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Virginia Creeper is a rampant climber and while a healthy plant does not require vigourous pruning, it does benefit from an annual tidy. Winter is a good time to do this. Proceed by cutting away some of the older, overcrowded stems. Also, if the vine is growing along a building, trim back to keep gutters, windows and downpipes clear, and repeat in the spring or summer if necessary.
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If you have rhubarb in your garden or veg patch, now is a good time to force some of the stems. To force, place a forcing jar over the crown to block all light and when the stems reach the top of the pot, they are ready for harvest. Forced rhubarb stems are a paler pink and more tender, but only force established plants.
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Winter pot protection: Raise containers onto feet or bricks to protect them from wet and cold and tie up leaves if possible. Then wrap the plant and the pot with bubble wrap, hessian or horticultural fleece if the container is not frost proof.
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Who doesn't love paperwhites? If you force some bulbs now, you will have indoor blooms by February (it usually takes 3-5 weeks). They do not even need soil. Simply place some bulbs, root end down, on some stones or pebbles (a glass container is always nice for this), add water to cover just the bottom of the bulb and set in a bright spot and wait for the blooms.
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Last chance to sow sweet peas is right about now! To sow, put seeds into pots at least 10cm (4in) deep, with a multipurpose compost mixed with added John Innes, for better aeration. You can sow in stages starting in mid-November, then on Boxing Day and one more in the last 2 weeks of January. Gardeners in the north of the UK need to sow in mid-October and avoid winter sowings when light levels...
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Mahonia is an excellent shrub for colour in the winter garden and the display of yellow flowers also has a lovely scent. The plants can grow to be quite large, so a good choice for the back of the border and they tolerate most aspects and most soils as long as they are well drained.
Witch Hazel (hamamelis) is a winter-flowering shrub and one of the delights of a winter garden. Not only does it provide a display of blooms ranging from pale yellow to deep orange, it is sweet scented and stems can be trimmed and brought inside for even more enjoyment.
Many gardens in the UK have a grape vine. Grapes are best pruned in their dormant period, usually late winter. When it comes to pruning, a hard prune is best. Light pruning will not encourage fruiting so if you want a lovely display of grapes, prune hard. To do this, cut off as much of the old wood as possible. This will encourage new wood to grow and this is where the fruit is produced.
Container gardening is an excellent way to keep interest going year round. And it is as much about the pot as it is the plant. There are many shapes, sizes and materials available so possibilities are endless. You could group a range of plants in one large container, or the same plant in a grouping of different pots, or the same single plant in a group of the same pots. What happens in your...
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Camellias are woodland plants which thrive in shelter and light shade, and provide welcome garden colour at this time of year. They are ericaceous and require an acid soil with free-draining conditions. As a result, you may choose to plant your camellia in a container to provide the optimum environment. Avoid siting a camellia near an east facing wall as the rapid morning thaw after an...
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If you have a veg patch, or even some veg containers, January is a good time to think about Spring planting. Potatoes, onions, shallots and garlic can all be ordered now.
It's very cold out there! Spare a thought for our feathered friends, who need water as much as food. Keep garden bird baths topped up and defrost them on icy days.
Is everyone ready to get back to some gardening? January is a good time to establish snowdrops and hellebores. To encourage new colonies in your garden, buy plants in flower to choose the prettiest specimens.
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Adjusting care for winter is not only important for the garden, houseplants have different requirements at this time of year too. Reduce watering frequency and allow the plant to dry a little between waters; if it’s a humidity lover, use a spray mister. Some houseplants may benefit from being moved closer to a window as daylight levels diminish. Unless the plant is actively growing, reduce...
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