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Wine, we ❤ you a mer-lot. #NationalWineDay
Wine we ❤️ you a merlot NationalWineDay
Sharon Bennett
Melissa Northern
Lupe Martinez
Nothing less than the best for mom this #MothersDay
Data Sid
Ruth C. Fletcher
Jacqueline Guinyard
The best fiestas serve #sangria #CincoDeMayo

Start with ice
Sprinkle in chopped fruit
Splash of soda
Top with Sangria
Garnish & enjoy!
Roxann Lynn Johnson
Tomara Gauthier
Angel Campbell
Sip and share this taco Tuesday with our Citrus Pear Cocktail.

1. Pour 1 bottle of [ yellow tail ] Pinot Grigio into medium sized pitcher
2. Add 2 cups of lemon flavored liquor
3. Squeeze 3 lemons into the mixture and stir
4. Slice two pears and two green apples into thin wedges
5. Add apples and pears into pitcher and refrigerate for an hour
6. Add ice and share with friends
Sip and share this taco Tuesday with our Citrus Pear Cocktail
Alexis Marie
Leah Pendergrass
Courtney Reynolds
Wine, cheese and the perfect spring breeze. #Spring #Picnic
Wine cheese and the perfect spring breeze Spring Picnic
Yellow Tail Guy needs your help… #AprilFools #Wine #Prank
Ann Davis
Happiness is an adorable puppy and a full glass of wine. Simple as that. #NationalPuppyDay
Karla Rose
Maria Rabb
Jane N Maurice Labbe
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Happy St Patricks Day
Allen Polston
Enjoying the games the only way we know how - with a glass of wine in hand! #MarchMadness
Well deserved treat after a long day on the mountain. #SpringBreak ⛷
Roll out the red carpet and open the . Cheers to the dreamers, believers and wine drinkers. #Oscars #LaLaLand
Beth Blandford Rousseau
James Poulsen
Adam Jackson
The perfect #NationalToastDay pairings: Moscato + ???? toast. Shiraz + Hazelnut Spread toast. Pinot Grigio + PB Banana toast.
The perfect NationalToastDay pairings Moscato toast Shiraz Hazelnut Spread toast
Nancy Coccio DiStefano
Jackie Copeland Ostrom
Kathleen Elizabeth DePalmenary
Spice up your National Drink Wine Day celebration with a Spiced Ginger & Pear Cocktail:

1. First things first, make the cinnamon syrup:
2. Bring 1 cup of water, 1 cup of sugar and 2 cinnamon sticks to a boil.
3. Let simmer for a couple minutes before removing from the heat.
4. Refrigerate once cool.
5. Now onto the cocktail:
6. Mix the [ yellow tail ] Chardonnay, 1 cup of vodka and...
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Spice up your National Drink Wine Day celebration with a Spiced Ginger Pear Cocktail:
Karen Borski Cap
Bianca Wood
Anthony Angrisani
BIG win coming at ya! Post a pic before 2/10 of the Yellow Tail Guy with #yellowtailguy and #sweepstakes enters you to win a trip to Australia! ✈☀ Rules @ bit.ly/ytguy
BIG win coming at ya Post a pic before 210 of the
Tiffany Cheung
Sheena Gosnell
Congratulations to both teams on a fantastic game! Another night in the history books! #letsyellowtail #sb51
PASS INTERFERENCE: Illegally blocking the offense. PARTY FOUL: blocking your mate. #brocode #yellowtailguy #sb51
Jordan Edwards
HOLDING: 10 long yards. PARTY FOUL: 10 very long minutes. #yellowtailguy #sb51
Danny Lemus
[ yellow tail ] gets tailed.... #yellowtailguy #letsyellowtail #sb51
Find out what happened when Yellow Tail Guy tries to give 4,000 bottles of wine to employees at America's largest brewer. #yellowtailguy #letsyellowtail #sb51
Mark Compton
Kaitlyn Anto
Michael A Rodriguez
We believe wine AND beer make for a really great Big Game party. #yellowtailguy #letsyellowtail #sb51
Juan Trotman
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