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Getting on your bike for the Cape Town Cycle Tour? Make sure you’re doing it for nature in this stylish #RideforNature jersey.
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If you're getting on your bike for the Cape Town Cycle Tour, make sure you're also doing it for nature and in style with these #RideforNature cycle jerseys:
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To help you stem the tide on free-flowing water in your home this #WednesdayWisdom, here are handy water saving tips: [ Wwf.org.za Link ]

Tips for saving water around the home

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Did you know that around 10 million tons of food are lost to waste across the food supply chain in SA annually?

You can make a difference with these simple tips. #Green2017 [ Taste.co.za Link ]

Don’t toss your fruit and veg scraps and leftovers into the bin | Woolworths TASTE

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Keep it green this #ChooseDay. Skip energy-guzzling light bulbs with energy-efficient ones.
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Will you be counted as a hero for the environment this #MondayMotivation?
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Despite plummeting dam levels and heightened water restrictions, Capetonians are still not taking enough action to #SaveWater. How can we change this?

[ Thetablemountainfund.org.za Link ]

The Table Mountain Fund | Why aren’t Capetonians doing enough to save water?

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At WWF we get to work with some cool people - in conservation and even in the arts. Meet Nomsa Mazwai, a woman of many talents and one of our most awesome #JourneyofWater supporters.

Vibrant Jill of all trades | IOL

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This is Wilma, a German shorthaired pointer, who is trained to track rhino on one of our black #rhino sites. She is still young but is already capable of tracking rhino tracks that are a few hours old. #RhinoFriday
With the red-listing of West Coast rock lobster by @WWF-SASSI, we called on you to #SkipTheKreef last December. The response was overwhelming, with a number of seafood restaurants taking the endangered crustacean off the menu.

Thank you for your support!

Restaurants heed the call to #SkiptheKreef

Reasons to #LoveNature:

The stunningly beautiful Cape Floral Kingdom is the richest plant kingdom in the world and has earned World Heritage status. <3
Reasons to #LoveNature: The stunningly beautiful Cape Floral Kingdom is the richest plant kingdom in the world and has earned World Heritage status. <3
In a first for South Africa, a Calendon farmer has signed a conservation easement in the heart of the Renosterveld that will protect this bio-hotspot in perpetuity.

A new form of conservation protects critically endangered Renosterveld

#ChooseDay: SkipTheKreef, choose #green SASSI fish.
Congratulations to our #LoveNature competition winner, Zasha De Lange. Thank you all for your entries.
With February being all about love. We asked our supporters to tell us why they #LoveNature by snapping a pic and sharing it with us. Here's a top 10 list of the best entries. <3
Nature is our first love. Happy Valentine's Day.

Share this with someone to show you #LoveNature
Reasons to #LoveNature:
Well-managed landscapes support local communities and the production of food, fuel and more.
This #MondayMotivation; remember that sustainable living is the best way to ensure the future of life on Earth. Keep it green.
#SundayRead: “We have to let go of current assumptions about water, conservation and demand,” says scenario planner Alan Iny.

It’s time to think differently… #SaveWater #WaterWatch #JourneyofWater

SA economy can grow and avoid a water crisis - expert