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Roll out the red carpet and open the . Cheers to the dreamers, believers and wine drinkers. #Oscars #LaLaLand
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The perfect #NationalToastDay pairings: Moscato + ???? toast. Shiraz + Hazelnut Spread toast. Pinot Grigio + PB Banana toast.
Spice up your National Drink Wine Day celebration with a Spiced Ginger & Pear Cocktail:

1. First things first, make the cinnamon syrup:
2. Bring 1 cup of water, 1 cup of sugar and 2 cinnamon sticks to a boil.
3. Let simmer for a couple minutes before removing from the heat.
4. Refrigerate once cool.
5. Now onto the cocktail:
6. Mix the [ yellow tail ] Chardonnay, 1 cup of vodka and...
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BIG win coming at ya! Post a pic before 2/10 of the Yellow Tail Guy with #yellowtailguy and #sweepstakes enters you to win a trip to Australia! ✈☀ Rules @ bit.ly/ytguy
Congratulations to both teams on a fantastic game! Another night in the history books! #letsyellowtail #sb51
PASS INTERFERENCE: Illegally blocking the offense. PARTY FOUL: blocking your mate. #brocode #yellowtailguy #sb51
HOLDING: 10 long yards. PARTY FOUL: 10 very long minutes. #yellowtailguy #sb51
[ yellow tail ] gets tailed.... #yellowtailguy #letsyellowtail #sb51
Find out what happened when Yellow Tail Guy tries to give 4,000 bottles of wine to employees at America's largest brewer. #yellowtailguy #letsyellowtail #sb51
We believe wine AND beer make for a really great Big Game party. #yellowtailguy #letsyellowtail #sb51
Be the winner at any Big Game party with these Smoked Sausage Bites! Use McCormick Grill Mates Sausage and serve with [yellow tail] Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay for the perfect game day pairing! #SB51
Australia’s calling your name.☀ Enter to win a trip for 2 by posting a photo of the Yellow Tail Guy with #yellowtailguy and #sweepstakes on Twitter or Insta. You can find him on social, on TV during the BIG game or in your local grocery store.
Well that didn't go according to plan. Can you blame a guy for trying? Now what? Share your best ideas for what to do with our truckload of [ yellow tail ] wine on Instagram and Twitter. Maybe we'll do it! Be sure to use #yellowtailguy.
But the sign says "Come Visit Us." What's up with that? #yellowtailguy #letsyellowtail #sb51
Yellow Tail Guy shares what happened when he made it inside America's biggest brewery as he attempted to gift their employees with 4,000 bottles of wine. We hear they were lovely! #yellowtailguy #letsyellowtail #sb51
He's in! Will America's biggest brewer accept Yellow Tail Guy's gesture of goodwill, 4,000 bottles of wine for their employees? #yellowtailguy #letsyellowtail #sb51
Yesterday my adventure started with some sightseeing in St. Louis. From there, I stopped to deliver 4,000 bottles of wine in hopes of making a new friend. Watch to see what happened. #yellowtailguy #letsyellowtail #sb51
I had a big adventure today. Check back tomorrow to see how my day went! #letsyellowtail #yellowtailguy #sb51
It's Yellow Tail Guy and I'm here in St. Louis trying to make a new friend with 4,000 bottles of Yellow Tail wine. They might not have the glassware handy so like a good host, I'm going to bring some with me! Unfortunately this store doesn't have enough so I'm going to need to make a few more stops. Any suggestions? #letsyellowtail #yellowtailguy #sb51
Hi there. It's Yellow Tail Guy. Did you ever notice the St. Louis arch looks like a boomerang? We already have that in common. There's no way this could go wrong. #letsyellowtail #sb51 #yellowtailguy