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2016 has been declared the hottest year on record, with 16 of our 17 warmest years having happened since 2000

Now more than ever, it's urgent for us to show governments, businesses and the rest of the world that climate change matters to us.
Switch out your lights for one hour and take part in #EarthHourUK on 25...
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Happy #PenguinAwarenessDay! Did you know that penguin's poo - technically known as ‘guano’ - leaves reddish-brown stains on the ice which are visible from space? #FridayFact

Tracking the emperors of Antarctica - WWF UK Blog
Be part of the Earth Hour team and help us make this year's 10th anniversary the best ever!
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It's official: Final data confirms record-breaking temperatures for third year in a row. 2016 is declared a record-breaking hottest year ever measured, taking us dangerously close to the Paris Agreement’s target of trying to limit increase in global temperatures to 1.5°C.

This is the latest on a long line of record-breaking years – 16 of the 17 hottest years on record have happened since...
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Alien Moon? Stunning pictures of Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, showing an amazing world of lakes, rain, winds, and wonder.
Isn't this amazing?

Stunning Pictures Show an Alien Moon Eerily Like Earth
Nature’s heroes? In addition to acting as a natural barrier against tsunamis, #DYK that mangroves also play an important role in our climate by helping to absorb three times more carbon than other forests?

Search for unsung heroes continues
Great news this Monday morning! Ahead of the World Economic Forum annual meeting over 80 companies call on UK Government to demonstrate its commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goals.
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Simply stunning! Aurora borealis seen from Jokulsarlon lake in Iceland...
Isn't our world amazing?
As Earth Hour draws closer, we wish to share with you our top 5 conservation success stories of 2016, many of which are helping to reduce the impacts of climate change!
From protecting wetlands, to making palm oil more sustainable, help us stay positive and add your name to Earth Hour to become part of the change!
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Conservation wins of 2016
Ever wondered why cat’s eyes glow in the dark?

From house cats to tigers, all felines have a special adaptation that reflects light back into their eyes a second time. This makes their night vision a lot better than ours! #FridayFact
Wow! The world’s first solar highway opens in France.
The route, covered with 2,800 sq m of electricity-generating panels should generate enough electricity to power the street lighting in the village of 3,400 inhabitants.

The world’s first solar highway just opened
Star Wars gibbon? Exciting news this morning! Scientists have found a new species of gibbon living in the tropical forests of south west China.
Isn't our world amazing?

'Star Wars gibbon' is new primate species - BBC News
Congratulate this inspirational guy on winning a British Empire Medal...
Simon Jakeman is a fireman from London, back in 2013 we awarded him our Earth Hour Hero of the year for making his fire station in Surbiton the greenest in London. 4 years on Simon is still championing sustainability and energy saving.

Huge congrats on your well deserved award Simon.

If you think you might know this...
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Some positive news on Monday morning!
Congratulations to Costa Rica for running almost entirely on renewable energy in 2016

Costa Rica ran almost entirely on renewable energy in 2016
"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."
Albert Einstein National

Isn't our world amazing?
Fantastic news! Wind power overtakes coal for the first time in the UK.

UK wind power overtakes coal for first time
London has breached its annual air pollution limits just five days into 2017.

London breaches annual air pollution limit for 2017 in just five days
Tobogganing penguins! Penguins sometimes slide on their belly over the ice - in a manouevre known as 'tobogganing'? #FridayFact
From ratification of the Paris agreement by 196 countries - including the UK, US and China - continued cost reductions and huge installations of clean energy, to rising temperature levels and devastating weather events...

With 2016 being the third year in a row that record global temperatures were set,
make this year matter! Take part in Earth Hour and show you want action on climate change....
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Climate change in 2016: the good, the bad, and the ugly | John Abraham
Last century, people imagined a world where technology gave us flying cars… We might not be flying to work, but cars are changing for the better. Electric vehicles are set to soon become a cost-effective alternative to petrol-power.

Would you buy an electric car if it cost the same as one that ran on fossil fuels?

Electric Vehicle Growth in China set to shrink oil demand, devalue oil...