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This bot plays the market to raise money for American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

How one company's using Donald Trump's tweets to save puppies
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"It’s our vision in the future we could offer a single price for the car, maintenance, and insurance."

Tesla wants to sell future cars with insurance and maintenance included in the price
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"When you hear a politician start a sentence with the phrase 'We’re all living longer,' grab your wallet."

Why living longer should not lead to retirement benefit cuts
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Nearly 70% of adults have less than $1,000 in their savings accounts .

Here's how much money you should have saved at every age
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The president of the American Gaming Association is very excited about President Donald J. Trump.

A 'perfect storm' is brewing for legalized sports gambling
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President Donald J. Trump made a false claim today.

No, Gary Cohn did not pay $200 million in taxes to work for Trump
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Macy's credit rating is now one notch above "junk" status.

Macy's is spiraling downward
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Starbucks is learning that there's a risk to taking a stand against President Donald J. Trump's policies.

Starbucks' brand perception has plummeted since it announced plan to hire refugees
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It's hard to tell which side will be better for consumers.

Banks and retailers are reigniting the debit card wars
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One Uber manager allegedly "threatened to beat an underperforming employee’s head in with a baseball bat."

Cocaine and groping: Bombshell allegations about Uber's work environment makes it sound awful
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A hop across the pond has never been easier.

The $65 European airfare is coming to the US
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Big sell-offs happen. And according to history, they've happened every year.

Why you should always be ready for a big, scary stock market sell-off
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"I'm trying to find a country where we actually have a surplus of trade ... Everything's a deficit."

Trump said he's trying to find a country with a US trade surplus — here are the top 15
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