Let us know your favourite on the comments section below!

European Tree of the Year 2017 – vote for your favourite tree

Maybe if I hide in this tree Monday won't find me...
Did you know the Mau forest is crucial as the source of no fewer than 12 rivers, including the Mara?

It also acts like a natural water tank, storing rainwater in the wet season and gradually releasing it during the dry season. Its forests are also an important elephant nursery, where females give birth to their calves in relative shelter and safety.


Just another leaf? Another leaf-tailed ghecko, or something else hiding?

Can you spot the Common Baron Caterpillar on this leaf in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? Tricky isn't it! From a distance, this little fellow can evade predators and be 'leafed' alone.
Is it a wolf? No, it's an...otter??

Giant otter fossil discovered in South-West China's Yunnan Province is biggest ever, say scientists. Read the article and find out more.

Huge otter fossil, millions of years old, discovered in China