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Half the list is restaurants that only opened in the past year or two.

The 100 best US places to eat in 2017
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Both the US and China took punitive trade actions against each other last week.

There's reason to believe the trade wars have already begun
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Lots of Apple's customers think they have a defective battery

Apple's iPhone battery shutdown issue isn't going away
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"So I understand that we're talking about an opportunity — what do you think?"

A CEO who interviews every new hire always starts off with the exact same question
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"One this is fairly clear: we are getting a version with a curved edge."

Everything we already know about the Galaxy S8
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“We want to be a totally inclusive world, whether it’s your racial ethnicity, whether it’s your religious background, whether it’s your sexual orientation."

Lloyd's CEO on the global moment: 'We want to be a totally inclusive world'
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Good news for college students everywhere.

College textbook sales are plummeting
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"I would recommend every CEO and board of directors make sure they understand what that framework looks like.”

How corporations will defend themselves against cyber attacks in 2017
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"Ultimately, there will be more uncertainty, reductions in confidence and a bit of a downward spiral."

Former Treasury Secretary warns of a 'downward spiral' if Trump-style nationalism takes hold globally
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The soul of the burgers is still all-beef patties and special sauce.

McDonald’s debuts two new Big Mac variations
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"You're having companies ingratiating themselves with him — and then decisions being made that affect those companies. That poses serious conflict problems."

Trump's CEO meetings raise ethics questions
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"Increasingly, the elderly populations feel lonely, bored, and unafraid of the legal ramifications."

Japan's elderly account for 20% of all crime — and it's turning prisons into nursing homes
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"Tou see that sticker number, that top line, and you think you can’t come.”

Yale president: Yale is more affordable than you think
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Self-driving trucks will take over nearly 100% of trucking jobs. The only question is when.

This chart shows when robots might take over all trucking jobs
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“If you do the job right, the intensity of it is just astounding."

Honeywell CEO David Cote reveals what it takes to lead a $90 billion company