Xbox Canada
Xbox Canada
06/23/2017 at 20:30. Facebook
What game from #XboxE3 are you most looking forward to playing?

Let us know using the reaction buttons and in the comments below
What game from XboxE3 are you most looking forward to playing
AJ Stewart
Jeff Wakem
Adam J Zawadzki
Xbox Canada
Xbox Canada
06/22/2017 at 13:01. Facebook
#TBT to #XboxE32017
Even though it was only a week ago, we already can't wait for next year.
355 days to go!
Simon Ly
Xbox Canada
Xbox Canada
06/21/2017 at 16:00. Facebook
They say “less is more”. We respectfully disagree.
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IzIt Ian
Clayton Coroon
Dan Lazenby
More games.
More fun.
More sweaty man-hugs.
#XboxGamePass [ Link ]
R Joseph Martin
Owen Bronicheski
Adrién Baril
Happy #FathersDay from all of us at Xbox Canada!
Happy FathersDay from all of us at Xbox Canada
Tobii Penner
Brendon Woodall
Dan Lazenby
This year's #XboxE3 may be over, but you can relive all the excitement of the briefing [E-M] then dig into the details at [ Link ]
William James Grenier
Emanuel Caron
Jake Engham
#XboxAllForOne is LIVE from the Xbox booth with a few familiar faces. We're sharing our highlights from the show, what games we can't wait to play and more!
Po Wing
John Kieswetter
Robin Price
Your #XboxLive Avatar is about to get a lot more "you."
See what's in store at [ Link ]
Dan Brown
Aaron Hassink
Patrick Manoc
Couldn’t make it to E3? Share the experience with Marissa Roberto as she tours the #XboxE3 Booth.
She got early access to bring you all the sights and sounds. Check it out! #XboxAllForOne
Gary Ducharme
Steven Macesin
Three generations.
One place.
Xbox One.

Learn more at [ Link ]
Three generations 
One place 
Xbox One

Learn more at
Mason Leibel
Rob Smith
Dylan Tomasi
40% more power than any other console. #XboxOneX [ Link ]
40 more power than any other console XboxOneX
Karl Norton
Gage Andrist
Francis Aird
#XboxAllForOne is LIVE from the show floor at E3!
Cecil Yiu
John Elliott
Corey Wisla
Marissa Roberto and Dapper_Tux are in LA for #E3, and the only people more excited might be the fans!
See what they all had to say after the #XboxE3Briefing and let us know what you're most excited for in the comments.

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Jody McLean
John Elliott
Duncan Mckellar
New countries.
New colours.
New possibilities.
Explore them all with #XboxDesignLab: [ Link ]
Bill Naphan
Matt Smithman
Dylan Gonas
In case you missed it, the #XboxOneX will be available for $599.99 starting November 7, 2017.

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In case you missed it the XboxOneX will be available for 59999 starting November 7 2017
Matthew LeBlanc
Leonard Buddy
Dave Morris
Ready to play in Ultra HD?
See more 4K trailers from #XboxE3 at [ Link ]

Ready to play in Ultra HD See more 4K trailers from XboxE3
Aaron Hutchison
Sean DeMarco
JP Thorn
Middle-earth: Shadow of War descends on Mordor October 10. [ Link ] #XboxOneX

ESRB Rating: MATURE (Blood and Gore, Intense Violence)
James Pilurtuut
Looking for a super-powered career?
Try the Agency: [ Link ] #Crackdown3 #XboxOneX

Pre-order: [ Link ]

Mario Pugliese
Owen Hutchison
Aaron Jamez Stolz
Is the pirate's life for you?
Watch the new Sea of Thieves trailer at [ Link ] #XboxOneX

ESRB Rating: TEEN (Crude Humour, Use of Alcohol, Violence)
Julian Santini
James E. Robb
How will you survive?
Watch the trailer for State of Decay 2 at [ Link ] #XboxOneX

Darrell Bechard
Christ Lockridge
Dark-Jean Cayer