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It's the International Day of Happiness! We've got a lovely story to share with you today...

Meet Andre, a self-described “gorilla mother”. Here he is looking after an orphaned gorilla who was rescued from horrific circumstances and brought into care by the staff of Virunga National Park, a beautiful World Heritage site.

Andre thinks of these gorillas as his own children and has cared for...
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'We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children' / Native American proverb/ Isn't our world amazing? #EarthHourUK
Where do we draw the line? #EarthHourUK #MakeClimateMatter
Just ONE WEEK TO GO until the 10th anniversary of Earth Hour!

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Beer is made with hops. Warmer temperatures and extreme weather events damage hop production, and in the last decade the price of hops has gone up by 250% because of increasing demand and lower crop yields.

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This jellyfish has been photographed at a depth of 3,700 meters. According to research, creatures in a deep oceans are facing a number of challenges such as food shortages and changing temperatures due to a climate change and human activity on the world’s seas.

Deep sea life faces dark future due to warming and food shortage

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We would like to invite you to an exclusive screening of Leonardo DiCaprio’s climate movie ‘Before the Flood’ at Bristol Aquarium on Saturday 25th March at 7pm.
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Puzzling question on Monday morning... do zebras have stripes on their skin?

Do Zebras Have Stripes On Their Skin?

Our world is brilliant!
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Photo: Richard Bloom
Super solar success! ☀

Before solar lanterns, Emily couldn’t complete her homework. “I’d spend most evenings gathering firewood, and when I could study the smoke from my kerosene tin lamp would choke me. I could barely concentrate.”

Now, thanks to the lanterns, Emily is doing really well in school. She’s set to pass her exams next year and is one step closer to achieving her dream of...
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For the 10th anniversary of Earth Hour, we’re absolutely determined to #MakeClimateMatter. Ellie Goulding’s with us – give us a thumbs up if you are too! wwf.org.uk/makeclimatematter