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One of NSW's longest running mysteries has had a major breakthrough with police arresting a man for the abduction and murder of a toddler.

Major breakthrough in cold case murder of toddler Cheryl Grimmer
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Horrifying footage has emerged of the moment a woman plummets into the River Thames as a car mounted the pavement on London's Westminster Bridge.

'A woman flipped over the side of the bridge': Witnesses recount horror London terror attack
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A young American boy has found accidental fame on the Internet after his parents posted a video of his terrified reaction to meeting a llama.

Internet roars with laughter at terrified kid's llama drama
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The drug user admits he poured petrol over the three-year-old girl’s head and doused her autistic seven-year-old sister.

Perth dad who set daughter on fire says he cries himself to sleep
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A Melbourne mother was so sleep-deprived that she thought she had dropped her toddler at childcare, but he died sweltering in his family car.

'Sleep deprived' mother left son to die in hot car: court
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MP Tobias Ellwood remained on the scene providing mouth-to-mouth CPR until paramedics arrived at the scene.

'Absolute hero': MP's desperate bid to save slain police officer
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Sam Le, 24, challenged the transit officers when they asked to see identification at at Liverpool train station in January last year.

Man awarded $3000 after police 'falsely imprison' him for four minutes
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At least four people have been killed, including a police officer and the attacker.

LIVE: Four dead after man rams crowds in London, stabs officer
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They say that winning’s not everything, but good luck telling that to the toddler that found himself trapped inside an arcade machine when that dodgy claw came up empty-handed.

Toddler trapped inside arcade machine
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The RSPCA announced the owner of the property had been charged with 215 animal welfare offences.

Puppy farm horror: Record 215 fines for alleged owner
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Nixon never breathed on his own after suffering significant head injuries during a caesarean.

Doctor didn't want to 'look silly' before baby's death in Queensland hospital
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The plan would ideally drive migrants out of city by providing opportunities in the regions.

Government to coax migrants to bush to drive down Sydney house prices
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Wallaby Tony Daly has revealed his World Cup success was motivated by pent-up rage stemming from sexual abuse he endured as a student at a prestigious Sydney catholic school.

'Robbed me of my innocence': Wallaby Tony Daly breaks his silence on child sex abuse
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An unlicensed security guard who walked through the Bourke Street mall carrying a gun after the mall massacre is expected to be charged with possessing a firearm.

Armed man in Bourke Street days after mall massacre to be charged
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She abandoned her case before her alleged attackers could face trial, fearing the trauma of being cross-examined.

Premier to meet teenage rape victim to address reforming 'traumatic' court system
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Leaked images show Sydney airport workers are struggling to make ends meet, with some forced to sleep beside baggage carousels because they can't afford to go home between shifts.

Sydney airport workers on 'slave wages' sleeping rough, living in 'third world conditions'
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Gidon Goodman petitioned for a change after his family spent more than $10,000 on hospital parking fees due to the 14-year-old’s rare blood condition.

Sydney teens wins fight to reduce hospital parking fees
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Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act makes it an offence to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate an individual or people based on race.

'Insult' and 'offend' laws on chopping block as government moves on race hate laws
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Edward John Herbert has pleaded not guilty to the charges on grounds of insanity.

Dad set young daughter on fire because 'she was too beautiful'