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Baby, it's cold outside, but it's nice and warm where Quicksilver is!

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"Together we will cleanse the earth for the strongest." - Apocalypse

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"Stay back. Whoever you are, don't try to stop me from killing these men." - Magneto

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Psylocke can read minds and construct weapons from her psychic energy! What would your mutant powers be?

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"Is this who I am?"

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Some brilliant 1980s references in X-Men Apocalypse. How many can you spot in this clip? #ThrowBackThursday
Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) shows off a pretty amazing party trick.

What mutant power do you wish you had?
X marks the spot.

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Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) isn't just a master of disguise, she's also pretty handy in a fight.

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There's a Storm coming in...

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